The world was stunned when Adele blamed planetary turmoil for her split. Talking of the breakdown of her marriage, she cited her ‘Saturn Return’, saying: ‘When that comes it can rock your life. This shakes you up. Do you have a dream? Is there anything that makes me happy? All those things.’

Astrologers smiled knowingly; it’s a famously difficult time. You may be wondering what a Saturn Return is.

It is the point in time when Saturn returns to its original position at your birth. It happens around the ages of 29, 58 and then, if you’re lucky, around 84. The dates are approximate because planets don’t always move around the sun at the exact same rate.

(To find out when your Saturn return is, go to return-calculator/)

Why is there such a high risk of carnage? Astrologers will be familiar with Saturn as the greatest teacher in the zodiac. The serious taskmaster that challenges us: ‘Oh, so you think you want to do X or Y? OK, well here are a few tests, to see if you’re serious about what you say you want to do.’

As Adele (pictured) put her divorce down to the 'Saturn Return', four UK-based women reveal how the planetary upheaval rebooted their lives

As Adele (pictured) put her divorce down to the ‘Saturn Return’, four UK-based women reveal how the planetary upheaval rebooted their lives  

Now think back to the time you were 29- or 30-years old. What was the experience like for you? It was a pivotal moment in your life.

As an assistant producer on a renowned show, it was the worst place I’ve ever gotten to inhale.

Everything happens for reasons. If the show had been less offensive, I may have continued to watch TV. But I chose to go back to print and write, which allowed me to combine my passion for writing with my interest in astrology.

Yes, Saturn’s return can have you tearing up your old life and starting again, but that doesn’t mean we should fear it. Put it this way, Adele re-emerged from hers by releasing the first song from her latest album, which smashed the record for the UK’s most streamed song ever.

This is how the Saturn Return works: On the date you were born Saturn was on one of the 360 degrees. You might already be aware that there are 12 signs. You can divide 360° by 12 signs to get 30 degrees.

Therefore, when you were born, Saturn may have been — for argument’s sake — at 3 degrees of Aquarius, or 12 degrees of Gemini or 23 degrees of Leo. Saturn continued to move after your birth.

For 29 years it moved to the next sign, and then to the next, until finally it returned to the exact degree that it was in when it was born.

The belief is that once Saturn has been all the way around your chart, you have been tested and taught in all parts of your life — relationships, work, finances. Your goals have been achieved through hard work.

Forget turning 18 or 21 — I believe Saturn Return is when we actually become adults. It is my recommendation that people not get married before the Saturn Return.

Rather than trying to be the person others think we should be, our first Saturn Return is when, like Adele, we ask, ‘Who am I? What do I want to do?’ This is the making or breaking of a person. If you’re not happy, it’s when you may decide, ‘Enough is enough. I have to change.’

Astrologer Yasmin Boland (pictured) advises people not to marry before their Saturn Return

Yasmin Boland from Astrology (pictured) warns against marrying before your Saturn Return 

Saturn is feared for its reputation. It’s the karmic planet of reaping what you sow. You must do what you promised.

It will make you smaller if you are arrogant. Saturn can be described as the “stench” of reality. This planet often causes a person’s fall, as pride is always preceded by a fall. Although it’s the first Saturn Return that garners most attention, the second one is just as important. It takes place at the age of 58.

Perhaps the most prevalent feeling is, ‘It’s now or never!’ At this point, we may really start to feel our years. We are getting older and we can’t pretend we’re not. We should do everything we can to make it happen.

Lows can come with a sense of weight and burden. It is possible for unresolved problems to resurface and we might temporarily lose our way, just like Adele. You only get what you sow.

All of this sounds so bleak, which it sometimes is. Saturn can sometimes be quite bleak. The second Saturn Return is also a sign that we are beginning the third chapter of our lives. This allows us to plan for an earlier age.

We’ve done our best, taken responsibility, achieved things that we are proud of, and now it is time to become more senior, wiser, or even an expert in the field we work in.

If you’re lucky enough to make it as far as your third Saturn Return aged 84, this is time to glory in the undisputed wisdom of old age. This Saturn Return is your chance to make it count. Here, four women describe how Saturn’s return rebooted their lives . . .


Holly Anne Blake is 37-years-old and an artist. She lives in Tea Green with Tom, 33-year-old, and their 3-year-old daughter. According to her,

Holly Anne Blake, 37, (pictured), who lives in Tea Green, Hertfordshire, claims she made friends, created a new career and found romance after her Saturn Return

Holly Anne Blake, 37, (pictured), who lives in Tea Green, Hertfordshire, claims she made friends, created a new career and found romance after her Saturn Return 

I recently found the journal I kept when, aged 29, my life totally changed — it reads like the plot of a blockbuster movie.

On paper I had a nice life — a good job in TV, a new flat with my devoted boyfriend of six years. But I’d begun to feel bored and like I wasn’t living the life I wanted.

I had a four-hour daily commute and every evening I’d come home to my boyfriend sitting in front of the TV.

Suddenly, everything was grey — the walls, the carpet, the desk in my office and the buildings outside. It was not joyful.

It was only when I reached rock bottom, ashamed that I couldn’t find happiness in a life I’d built myself, that my blinkers fell off. Maybe I could do everything I had always wanted to. I purchased guidebooks for distant countries which I kept from my boyfriend. When I found the strength to broach the subject, he said, ‘What will you do when it fails?’ I realised he wasn’t coming with me.

One night, after an argument, I secretly booked flights, telling myself I’d see how I felt in the morning. When I woke up, it felt right. I ended my marriage and ran out of the house.

My bonfire night flight from London to Bangkok was my first. The plane left behind my home in the UK, and fireworks illuminated the sky.

My mum had paid for my first tarot card reading when I was 16 and I’d seen the same woman for years in my 20s — she had warned me about my Saturn Return so I sensed that was happening. It would be easier for me to accept the huge changes that were coming my way, I was sure of this from her words.

During the three months I spent travelling, I didn’t have one moment of regret. This was the most memorable time of my entire life. It was a time when I met new friends, had a romantic relationship and started a new artist career.

In my 30s I found a fantastic partner who helped me become a mom. Thanks to my Saturn Return, I’ve created a life I love.


Caroline Duddridge (62), a former teacher who lives in Cardiff. Six grandchildren and five of her children are hers. According to her,

Caroline Duddridge, 62, (pictured), who lives in Cardiff, said she began behaving like a rebellious teenager during her second Saturn Return

Caroline Duddridge (pictured), 62-year-old Cardiff resident, stated that she started acting like a rebellious teenage girl during her second Saturn Return 

I’ve lived through two Saturn Returns and emerged as a very different woman each time. In my late 20s, I’d just given birth to my second child and was growing frustrated with my husband’s family visiting dawn until dusk.

My husband was normally shy and timid as a young woman. I surprised him by telling me he should stand up for my cause.

Things changed after that and we had three more children.

My husband, who was 55 years old, died from pancreatic cancer in 2015. He was my rock, so the grief was the hardest thing I’ve ever been through.

I went through what I would describe as personality transplants over the next several years. My behavior was rebellious as a teenager.

It was actually my second Saturn Return. It was like I’d woken up from a long sleep. With six grandchildren, I found myself with five kids and I could think of me.

My wardrobe now includes a lot of floral dresses. I also discovered the joy in colourful clothes. Also, I dated younger men whom I met in my salsa-dancing classes. You could probably say that I was a little off-the-rails.

My girlie vacation to Croatia was my first. I’d never been away with a girlfriend before. I found it exciting and liberating, and was inspired to book my first cruise. I’ve been on another four cruises since then.

The second Saturn Return taught me that I have the right to enjoy this fulfilling, rich part of life.


Sarah Dunkley (34), lives in Dartford with Ben, 34. He is a civil servant and the couple have two daughters Eleanor (4 years) and Grace (22). According to her,

Sarah Dunkley, 34, (pictured), who lives in Dartford, Kent, shed almost 10st and reversed type 2 diabetes over two years

Sarah Dunkley, 34 (pictured), lives in Dartford. Kent. She lost nearly 10 st. and reversed type-2 diabetes within two years.

Just two weeks after my 28th Birthday, I was diagnosed as having type 2 diabetes. It was shocking to learn that I had been overweight, but in great health.

I’d lost a baby at 11 weeks into my pregnancy and the doctors couldn’t understand why. The doctors did some tests, and concluded that it was probably diabetes.

While I was still in pain, it became clear that I was among the youngest type 2 diabetic cases the doctors had ever witnessed. It was quite a wakeup call.

To reverse this diagnosis, I sought help from my hospital’s diabetic unit. They helped me transform my life from a sitting-down nursery teacher to a healthy, active lifestyle that included a high-carb- and sugar-laden diet.

Two years ago, I had lost close to 10 st. The diabetes was reversed and I’m now in full remission and medication-free. Although it was difficult, I managed to find the inner strength and persevered.

If that wasn’t enough, I also married at 29 and went on to have two children.

These changes were made possible by a nurse at the diabetes clinic.

Something struck me about these words and I decided to research it further.

At first, I didn’t tell anyone about the astrological influence — we’re not that kind of family.

Now, I’m ready to admit it is a phenomena and something we all can use to our benefit.


Beverley Jones is a South Wales business coach. She said:

Beverley Jones, 58, (pictured), who lives in South Wales, got engaged on the brink of her second Saturn Return

Beverley Jones (58), a South Wales resident, was engaged to Beverley on the brink her second Saturn Return 

When I was 28 years old, I had my Saturn Return. I married the woman who promoted me to manager at the lab I worked in. It was a feeling of great confidence that I experienced and it made me feel really motivated.

In my 30s, I lost my marriage. The second Saturn Return proved to be even more important. Covid made a significant impact on my business, which I started 11 years ago. I also experienced a loss of confidence. Although I thought I would give up, I made a decision to change my brand and continue to move forward.

However it’s my personal life that has been most revelatory. I met my old love ten years ago. We’d first gone out when I was 17.

Last Christmas, we were only just on the edge of my second Saturn Return when we became engaged.

It just goes to show it’s worth taking risks.

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