Gwyneth Paltrow has posed nude for a glamorous shoot in celebration of her 50th birthday — putting a whole new spin on what it means to wear your birthday suit. 

Goop founder on September 27th, has again proved that age is just an number. This time, the Goop model wore nothing but pure gold paint. It’s a modern tribute to Goldfinger, the 1964 James Bond movie. 

Paltrow, along with her lifestyle brand, shared stunning pictures on Instagram to honor her turning ten years old. 

‘All I know is that they’re painting me gold and that I have to be naked,’ Paltrow said of the sexy birthday shoot, which isn’t for the faint of heart. 

Gwyneth Paltrow rang in her 50th birthday with a glamorous nude shoot after having half of her body painted gold. The stunning images were shared on her birthday on September 27

Gwyneth Paltrow celebrated her 50th Birthday with a glamour nude shoot, after half her body was painted in gold. These stunning photos were posted on Gwyneth Paltrow’s birthday, September 27,

'I feel so good turning 50, and this is about expressing that sense of energy and optimism that I’m experiencing,' she explained

‘I feel so good turning 50, and this is about expressing that sense of energy and optimism that I’m experiencing,’ she explained

Paltrow strategically posed with hands, arm, and leg covering her chest and nether regions, ensuring the shots wouldn't get flagged on social media

Paltrow strategically posed with hands, arm, and leg covering her chest and nether regions, ensuring the shots wouldn’t get flagged on social media

Half of Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence had her naked body covered in gold, before she took to the cameras. Strategically, she posed with her arms extended, legs crossed and hands covering her chest. This was to ensure the shot wouldn’t go viral on social media. 

‘I feel so good turning 50, and this is about expressing that sense of energy and optimism that I’m experiencing,’ she explained. ‘It’s more about the female gaze and just a sense of fun.’

Lottie (Gwyneth’s makeup artists) shared her secrets with Goop in a Goop post. Lottie explained how she prepared Gwyneth for the shoot by saying that her body and skin were “very, very moisturized” so that gold paint looks flawless. 

She used products from Gwyneth’s Goopgenes line, such as the All-in-One Nourishing Face cream and Nourishing Repair body butter to achieve her goal. 

Goop shared her milestone birthday celebration timeline, which includes when Paltrow started to act and how she launched her website. 

Birthday girl: “The idea of Goop developed and grew. And I went along with it.”

Paltrow also recorded a podcast with Brad Falchuk on Paltrow’s birthday. 

Ahead of turning 50, she penned a candid essay about her past and her hopes for her future that was published on Goop last Thursday. 

Paltrow penned a candid essay about her past and her hopes for her future ahead of turning 50 that was published on Goop last week

Paltrow wrote a candid essay on her life and hopes for the future that was published last week by Goop. 

Life: The Goop founder (pictured in 1996) also reflected on the regrets and mistakes that still keep her up at night, saying that she prays she has 'learned from them all'

Goop founder (pictured here in 1996) spoke out about her regrets, and how she hopes to learn from them.

Paltrow spoke out about the mistakes and regrets that keep her awake at night. She said that she hopes that she’s ‘learnt from them all’. 

I’ve done things that have caused harm to people. People have been disappointed in me by my failure to be the person they need. She wrote, “I have betrayed my self to preserve the peace.” 

“I crossed the lines. The thoughts of these thoughts sometimes wake me up from my sleep, and I am forced to live with the shameful guilt for the rest of the night. Unfortunately, most regrettably, I’ve not been honest to avoid a perceived consequence. It could lead to us being hurt.

Paltrow said that her fear of getting upset made it difficult for her to stand up for herself. 

At a young age, she had been in many movies and was awarded an Academy Award in 1999 for her performance in Shakespeare in Love.

Also, the actress had high-profile affairs with Brad Pitt (Ben Affleck) and Elizabeth Taylor (Brad Pitt), whom she ended up with only months after their engagement in 1996. 

“My greatest mistakes, as well as the mess they caused, have been due to me failing to be fully honest with myself and speaking truthfully from it,” she said. 

Paltrow (pictured with then-boyfriend Brad Pitt in 1996) admitted that she has 'hurt people' and 'crossed lines'

Paltrow with Brad Pitt, her then boyfriend in 1996) admitted to having ‘hurt people and crossed lines’. 

The actress (pictured with then-boyfriend Ben Affleck in 1999) noted that her 'most lasting mistakes' have stemmed from 'not standing fully in [her] truth'

In 1999, the actress was photographed with Ben Affleck (then her boyfriend) and noted that her most lasting errors stemmed from “not being fully in” [her] truth’

Strong: Paltrow, who wrote about learning to set boundaries and call out inappropriate behavior, was instrumental in bringing down convicted sex offender Harvey Weinstein (pictured in 1999)

Paltrow wrote that it was important to learn how to recognize inappropriate behavior and set limits. She also helped in the downing of Harvey Weinstein (pictured here in 1999).

“Saying those words could have saved seasons of heartache, and the repercussions. No. It doesn’t feel right. You aren’t setting the right expectations. Your behaviour is unacceptable. This is not the right relationship for me. I don’t feel right about this project. I don’t think you are right.

Paltrow stated that it is not clear if Paltrow would like to go back in history and correct her errors because she has learned a lot from them.  

“If nothing else they have lead me to a pathway of questioning. She wrote that she was seeking to be a better person. ‘People often ask, “If you could go back to your 21-year-old self and give her some advice…” Well, I would know my boundary and hold on to it more tightly than my life itself.’

The mother of two has given similar advice to her children Apple, 18, and Moses, 16, whom she shares with her ex-husband, Chris Martin. They should trust their intuitions, and act according to what they feel. This is especially important when it comes love and sex. 

Paltrow was instrumental in bringing down convicted sex offender Harvey Weinstein, who had produced a number of her films, including Shakespeare in Love.  

Paltrow (pictured with her then-husband Chris Martin in 2014) noted that she isn't sure if she would go back in time to correct her mistakes because they've taught her 'meaningful' lessons

Paltrow (pictured with her then-husband Chris Martin in 2014) noted that she isn’t sure if she would go back in time to correct her mistakes because they’ve taught her ‘meaningful’ lessons

Parent: The mom said she'd advise her 21-year-old self to 'know [her] boundary and hold on to it more tightly than [her] life itself.' She's given similar advice to her children Apple, 18, and Moses, 16

She said that her mom would tell her 21-year old self to be ‘knowledgeable’ [her]Hold on tighter to your boundary [her]Life is itself. Apple (16), and Moses (16) received similar guidance from her.

After being accused by several actresses of rape, the disgraced film mogul was expelled from Academy.

Hollywood was shocked when the lifestyle guru joined the chorus of voices accusing him to abuse his power over females in the business.

Paltrow alleged that Weinstein came on to her at the start of filming Emma in 1995, saying he summoned her to his hotel room, put his hands on her, and then asked her for a massage.

‘I had one really uncomfortable, weird experience; then he was never inappropriate with me again in that way,’ she told Variety in 2019. 

Paltrow had previously shared that Pitt, her then-boyfriend, had confronted Weinstein for sexually harassing her, saying he threw the Hollywood heavyweight against He shook hands with a wall, and exclaimed: “If she ever makes her feel uneasy again, I will kill you.” 

The lifestyle guru also opened up about embracing her aging body, saying she 'accepts the marks and the loosening skin, the wrinkles'

Lifestyle guru, Lisa opened up to admit that she accepts her age and is open about accepting the signs of aging.

Incredible figure: Paltrow shared photos of herself frolicking in her yard in a bikini ahead of her birthday

Paltrow shared images of herself wearing a bikini and frolicking outside her home in preparation for her birthday 

'I do what I can to strive for good health and longevity, to stave off weakening muscles and receding bone,' she said

She said, “I do all I can to ensure good health, longevity and to prevent weakening muscle and falling bone.” 

In 2020, she explained that she lost interest in her acting career at a young age after enduring an abusive working relationship with Weinstein, who is serving 23 years in prison after being convicted of felony sex crimes. 

She now works most of the day running Goop, and wrote her 50th birthday letter that she wanted to make more time for her own personal life in the future.

“I’d like to slow down. I’d like to take a step back. My circle would be smaller. It would be nice to make dinner more often. She said that she would love to see misunderstandings transformed into understandings. 

I would love to be able to share my most intimate parts with my husband. I would like to sing more, even if it’s just in the shower. To anyone who had negative experiences with me, I’d like to say sorry. I want to be fully honest with myself.

Paltrow said that while she admits to being ‘imperfect,’ she also shared her weaknesses and strengths. 

‘I can shut down and turn to ice, I have no patience, I swear at other drivers, I don’t close my closet doors, I lie when I don’t want to hurt feelings,’ she explained. 

The cookbook author (pictured in 2011) shared that she wants to 'slow down,' 'retreat,' and 'cook dinner more' in the future

Author of the cookbook, she shared in 2011 that she would like to “slow down”, “retreat” and “cook dinner more” in the future.

'I would like to continue to open the deepest part of myself to my husband [Brad Falchuk], even though it scares me,' she added

I would love to share my deepest feelings with my husband. [Brad Falchuk]She said, “Even though it scares you, I believe in it.”

“I’m also kind and humorous. I am brave and smart. I’m a seeker and can help you find meaning. If you love me, it will be felt throughout time and space. All of it.

She talked about her struggle with her older body.  

“My body is a map that shows the evidence from all the years. It’s less timeless. It is a collection of markings and irregularities which dog-ear the chapters. The birth of a child, scarred by oven burns, and a finger that was smashed into a glass long ago. Lines and silver hair. She wrote that the sun had left celestial fingerprints on me as though she had soaked her brush in dark-taupe watercolor and flecked it all over my skin.

“And as I try my best to maintain good health and long life, and to prevent weakening bones and muscles from receding, I also have a mantra that I use to guide me through any impulsive thoughts or actions. I Accept. I am okay with the scars and loosening of my skin, the wrinkles. Accepting my body is enough for me. I let go of any desire to look flawless, be perfect or defy gravity. I accept my humanity.’

Paltrow mentioned that she can recall her parents 50th birthdays and how they celebrated it in a very different way. 

Blythe Danner, her mom’s 50th anniversary was celebrated at Michael’s Los Angeles restaurant in February 1993. Blythe said the dinner was good and that there was plenty of wine. 

She explained that everyone was invited to submit a poem, instead of the typical gift. I remember happy tears and uproarious laughter. I remember my mother full of life and joy at the convergence of the love on display, the deliciousness, and wonderful/heartfelt/brilliant/messy poems.’

Paltrow recalled her parents' 50th birthdays, saying the milestone was a 'culmination of the wonderous' for her mother, Blythe Danner, and a 'culmination of sorrows' for her father, Bruce Paltrow (pictured together in 2002)

Paltrow recalls her parents 50th anniversary. She said the event was a culmination for the marvelous for Blythe Danner her mother and a culmination for the sorrows for Bruce Paltrow her father (pictured in 2002).

Paltrow wondered if her children will remember her 50th birthday, saying she wants them to know they are 'the greatest accomplishment of [her] life'

Paltrow was curious if her kids would remember her 50th. She said she wanted them to be proud of their achievements. [her] life’

Paltrow revealed that she went to Nevis the next November with Jake Paltrow and her older brother Jake Paltrow in celebration of Bruce Paltrow’s 90th birthday.

She could sense that her father was suffering from a ‘grey, unseasonably cold’ winter, and she wasn’t able to pinpoint what. 

‘He said he was “fine,” but I found him swallowed by something — he felt bereft, unanchored in some way. She said it was disturbing. He couldn’t accept the moment, the marking of the passing of time. Maybe he was aware that it would be his final decade.

Paltrow was 58 years old when his father died in October 2002 from complications due to oral cancer. 

“I was struck at how 50 felt like a reckoning for my parents. It was for my mother a culmination the wonderful, highs, loves and art. She noted that it was a culmination for my father’s sorrows. 

Paltrow has fond memories of her parents’ birthdays and wonders what her daughter and her son, both teenage girls, will make from the 50th anniversary celebration. 

She said, “I think about my children now old enough that they can remember this big birthday of mine until their adulthoods,” “Perhaps they will not remember that I was only elated or grieving for the things I did not achieve. 

“I wish they could feel the emotions and the complexity in my thoughts. They know that I’m both good and bad. My regrets and mistakes are a scaffolding to what I create from here on. They are my greatest achievement in life.