After sending a flirty text message and a kiss, a Goth fell in love with her boss. She was then attacked with a hammer by her manager.

Scarborough’s Naomi Wheeler (31), became obsessed with Heather Wilkinson following misinterpretation of text messages that she had sent to her employees, which were always concluded with an ‘x’. 

York Crown Court heard she called and texted Ms Wilkinson, even sending her a card with her “scent on it” during an harrowing stalking campaign.

Gerald Hendron, Prosecutor of Wheeler, stated that Wheeler had been referred by a psychologist to “work with her relationships and help her manage her feelings.”

Wheeler claimed to the psychiatrist that she had plans to murder Ms Wilkinson, by “stoving her head in” and also “hammering to death” her secondary school teacher.

Hendron claimed Wheeler created ‘detailed’ plans including Google searches, mapping and how she planned to hit Ms Wilkinson using a hammer.

A court was informed that Ms Wilkinson was the cleaner manager for Blue Dolphin Holiday Park, Filey. Wheeler had been working there since April 2018.

Wheeler’s behavior and work were fine the first time around. Her manager, Ms Wilkinson, “looked after” her.

Naomi Wheeler, 31, became 'obsessed' with Heather Wilkinson after texts ended with an 'x'

Naomi Wheeler, 31 years old, became obsessed after Heather Wilkinson sent her texts that ended in an ‘x’

Wheeler even sent a card with her 'scent on it' to her during a terrifying stalking campaign

Wheeler even wrote a letter with Wheeler’s’scent’ on it to Wheeler during an harrowing stalking campaign

Wheeler was tripped as she tried to carry out her hammer attack at Blue Dolphin Holiday Park

Wheeler fell while trying to perform her hammer attack on Blue Dolphin Holiday Park. 

Wheeler misunderstood text messages Ms Wilkinson had sent to all of her employees, and she ended each one with an “x”.

Hendron claimed that Wilkinson wanted to get closer with Heeler.

“Wheeler” told one of her staff members that she fell in love with Ms Wilkinson.

A staff member reported this information to Ms Wilkinson. She maintained a professional relation with Wheeler, but attempted to avoid her.

Wheeler began texting Ms Wilkinson to ask if she was interested in returning to work at her holiday park.

Ms Wilkinson didn’t respond to her texts, and was not contacted again by her until March 2021. She then received more nastily-worded texts and messages on Facebook.

She was accused of obsessing about her ex-teacher for over 14 years.

Wheeler had been taught by the same teacher at secondary school.

Wheeler 's 'infatuation' with Ms Wilkinson turned to an 'obsession' in 2020 and stalking began

Wheeler’s infatuation with Ms Wilkinson grew into an obsession in 2020. Stalking began.

Wheeler was charged with stalking, making threats to kill and possessing an offensive weapon

Wheeler was charged for stalking and making threats of killing, as well as possessing an offensive weapons

The court heard Mr Hendron tell it that she said her intent to execute these attacks after the appointment was over.

Her psychiatrist advised her to remain in his bedroom while he dialled police. However, when he returned she was gone.

Wheeler left his building to search for Ms Wilkinson in the park. He carried a bag containing a hammer and he went inside her bag.

Wheeler ran after her, hammer in hand. He was almost about to hit her but another employee intervened and pulled her down.

Hendron said that just after 2pm Rob Smith (the maintenance manager at Blue Dolphin) noticed Wheeler walking on the caravan park.

“She was wearing dark Gothic make-up and a black leather coat with boots, and a beige handbag.

Wheeler informed Mr Smith that Ms Wilkinson interviewed her.

Ms Wilkinson got into her car, and attempted to drive off.

Wheeler took out the hammer, and attempted to assault Ms Wilkinson. She was able to escape.

Mrs Smith grabbed her by the throat and threw her on the ground before disarming her.

Wheeler said to Wheeler, “I told my psychiatrist that I was going to kill Heather.” They did not believe me.

Scarborough Police Station was called to assist her. She was seen by a psychiatrist nurse, who told her that ‘once she’s out of here no one is safe.

Hendron stated that she said she went to the caravan site “to cook a woman’s head inside” and had no regrets.

“She said to the nurse that she felt a rush from the fearful look on her face.”

A notepad with threats and drawings depicting Wheeler as ‘attacking another’ was found in Wheeler’s residence.

According to her, the job of cleaning at the park was her dream job. However she said that it would lead to her becoming a ‘boss with people’ and accepting rejections badly.

Officers asked her about what she would do if Ms Wilkinson was released from police custody that day. She replied that Ms Wilkinson would be ‘probably in danger’ and she wouldn’t stop.

Wheeler was accused of stalking, making threats against killing and possessing an offense weapon.

After being placed in custody, she admitted to the offenses and was sent for sentencing via videolink on Friday.

Simon Kealey QC, Recorder of Wheeler stated that Wheeler was a threat to the public. She also claimed her behavior had had an’very severe psychological effect on both your victim’.

Her sentence was four years. She was released after being ordered to continue her two-year term on a licence.

Wheeler also received a lifetime restraining or ban on her contact with the victims. She is prohibited from going to their workplaces, homes, or places of business.