Hawk chases the rabbit in homeowner’s drainpipe and finally kills it.

  • Mark Koster caught an amazing moment with his camera in Arizona.
  • The following photos were taken by a hawk on December 12.
  • The patient hawk was able to pull the rabbit out of the pipe, unluckily. 

The extraordinary scene in which a hungry bird chased and grabbed a rabbit from a homeowner’s pipe, pulling it out using its claws after an intense stand-off. 

Mark Koster, a photographer was there to capture the moment that the hungry hawk snatched its prey from a drainpipe Scottsdale, Arizona on December 12 

Photographs show Harris’s Hawk staring at the drainpipe, where the rabbit was trapped. Then, it carefully poked its head inside the hole with its talons.

Photographer Mark Koster saw a hawk corner a rabbit in a drainpipe, in Scottsdale, Arizona, on December 12

Mark Koster, a photographer, saw a hawk tangle a rabbit inside a drainpipe in Scottsdale, Arizona on 12/12/12

Pictures show the Harris's hawk staring into the drainpipe in a bid to locate the rabbit, before skilfully poking its head and talons into the hole

Photos show Harris’s hawk looking into the drainpipe to try and locate the rabbit. After successfully poking its head in the hole, it then moves on.

The patient hawk was not kind to the rabbit and fought for 15 minutes. 

The hawk finally was able to take control of the situation after the rabbit couldn’t escape. It should reach far enough in the drainpipe for the bunny to be dragged out.

Photos showed the hawk hovering over the prey shortly after the kill. The rabbit was still holding onto its tail as it flew away.

Scottsdale native Mr Koster stated that while he did not see Harris’s hawk pursue the rabbit in the pipe it was quite certain.  

Unluckily for the rabbit, the patient hawk persevered for more than 10 minutes and was finally able to reach its talons far enough into the drainpipe to drag the defenceless bunny out

Unluckily, for the bunny, the patient Hawk persevered for over 10 minutes before finally being able to get its claws into the drainpipe and drag it out.

Other extraordinary photographs showed the hawk standing over its prey

Other extraordinary photographs showed the hawk standing over its prey

Amazing photographs also showed the hawk sitting over the prey after grabbing the rabbit from the hiding place

The Harris's hawk flew away with the rabbit clutched in its talons, with Mr Koster suggesting that it was 'flying off with breakfast for the family'

With the rabbit in its hands, the Harris’s Hawk flew off. Mr Koster suggested that the bird was “flying away with breakfast for his family”.

“It only took twelve minutes for me to go from the stalking stage to grabbing breakfast and then flying away with my family. It was a spectacular display. 

“I’m a follower of many different families of raptors and have been closely following this family since 2016.

The hawks of Harris’s Hawks are known as the Wolves in the Sky because they hunt in packs like wolves.

“Two family members were also waiting at a street lamppost right next to them.

‘Hawks gotta eat too.’