The woman who was dubbed Britain’s most prolific mistress claims that Christmas and cheating are synonymous 

Gweneth, 49, lives in Chelsea, West London. She says that she plans to go on illegal dates with married men before and after Christmas break, while they manage their time with families. 

She describes the perfect date for a jet-setting mistress as having sex at a 5-star hotel and then shopping in designer stores. Her current partners have called her their “little Christmas distraction.” 

Und sie räumte ein: “I am having more affairs than I ever have before. This is the season for cheating.” It has been too long since we were freed and now it’s time to have fun.  

'A little Christmas distraction': Gweneth Lee, 49, from London, plans to continue her affairs with three married men during the festive period saying her lovers will juggle their time to play happy families at home, while also sneaking out to have sex with her

Gweneth, 49 from London plans to keep her Christmas affairs going with three husbands during this festive season. She says her partners will manage their time so they can have happy families and still get out for sex.

Lee, who's had more than 150 affairs - and happily broke lockdown rules during the height of the pandemic, says: 'Christmas and New Year definitely brings out the naughty side in the men'

Lee has had over 150 affairs and happy broke the lockdown rules at the peak of the pandemic.

Enjoying a date with one of the married men she's currently dating; Lee says her partners like her to dress up for them in the bedroom, with favourite outfits including a dominatrix, a pilot and a lingerie model

Lee is currently on a date with one her married partners. Lee said that her partners love her to dress up in bed for them. Her favourite clothes include a dominatrix and a pilot.

Businesswoman Lee, whose husband Robert died of cancer in 2011, has had affairs with more than 130 married men after meeting them on dating website 

Gweneth started using the dating website while still married to an oil trader husband who was also a serial cheater.

She replied, “I learned what he was upto and thought:”If I can’t beat it, I will be his partner.” 

“After my husband died, I decided that I did not want another man and affairs were the best for me.” “You don’t have to suffer the misery and bad sex that comes with a long-term marriage.”

Lee broke lockdown restrictions to continue seeing her lovers. She said: “I would lie if I claimed that the past two years were not difficult with the restrictions, but now we are back at semi-normal again and I’m having the time in my life.”

“Christmas, New Year brings out the bad side of the men I have met. The men want to share some passion with each other before going home for the week.

“I’ve been having some great sex while we get set to split up for Christmas. 

My ideal date includes sex at a London five-star hotel, Christmas shopping at Bond Street, Gucci and dinner at one London’s Michelin-starred restaurant.

She says, “It’s always better to go first. It’s so much more fun when you’re fresh from your shopping and aren’t bloated from eating dinner.”

This year, she’s seeing a pilot for an airline and a manager at a hedge-fund.

The high life: Lee says her perfect festive date is sex at one of one of London's five-star hotels - followed by dinner and shopping at designer clothes stores

Lee believes that the high life is all about sex. She recommends having sex in one of London’s 5-star hotels, followed by shopping at designer clothing stores and dinner.

She explained that they are all married, and had no plans to leave their wives. Their Christmas distraction, I’m their little angel.

“They all have been married a long while, and, let’s face it, sex can get boring when you’re sleeping with the exact same person for decades after decade.

There’s no need to get bogged down in the drama and bad sex of a relationship that lasts a lifetime.

Gweneth, Mistress Lee discusses having several affairs with married women 

People stop making an effort, and sex becomes routine. My goal is to make sex never dull – it’s always exciting and worth celebrating.

She spoke out about the family life and relationships of her partners. 

“He stays over in many cities all around the world, and I am his London girl.

He loves uniformed women so I took the pilot shots in my shoot especially for him. This outfit is what drives him insane.

First class: The jet-setter regularly travels the globe with the rich married men she dates

First Class: This jet-setter travels regularly with wealthy married men that she dates

“The second” is a hedge-fund manager who has several millions in assets. His time is split between his Berkshire family home and the Barbican flat in central London.

“He is a lover to many, and his wife does not pay much attention to him. At his flat, he does what he likes.

Their attitude is that “What happens in London stays in London”. Since the fall, I’ve been visiting him and will be meeting up at his apartment in January to kick off 2022!

Jessica Leoni from IllicitEncounters, a sex- and relationship expert said, “Gweneth is typical for the well educated, sophisticated woman having affairs on the website this Christmas.

“They search for niche sites like ours to find rich men with no expectations or baggage. Gweneth provides great sex and fun for them.

She has a third boyfriend, and he owns several businesses. His family lives in rural Warwickshire. For business reasons, he travels to London frequently and spends time with Gweneth as well as other women.

Gweneth used to be happily married to her late husband Robert, right, but she's now vowing never to be 'exclusive' again

Gweneth, who was happy married to Robert in her past, is now vowing to not be ‘exclusive again’

Gweneth started meeting lovers online during her marriage to Robert, pictured, who used the same website for infidelities

Gweneth began meeting online lovers during her marriage with Robert (pictured), who also used the same website to infidelities

“He likes to have sex, but his wife doesn’t want it anymore. He likes to have us use our bondage gear together. His favorite scenario was when I dominated him in boarding school. He has been caught being naughty by his strict headmistress. has had the busiest year in its history with a 28 per cent rise in activity since social distancing rules were lifted.