Great morale boost! Grey, the 160 lb therapy dog and ‘gentle giant’ of 160 lbs bonds with residents at nursing homes in this adorable video

  • Grey the Great Dane is a joy for people who are living in Pittsburgh care facilities
  • He became a therapy dog after he was 14 months old during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Charlene Potts is his owner and uses social media as well as a website to track her dog’s progress.

Grey, the gentle giant therapy dog and a great joy for people in Pittsburgh.

A video of the Great Dane visits nursing homes and other care facilities to provide a welcome boost to residents.

Charlene Potts, Grey’s owner, said that Grey is now a therapy dog and has been able to make nearly 130 trips across Pittsburgh since becoming one during the Covid-19 epidemic.

‘After this gentle giant captures everyone’s attention with his size — 165 pounds — it’s his sweet and personable disposition that earns him fast friendships’, she told Storyful.

Footage shows Grey, a 165-pound therapy dog, bringing joy to people at several nursing homes and care facilities around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Grey is a therapy dog of 165 pounds who brings joy to residents at many nursing homes around Pittsburgh.

Wearing a harness with the words 'Hi, I'm Grey. Please pet me' printed on it, the Great Dane is taken around the care facilities and introduced to residents living there

The Great Dane is wearing a harness that says “Hi, Grey!” It has the message “Pet me!” printed on it. The Great Dane is brought around to care facilities where he’s introduced to those who live there.

Grey brings joy to an elderly man in a wheelchair and is also seen enjoying the attention of staff at the homes

Grey, an old man in a chair who brings happiness to his elderly companions and also enjoys the care of the home staff.

A YouTube video shows the pet bringing happiness to an old man who is in a wheelchair, and getting the attention of his staff.

A harness is worn with the words “Hi, Grey” printed on it. The Great Dane, with the words “Please pet me” printed on the harness is carried around care facilities to be introduced to the residents.

Grey can be seen being stroked by an elderly woman who’s also in a chair, as he stands calmly next to him.

-The presence of Grey brings a huge smile to a man's face as he strokes the huge Great Dane while he stares down at the resident

Grey is a big smile on a man’s face when he touches the Great Dane and stares at him.

After a while, Grey opts to lie down next to his new friend who continues petting the two-year-old Great Dane

Grey decides to lay down beside his friend, who continues to pet the Great Dane at two years old.

The elderly man lies on the bed next to him. 

Grey’s presence brings a big smile to his face while he strokes Grey, the Great Dane.

Grey decides after a while to lay down beside his friend.

Two women take care of him, and he enjoys the attention and petting.

Grey’s website, Mrs. Potts claimed that Grey was made for therapy dogs and she had no doubts about his ability to do so.

Grey, due to the coronavirus epidemic, was delayed initially in starting the certification process. However, after paperwork, testing, and observation, Grey was certified as a therapy animal at the age of 14 months.

Although visits to residents were stopped initially due to restrictions at nursing homes due to pandemics, Grey is now visiting them.

One elderly woman, who is also in a wheelchair, is seen stroking Grey, while he calmly stands next to her

Grey can be seen being stroked by an elderly woman who’s also in a chair, as he stands calmly next to him.

On a website set up for Grey, Mrs Potts said the Great Dane was 'absolutely made to be a therapy dog' and had 'no doubts' he would excel at it

Grey’s website, Mrs. Potts claimed that Grey was made for therapy dogs and she had no doubts he would succeed at them.

Grey enjoyed his visits to Mrs Potts’ outdoor restaurants so that he was able to experience new sights, sounds, and smells.

These visits are documented on her Instagram account @grey_thegreatdane as well as her TikTok profile @usandthedog.

Grey visited her home care home and she used Grey’s TikTok account for sharing other videos. 

One of the captions was written by Mrs Potts: “Grey, the Great Dane, became a therapy animal during the Covid-19 pandemic. He has brought joy into so many people’s lives.”