A 29-year old star is a viral nativity video star who claims she doesn’t mind the clip showing her four-years-old singing Christmas songs. It has been viewed FOUR MIILLION times. She explains that her mother only told her she should sing louder.

  • Ellie Sergeant sang her hearts out in her church’s nativity during the 1990s.
  • Ellie is four years old and shouts at other performers
  • Ellie is now 29 and said that she’s no longer ashamed of the clip 
  • According to her, the main reason her voice was so high was that her mother told her to increase the volume. 

Star of viral nativity video claims that she’s not embarrassed by the footage of her younger self singing Christmas carols and has revealed that she did it only so that her mother could understand her.  

Ellie Sergeant, from Stratford-upon-Avon, was filmed singing her heart out at her church nativity in the mid-1990s, and the clip resurfaces and goes viral almost every Christmas.

Little Ellie, who was around four years old at the time and dressed as an angel, can be heard practically shouting the words to ‘The Virgin Mary had a Baby Boy’ over her fellow performers, who turn to look at her in amusement. 

Ellie was 29 when she said, “I am no longer ashamed of the video clip I made two decades ago.” She also stated that it has been viewed over four million times on multiple social media platforms. 

She explained that she was loud because her mother had instructed her to crank it up a bit’so Mummy can hear your back’.    

Ellie, (far right, with her mother Emma, centre, and sister Hannah, left) in more recent times. She said the reason she had been so loud was because her mother had told her to give it some extra volume 'so mummy can hear you at the back'

In recent times, Ellie (far left), with Emma (center) and Hannah (left). Her mother told her that she was loud because it had become too noisy for her.

Ellie Sergeant, from Stratford-upon-Avon, was filmed singing her heart out at her church nativity in the mid-1990s, and the clip resurfaces and goes viral almost every Christmas

Ellie Sergeant from Stratford-upon-Avon was filmed at her church nativity singing in her best voice. The clip resurfaces almost every Christmas and is viewed over a million times.

Ellie, who is now a lawyer, told the BBC Today programme: ‘WIt’s funny how my thinking has changed over time. I remember being embarrassed to watch it when I was younger. Now, however, it is a fantastic clip that I enjoy and makes me laugh. 

More than two decades later Ellie, now 29, said she is finally no longer embarrassed about the clip of her younger self

Ellie is now 29 and has said that she’s no longer ashamed of the clips from her youth.

‘I’m not embarrassed anymore, I think I’ve heard it enough times now.’

When asked why she was singing like that, Ellie said: ‘It’s not my natural singing voice, it was because my mum was sat right at the back of the church and she asked me to sing up.

“Her pet peeve is that she cannot hear me sing and because I am quite quiet she requested I do so as loudly as she could.”

She had been filmed by the mother of sleeping baby Jesus – who passed the VHS set around and Ellie’s family had a copy made. 

This Christmas clip is a classic, and it’s shared on multiple platforms every winter.

Ellie claimed that while she sings less these days but enjoys karaoke so much of Stevie Wonder is done poorly, Ellie still loves to sing.

Little Joseph finds himself giggling as he tries to sing himself with the shouting chorus in the background

Joseph is giggling while trying to sing with the chorus.

Ellie Sergeant was just four when she starred in her nativity play, a video which has been shared more than a million times on social media

Ellie more recently

Ellie Sergeant was four years old at the time she participated in her Nativity Play. This video has been shared nearly a million-times on Social Media.

It’s a viral clip The story begins in the traditional Nativity scene, which is set up in a church with shepherds, angels, and baby Jesus gathered around Mary and Joseph.  

Joseph notices Ellie singing and stops laughing. 

A wise man cannot help but look around to see who’s singing loudly, even if his attention aren’t on the people.