Nadine Dorries jokes David Cameron looks like a ‘ticket tout’ in bizarre swipe at ex-PM who suspended her for appearing on I’m A Celeb a decade ago

  • Nadine Dorries, Culture Secretary took a dig at David Cameron via Twitter
  • Ms. Dorries shared advice on ticket touts with a picture of her former boss
  • Her previous comments were that George Osborne and Mr Cameron are ‘arrogant, posh boys’. 
  • Famously, Cameron suspended her from appearing on I’m a Celebrity in that year.
  • Allies claim that her tweet is a joke, and was intended to provide a little light relief. 

After images were posted online of Nadine Dorries, Culture Secretary, comparing David Cameron to a ticket seller after he was seen at an outdoor event. 

In her tweet, Ms Dorries captioned an image of Mr Cameron in a baseball cap and lumberjack shirt, writing: ‘Whether it’s a major music festival, sporting event or concert, it’s important that people pay a fair price to see the events they love. 

“Please be careful when buying tickets from ticket touts. If you have any questions, guidance is provided.

According to Ms. Dorries, the tweet was meant as light relief. One ally said: “He looks like an agent for tickets in that jacket.”

Former Prime Minister David Cameron appeared at an outdoor event wearing a baseball cap and lumberjack shirt, leading Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries to compare him to a ticket tout

David Cameron was the former Prime Minister and was seen attending an outdoor event with a lumberjack shirt on top. Nadine Dorries, Culture Secretary, said that he looked like a ticket hawker.

Famously, Ms Dorries & Mr Cameron clashed in past. The former PM suspended the Tory whip in her appearance on I’m A Celebrity, November 2012. This took her from her Parliamentary duties.

Before the filming of the show, she had not been informed of her absence by either the Conservative Chief Whip of Mid Bedfordshire Conservative Association.

In May 2013, the whip was returned to her.

Ms Dorries, who is leading the campaign to defend the current Prime Minister Boris Johnson, famously clashed with David Cameron and George Osborne in the past, dubbing them 'two arrogant posh boys'

Ms Dorries who leads the campaign for the defense of Prime Minister Boris Johnson is well-known to have clashed with George Osborne (and David Cameron) in the past.

In an interview with Politics Live, Ms. Dorries said that George Osborne and Mr Cameron were ‘arrogant posh guys’ who don’t understand the milk price.

But, Boris Johnson is the culture secretary and he has been defending his name in interviews throughout this week.  

She wrote in yesterday’s Mail on Sunday to condemn the ‘attention-seeking behaviour’ of rebel Tory MPs who have been trying to muster the 54 letters of no-confidence needed to trigger a Commons vote on removing the Prime Minister from office.

Ms Dorries derided the group as  ‘small minority’ devoted to ‘chasing airtime and column inches because they are determined to remove our most successful PM since Margaret Thatcher from office’. 

She wrote: ‘When historians look back, the UK’s vaccine rollout will be seen as one of the most successful peacetime operations in history – thanks to Boris.

‘He also took the decision to hold out against another lockdown this winter in the face of intense pressure and doom-laden predictions from Labour. Is it possible to count the number of companies that were saved. Did you know that millions of families were allowed to spend Christmas together?

‘Of course there have been mistakes. The last two years have been hell for everyone, and for those working 18 hours every single day after day for weeks on end in the Downing Street war rooms, lines clearly became blurred.’ 

The Prime Minister is continuing to face off calls to stand down as further revelations of a Downing Street birthday party were revealed by ITV tonight.