A career criminal and convicted gunman, 47, was killed and two NYPD officers were wounded in an ambush last Friday night in Harlem. The third cop, a ‘hero, shot one of the victims. 

Lashwn McNeil, who had been in serious condition since the incident occurred, passed away Monday at Harlem Hospital. 

After McNeil had ambushed two police officers responding to McNeil’s 911 call at his Harlem home, Officer Sumit Sulan shot the career criminal in the right arm and head.

Jason Rivera was a 22-year old newlywed and was gunned down in an ambush. Wilbert Mora was also critically hurt.

According to sources, McNeil had a dispute with Sourzes about veganism. NBC reported that McNeil, according to senior NYPD officers, had lived with Sourzes’ Harlem apartment in November 2021. There he tried to persuade his family.  

Shirley Sourzes McNeil’s mom spoke to The New York Post just hours before her son was killed.  

“If I had known, I wouldn’t have called,” said the mother, who claimed that her son was mentally unstable. “I wouldn’t have called!”

McNeil, 47, a convicted gunman and career criminal, who ambushed two NYPD officers last Friday night in Harlem, killing one and wounding the other, before a third 'hero' cop shot him, died from his injuries Monday

McNeil (47), a career criminal and a former gunman, was killed and wounded by McNeil last Friday in Harlem. He then died Monday from injuries sustained when McNeil was shot by a third cop.

NYPD Officer Jason Rivera, 22, was shot to death while out on a call in Harlem on Friday

NYPD Officer Jason Rivera (22) was fatally shot while on call in Harlem.

Wilbert Mora, 27, was critically injured in the ambush

Wilbert Mora (27) was severely injured by the ambush

 ‘I would like to say to Mr. and Mrs. [Rivera]Through tears, she said that she was deeply sorry. She said, “I’m sorry. There are not enough words.” Your sorrow. Your sorrow.

“Me and my family don’t like my son living a full life. 

“I can’t say anything to ease your pain, but God is a comforter.” … And I know that he sent your son to do his will,’ she said, addressing Rivera’s parents. It’s not clear to me. This is not right. It’s not fair.  

Officer Sumit Sulan, 27, shot and wounded the man accused of killing 22-year-old Jason Rivera and seriously injuring 27-year-old Wilbert Mora in Harlem on Friday. Lashwn McNeil, who has been in critical condition since the incident, died Monday afternoon at Harlem Hospital

Officer Sumit Sulan (27), shot and injured the man suspected of shooting and killing Jason Rivera, 22. Lashwn McNeil died at Harlem Hospital on Monday. He was in critical condition.

The scene in Harlem where a rookie cop was shot dead while responding to a domestic violence callout that night

Harlem: A scene that saw a rookie officer shot to death while responding on a call about domestic violence.

 NYPD call logs painted a harrowing picture of the final moments of the rookie cop was shot dead while responding to a domestic violence callout in Harlem that night. 

Rivera, Mora, as well as the third officer, arrived at McNeil’s house to discover that the mother was in her front room, along with another son. Rivera, Mora, and the third officer arrived at the McNeil house to find the mother in a front room with her son. Rivera and Mora entered the room through a narrow hallway measuring 30 feet.

The mother, her son and the third officer were reunited by the officer. 

Rivera and Mora had walked down the narrow corridor to McNeil’s apartment front, and Rivera opened a bedroom door, according to police. Police said that both officers were shot before they could draw their guns and defend themselves.

As McNeil tried to flee, a third officer who had stayed with McNeil´s mother in the front of the apartment shot at McNeil and wounded him in the head and arm, NYPD Chief of Detectives James Essig said. 


NYPD officers were familiar with Lashawn McNeil (47), who was called to their New York City home in August to investigate a domestic violence case.

Between 1998 and 2003, the felon was arrested in five different states.

 1998McNeil was taken into custody for illegally owning a firearm in South Carolina

The matter was ultimately dismissed according to the records

2002: He was accused of assaulting a Pennsylvania police officer in Allentown. 

2003Also, he was arrested on two other charges in Pennsylvania: a felony drug and misdemeanor cocaine.

He was also convicted in New York City of a felony drug offense that he had been serving probation for. 

McNeil was well known to officers, who were last called to the house on a domestic violence call in August, had previously been arrested in New York in 2003 on felony narcotic charges and was out on probation. McNeil was also a suspect in four additional arrests made in different states.  

According to sources, McNeil had a dispute with Sourzes about veganism. NBC reported that McNeil, according to senior NYPD officers, had lived with Sourzes’ Harlem apartment in November 2021. There he tried to persuade his family.

The controversial video, which he had made in 2014 showed police officers getting shot down. It also featured footage of black cops brutality. In the music video, two rappers hold guns to the head a white officer while they sing “Time to begin killing these coppers.”

The music video, ‘Hands Up’ by Uncle Murda & Maino, was posted as a tribute to Eric Garner, a black man who was choked to death by a white NYPD officer and whose cry, ‘I can’t breathe,’ became a rallying cry for the Black Lives Matter Movement.

McNeil also shared the video and a series of conspiracy theories on his Facebook page. These included warnings of race wars, McDonalds blood sacrifices and claims that aliens were living in the United Nations. By early 2015, he stopped sharing conspiracy posts.

His mother said that McNeil can’t get the facts out of her head since the shooting. Dalvir Sulan 60 said her son who fled India 15 years ago, “His brain is stuck on it.” 

Sulan, described as a “super rookie”, has been working at Harlem’s 32nd Precinct since April. A law enforcement source said that Sulan was only on the job for two months.

“He did an amazing job. He is a great man. We are sorry that he did not do the same. [the other officers]She said, “Yes.” Dalvir Sulan, when she was asked about McNeil by the Post, shook her head. She said, “That person is not good.”

On Sunday, Mora was transferred from Harlem Hospital, New York, Langone Medical Center. There, he fights for his life. 

He had already undergone two surgeries to remove a bullet that had become stuck in his brain. 

Rivera's body was sent to a funeral home Sunday with a service planned for Thursday and a burial set for Friday

Rivera was cremated and her body sent to a funeral home. Rivera will be buried on Friday.

Tears are shed for slain NYPD Officer Jason Rivera as a procession was held on January 23, 2022 in New York City

As a result of the NYPD officer Jason Rivera’s death, there were many tears shed. A procession took place in New York City on January 23rd 2022.

Officers embrace one another following a procession for Officer Rivera on Sunday

Tears were shed for slain NYPD Officer Jason Rivera as  a procession took place on Sunday for him to be moved to a funeral home

On Sunday morning, thousands of officers from uniform in Manhattan remained silent while Rivera’s body moved from the Medical Examiner’s Office into a funeral home. Funeral rites will be performed on Friday, with the service at St. Patrick’s Cathedral scheduled for Thursday.  

This shooting marked the third in less 72 hours of NYPD officers being shot in line-of-duty. It follows an incident on Tuesday in Bronx and an officer on Staten Island that occurred late Wednesday night. 

Eric Adams, the Mayor of New York, is an ex NYPD Officer who took office only three weeks before. He angrily stated at the hospital that violence must end.

He stated, “It is our battle against the killers.”

“This attack isn’t just on the three brave officers. This attack was on New York. 

Jason Rivera is pictured together with his wife whom he had married last October

Jason Rivera with his wife who he had just married last October is shown together.

The couple were married on October 9, 2021 and had some pictures taken in New Jersey

They were married in New Jersey on 10/10/2021.

Adams was elected partly to fight the rising crime rate in the area. This is the first NYPD officer shot dead since July 2017.

These are the fourth- and fifth police officers to be shot this year. In comparison, 10 officers were killed in New York last year.

This year’s felony assaults have increased 7 percent compared with the previous year. 895 crimes were reported in this year, as opposed to 831 in the 2021 period. 

Assaults in transit are on the rise by 65 percent in this year’s year, as compared with the same time in 2021. This year there were 96 reported crimes this year, and only 58 in the 2021 period.

Patrick Lynch, president of Police Benevolent Association (the largest municipal police union worldwide representing 50,000 officers active and retired), criticized the leaders for failing to do enough.  

Lynch is very critical of Alvin Bragg the Manhattan District Attorney who, upon taking office at beginning of month, stated that he would not pursue certain criminal charges.

Lynch indicated that Lynch had serious concerns regarding the messages these kinds of policies sent to police officers as well as criminals. 

Lynch on January 4 said that he was worried about the new Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, and his 'soft on crime' policies

Lynch stated that on January 4, he was concerned about Alvin Bragg (the new Manhattan District Attorney) and his soft on crime policies

 On Friday night, he was furious, and pointed the finger firmly at Bragg and his policies.

He said, “Our hearts are broken. We’re shocked. Our knees are buckled.”

“We’ve been there before, and we’re mad.”

“We are angry because we knew it was coming.”

“We are angry because it was what we promised, and it has happened again.” 

Rivera, who was born in Manhattan’s Inwood neighborhood, five miles away from the spot where he was killed and shot, said that he would like to be a part of the New York Police Department, which aims to enhance community relations and assist people.

On his application form, he stated that he was from an immigrant background and would be the first person to declare that he is a NYPD member – “The greatest police force worldwide.”

‘Growing in New York City I was aware of the impact my job as a policeman would have on this chaotic metropolis with approximately 10,000,000 people.

“I know it would make someone smile if I could help a tourist find their way or help a couple with their problem.

He stated that as a kid, he witnessed that the relationship between police and community wasn’t great.

According to him, his brother was stopped and searched. He was also confused as to the motives for their targeted actions.

The NYPD was trying to reform and then he saw that he wanted to participate in the process.

“That is how I knew I had to join the men of blue, improve relations between the community police officers and them. 

A man placed a candle at a makeshift memorial outside the NYPD 32nd precinct in Harlem

An individual lit a candle in Harlem’s 32nd NYPD precinct.

A makeshift memorial is seen outside the NYPD 32nd precinct near the scene of the shooting

An unofficial memorial can be seen near the site of the shooting outside the NYPD 32nd Precinct