Gunman, 14 years old, and three other teenagers aged 16-18 are guilty of murdering a 15-year-old boy who was shot and stabbed near his home.

  • Keon Lincoln, 15, was a victim of a gang attack in Handsworth in January. He died in hospital. 
  • A post mortem examination revealed that Keon died of a gunshot wound and stab wounds. 
  • According to the force, five to six youths were believed to have been involved in the daylight attack. 

Teenagers have been found guilty of the murder of Keon Lincoln, 15, (pictured) who was killed outside his home by a gang of youths armed with guns and knives

Teenagers have been convicted of the murder of Keon Lincoln, 15, (pictured), who was attacked and killed by a gang armed with knives and guns outside his home.

A 14-year old gunman and three other teenagers, aged 16-18, were found guilty today of murdering a schoolboy. He was shot and hacked outside his home.

Keon Lincoln, 15, was blasted twice by a 14-year-old gunman and stabbed ‘with large knives’ during a 30-second onslaught in Birmingham in January this year.

Today, four of the five suspects were convicted. They all wore masks during the attack. 

The jury at the city’s crown Court is still considering a murder charge against a fifth defendant. 

CCTV cameras captured the attack by the hooded mob, which continued even when Keon tried to get up to run away, as the trial heard.

Prosecutor Michael Burrows QC told Birmingham Crown Court: ‘He [Keon]He was lying on the ground when he was attacked. He was still being attacked by the group, who continued to stab and slash at him with large knives.

‘Eventually, the group ran away and got back into a white Ford S-Max and that car was driven away from the scene.’ Footage showed that one suspect shot Keon twice including once in the stomach which later killed him, the jury was told. 

Keon died in hospital after witnesses heard shots fired in the Handsworth area of Birmingham in broad daylight in January. Pictured: Paramedics and police at the scene

Keon died in hospital following shots fired in the Handsworth neighborhood of Birmingham in broad daylight in January. Pictured: Police officers and paramedics at the scene

The getaway vehicle, which was stolen and had false plates, crashed later. There was also forensic evidence such as a hunting knife. 

According to the court, the teenager bought ten hunting knife, two survival knives, and two machetes between Oct last year and January this year, and then gave them to others. 

Burrows claimed that the prosecution couldn’t determine the exact motive for the attack. 

He added that the attack was ‘planned’, and also said the suspects made sure that their phones did not betray their movements.