Yusuf Musapha can identify a 14-year old gunman who was convicted for the murder of Keon Lincoln, an official today.

After trying to flee the brutal 30-second attack in Birmingham, January 2013, Keon was assaulted twice by the gang and then stabbed to his death.

Two hours later, the schoolboy was pronounced dead at Birmingham Children’s Hospital after he sustained a stomach injury from a gunshot. Eight sharp-force injury had caused the boy to lose a major artery.

At Birmingham Crown Court’s sentencing hearing, the judge decided that the fourteen-year-old gunman could be identified. 

Lord Justice William Davis lifted a ban on media from naming Mustapha and said that the order had been a substantial restriction on the ability of the press to cover the case.

The judge ruled that Mustapha should be identified, and also stated that Mustapha was in the public’s best interests. The judge stopped the removal of the sentence on the 16 year-old until the appeal was heard against the conviction. The judge stated that neither youth can report their address. 

Following a five-week trial, jurors convicted Mustapha of murder. As the verdict was read, he showed no emotion.

Mustapha’s 18-year-old accomplices, Michael Ugochukwu & Tahjgeem Brokenridge were both convicted as well. 

Kieron, 18 years old, was found guilty for unlawfully killing Keon.

After a five-week trial, Keon was told that he sustained eight severe force injuries as well as a fatal injury in his abdomen after one of the two shots he received at Linwood Road, Handsworth on January 21.

Mustapha claimed he wasn’t at the crime scene, but said he had lied about it to police.

Keon Lincoln was blasted twice by a 14-year-old gunman and stabbed 'with large knives' during a 30-second onslaught in Birmingham in January this year

Keon Lincoln was twice blasted by a fourteen-year-old gunman. He then attacked him with large knives in a vicious 30-second assault in Birmingham, January 2012.

Tahjgeem Breakenridge, 18, was found guilty of murder

Michael Ugochukwu, 18, was found guilty of murder

Tahjgeem Brokenridge (age 18) and Michael Ugochukwu (18), were both found guilty after a total of 15 hours and 50 seconds of jury deliberations that spanned over four days.

This is the chilling moment Michael Ugochukwu is seen on CCTV carrying a blade seconds before the brutal murder of a 15-year-old schoolboy

This is the chilling moment Michael Ugochukwu is seen on CCTV carrying a blade seconds before the brutal murder of a 15-year-old schoolboy 

Breakenridge (of Balsall Heath), Ugochukwu (of Edgbaston) and Walsall (16-year-old) were all seen on CCTV with long-bladed knives.

Although all of Donaldson’s online purchases were confirmed to be made using his email address, the knife-smuggling suspect was not found in the home when police raided it a month following the crime.

Detectives say there is not enough evidence to link the killing to territorial gang rivalries. However, they cannot determine if Keon was deliberately targeted or if his attack was accidental.

A friend of Keon’s, Pastor Neville Popo had called for an end the so-called “postcode war” at a Vigil just after the murder.

After Keon’s murderers were brought to trial, the pastor stated that the family was still struggling to comprehend why the attack occurred.

Describing Keon as a bubbly character who loved pranks and dancing, the clergyman said: ‘From then until now we’re still trying to come to terms with why – we still don’t know.

Keon was the victim of a terrible crime. That is what we are working to come to terms and want some closure.

Ugochukwu is seen here in still CCTV shots holding the knife that was used in the fatal stabbing and shooting of Keon

In still CCTV images, Ugochukwu holds the knife which was used to fatally stabbing and shooting Keon

Opening the case for the Crown at the start of the trial, prosecutor Michael Burrows QC said a Ford S-Max, with stolen plates, (pictured) was used by those who attacked Keon

Michael Burrows QC opened the Crown case to the Crown during the opening of the trial. He stated that the attackers used a Ford S-Max (pictured), with stolen plates.

The getaway vehicle, which had been stolen and was on false plates, later crashed. Left behind was forensic evidence including a hunting knife (pictured)

After the vehicle was stolen, it crashed into concrete. There was also forensic evidence (photo) and a hunting knife.

“It gives his mother a little more comfort to know that the criminals are behind bars.

Paul Farrow (a CPS special prosecutor) said, “Our thoughts and prayers are with Keon’s family, friends, and loved ones during this difficult time.”

“While I know that these convictions won’t be able to restore what they’ve lost, it can provide some relief for them knowing that the responsible parties have been held accountable.

Michael Burrows QC opened the Crown case and stated that the Ford S-Max was stolen. It had also been registered with an incorrect registration number. This vehicle was then used by the attackers of Keon.

Later, the vehicle crashed on Wheeler Street in Birmingham. There, forensic evidence, including a hunting knife, was found.

Keon was blasted twice by a 14-year-old gunman and stabbed 'with large knives' during a 30-second onslaught in Birmingham. Pictured: Police at the scene

Keon was twice blasted by a gunman aged 14 years old and later stabbed with large knives during a brutal 30-second attack on Birmingham. Photographed by police at the scene 

The attack was captured by CCTV cameras, and continued after Keon attempted to flee.

Birmingham Crown Court Prosecutor Michael Burrows, QC said: “He [Keon]He was lying on the ground when he was attacked. The group kept attacking him and stabbing, hacking, and sabotaging him with large knives. The group eventually fled and got into a Ford S-Max white car. It was then driven off the site.

The jury heard that footage showed Keon was shot twice by a suspect, once in his stomach and again later on.

Another CCTV footage shows Ugochukwu walking along the street toward Linwood Road in Handsworth before the murder.

At the beginning of the trial Mr Burrows, a Crown prosecutor, opened the case and stated that the attackers used a Ford S-Max. Later, the getaway car, stolen with false plates, crashed. The car’s footwell contained forensic evidence, including a hunting knife.

Sharmaine Lincoln, Keon’s mother, referred to her son as a “joker” and a “loving child with an infectious spirit”. Her son’s “unbelievable laugh” would echo around her house every day after his death.