Parents are warned by mother after their 14-month old daughter bit into a Christmas ornament at a holiday photo shoot. She needed an X ray because the ornament fell in her mouth.

  • A mother from Australia has spoken out about the dangers associated with Christmas baubles
  • Nikki posted a picture on Instagram of a jewel that exploded inside her daughter’s mouth.
  • She was praised for increasing awareness about the dangers of decorations in response to many comments 

After her 14-month old daughter bit off a Christmas tree bauble, a mother had to rush her child to the hospital. She has now warned others about the dangers of festive decorations.

Nikki (Australian) posted to Instagram that she had set up ornaments in preparation for a holiday photo shoot. Savannah was quick to grab one and then gobble it down. 

Savannah had small bits of the bauble in her mouth, so the paramedic removed them and took Savannah to an emergency room for further treatment and xrays.

Although the results were clear, she admitted that it was difficult for her to be emotional. She said, “I just wanted to share this because Christmas is approaching, and our little one are attracted shiny, bright objects. It was done in seconds. Surgery could have prevented it.  

Nikki described how her family was shocked at the sudden and terrifying events. 

Nikki, who lives in Australia, took to Instagram , explaining that her daughter, 14 months, had bitten into a bauble during a festive photo shoot, which shattered in her mouth

Nikki is an Australian resident who took to Instagram to explain that her 14-month-old daughter had taken a bite out of a bauble at a holiday photo shoot and it shattered in her mouth 

Sharing a photo of the shattered bauble, Nikki wrote: ‘We had a bit of an incident yesterday and I felt like I wanted to reach out to you guys to let you know our story especially because it’s coming up to Christmas! 

‘So many of my friends and family have been shocked by this and it’s such a great reminder for our little ones to keep safe.

The photo was taken in Savannah, my 14-month-old daughter. I’d gone all out with a backdrop and props and had some beautiful baubles nearby that my grandma had given me. 

“So I wanted them to be in this shot. Savannah watched me the entire time. I helped her to position herself with a jingle toy, and she quickly grabbed this beautiful bauble. When I looked around, I noticed a loud crunch and that the bauble had burst in her mouth. 

“Thanks to you, I managed to stay calm and composed. I immediately got her, didn’t let her swallow and removed the small and tiny fragments out of her mouth.

It was terrifying inside so I checked on her and made sure everything was fine. The parts in her mouth had literally exploded, which I was aware of. We went to the children’s hospital for an all over assessment and X-rays. 

Nikki explained that she had to take 14-month-old Savannah (pictured) to hospital for an assessment and x-ray after the bauble exploded in her mouth

Nikki explained to Savannah (pictured at 14 months) that Savannah needed to be taken to the hospital for an x-ray and assessment after the bauble had exploded in Savannah’s mouth. 

Nikki, who is a paramedic, said she didn't let Savannah swallow and removed all the small fragments out of her mouth

Nikki (a paramedic) said that Savannah was not allowed to swallow, and she took all of the pieces out her mouth. 

I was concerned about her accidental ingestion, but the nurses informed me that she could have inhaled some fragments of shock after she bit. We were allowed to return home after the X-rays showed no evidence. “I felt lucky, relieved and super emotional. 

Numerous parents shared their praises for Nikki’s efforts to raise awareness about the dangers associated with Christmas baubles. Others admitted that they have had similar experiences with their children.

Someone wrote, “Glad that she is okay. My guilt at not allowing our daughter to touch our Christmas tree was overwhelming. (I love it, and I have OCD about decorations). Now I feel better. She can now access the tree from where I live. It was a surprise that this would become a problem.

Another commented, “My son tried it recently with the plastic Kmart ones and came out with the same result.”

One third said: “I broke the ‘First Christmas” bauble of my four year old son… It was so dangerous and made of paper that I could not believe it. I’m glad your baby is doing well.

One added, “Thanks for sharing. I didn’t know it would explode.” I will be making sure my children don’t get the bubble balls.

A stream of responses to the post have praised Nikki for raising awareness of the risks, with some admitting they've also had similar experiences

Numerous responses have been received to the post. Many of them praised Nikki and acknowledged that they had also experienced similar situations.