Harvey Weinstein, convicted rapist, lost today’s bid for 11 sexual assault accusations against him in Los Angeles to be dismissed by a Judge.

Judge Lisa Lench refused to grant the Hollywood megastar’s motion for dismissal of the charges. These included rape. Sexual battery. and forced oral copulation. They were allegedly committed by five unidentified women in 2004.

Mark Werksman represented Weinstein at a criminal court in LA today. Mark Werksman argued that the grand jury indicting his client was’manipulated by prosecutors. Prosecutors had presented weak, lame and false evidence, supported by expert witness testimony.

Harvey Weinstein was today disgraced as a movie producer, and is now a convicted sex crime. He lost his attempt to have the 11 charges of sexual assault he faces in Los Angeles dismissed by a judge. His sentence for sexual assault and rape stemming form two women is 23 years.

Weinstein, 69, and his attorney Mark Werksman in LA court in July. During a hearing Tuesday, Weksman argued his client had been 'manipulated' by prosecutors who had presented 'weak, lame, false, and misleading' evidence supported by 'pseudo -scientific' testimony

Weinstein, 69, and his attorney Mark Werksman in LA court in July. During a hearing Tuesday, Weksman argued his client had been ‘manipulated’ by prosecutors who had presented ‘weak, lame, false, and misleading’ evidence supported by ‘pseudo -scientific’ testimony

Judge Lench, however, disagreed and stated that she believed prosecutors had not manipulated the grand jury. She also said that she did not see any irregularities in the evidence presented by prosecutors to the grand jury.

Weinstein replied, “I believe there is sufficient evidence for the charges.” The judge then asked Weinstein, “You have the right to have your trial within 120 days.” Would you agree to that? He answered, “Yes.”

Judge Lisa Lench denied the one-time Hollywood big-shot's motion to dismiss charges including rape, sexual battery, forced oral copulation, and forced sexual penetration with five unnamed women

Judge Lisa Lench rejected the Hollywood star’s motion for dismissal of charges, including sexual battery, forced oral coulation and forced sexual penetration, with five women unnamed.

Weinstein (69), sat in handcuffs in a wheelchair today at court wearing blue prison overshirts and a mask, and showed no emotion when the judge rejected his request to dismiss the charges.

When he first appeared before the court, he had already made not guilty pleas to all 11 charges.

He could be sentenced to 140 years imprisonment if he is convicted on the LA charges.

The majority of the crimes were committed in LA, where Weinstein, a New Yorker, was staying while he visited Hollywood. Weinstein claims that all sexual activity was consented to.

His lawyer  claimed there were inconsistencies in the grand jury testimony of the victims – Jane Does 1 through 5 – and all of them continued to communicate with Weinstein after the alleged sex assaults.

Jane Doe 1 described an act of sexual intimacy that was physically impossible according to Werksman.

Jane Doe 2 returned to Weinstein on the same day that she said he had sexually assaulted him. He added.

If convicted on the LA charges, convicted rapist Weinstein faces another 140 years in prison

Weinstein could face another 140 years imprisonment if he is convicted of the LA charges.

Jane Doe 3 was a masseuse who ‘accepted him (Weinstein), to masturbate front lot her’ as a condition for him helping her achieve her Hollywood career dreams, Werksman stated.

Jane Doe4 ‘faked an orgasm,’ said Werksman. So how did Weinstein know that Jane Doe4 was not agreeing to sex?

“She said she relented to sexual activity because she was afraid of what it might do to her career.

Jane Doe 5, she said that they had agreed to take a bath with an individual who claims she raped and shower together. He would then apply the gel to her naked skin.

Werksman attacked a 1000-page report that prosecutors had presented to the grand jury, calling it “incomprehensible gobbledygook”.

Fallen movie mogul Weinstein looks on during a July 29 pre-trial hearing as attorney Werksman (center) and Alan Jackson (right) speak to Judge Lench (not pictured). During Tuesday's hearing, Werksman said there were inconsistencies in the grand jury testimony of the victims

The Fallen Movie Mogul Weinstein watches as Alan Jackson and attorney Werksman speak to Judge Lench (not shown). Werksman claimed that the grand jury testimony for the victims was inconsistent during Tuesday’s hearing.

Weinstein pleaded not guilty during the pretrial hearing in July, to four counts of rape and seven other sexual assault counts in the state of California. He has already been found guilty first-degree sexual assault and third-degree rape in New York last year

Weinstein did not plead guilty to the four charges of rape in California and seven additional sexual assault cases in California during his July pretrial hearing. In New York, he was already found guilty of the first and third degrees of sexual assault.

The prosecution also called two doctors as witnesses. He claimed that they bludgeoned the grand jury with their absurd testimony.

Paul Thompson, the prosecutor, denied Werksman’s claims and said, “We didn’t say anything incorrectly to the grand jury” as well as accusing his opponent counsel of ‘misrepresenting’ the evidence before the grand jury.

“The Grand Jury was instructed about the law…on what constitutes consent.” The grand jury was indicted.

Thompson stated that Jane Doe 3, Jane Doe 3, ‘told’ him to stop. Thompson said that Jane Doe 4, who was attacking her, was shaking, trembling and crying.

Jane Doe5 thought he was powerful enough to end her career. She got into the shower together with him. This isn’t voluntary. It is for this reason that the grand jury was appointed.

Werksman requested a medical exam at an earlier hearing. Werksman is believed to have spinal stenosis. He is also blind in one eye.

Weinstein is in Los Angeles’ Twin Towers Jail. He used his medical condition to stop his extradition.

Gloria Allred, a women’s rights lawyer who represents Weinstein’s victims in New York and two of his victims in Los Angeles, slammed the delay tactics during a DailyMail.com interview.

She said, “I’m happy this day has arrived and I’m looking forward to a fair trial in Los Angeles,”

Weinstein pictured here disembarking a private plane at Hollywood Burbank Airport on July 20 after being extradited from Los Angeles from New York to face trial

Weinstein, pictured here on July 20, disembarking from a private airplane at Hollywood Burbank Airport after being extradited by Los Angeles to New York for trial

Weinstein is seen in June at Wende Correctional Facility near Buffalo, New York - ahead of his extradition to California

Weinstein was seen at Wende Correctional Facility in Buffalo, New York on June 13, just before his extradition from California

‘Mr. She said that Weinstein and his defence had been delaying Weinstein’s extradition to Los Angeles since a very long time. He ran out all his excuses.

He claimed that he was required to be in New York due to medical treatment. LA has excellent medical services.

He said, “It’s vital for him to stand trial here in LA. Some of his victims in LA have not been given their due process.”

‘Justice may have been delayed in Los Angeles, but it’s not going to be denied.’