Sir Nick Carter, Head of Armed Forces has expressed concern about the worsening situation at the Belarus-Poland border. 

After Britain deployed troops in Warsaw to aid the warsawian migrants, who were forced to cross the border into the EU by ‘weaponized’ immigrants, it is now that the UK has taken the initiative to do the same. 

General Sir Nick Carter claimed Minsk had been pushing migrants to the European Union border to attempt to destabilise their region. He described the scenario as straight out of Russia’s playbook.

Sir Nick appeared on BBC’s Andrew Marr show and was asked by the audience if they were concerned about how things could get worse.

He replied, “Yes, I believe I am.”  

“This is an excellent example of the kind of hybrid playbook in which you can link destabilisation to disinformation. I think pushing migrants to the European Union’s border is just one example.

Polish authorities have been reporting daily attempts by migrants to breach the border divide. Pictured: Migrants stand in front of Belarusian servicemen as they gather in a camp near the Belarusian-Polish border in the Grodno region today

Polish authorities are reporting every day that migrants attempt to break the border wall. Pictured: Today, migrants gather near the Belarusian border to meet with Belarusian soldiers.

A large number of migrants from the Middle East are residing in a temporary camp at the Belarusian border.  

Polish authorities are reporting every day that migrants attempt to cross the border.  

Belarusian defense chiefs accused Poland of an “unprecedented” buildup of troops at the border. 

According to them, controlling migration was not a reason for 15,000 soldiers backed up by tanks and air defense assets or other weapons.   

Appearing on BBC's Andrew Marr Show, Sir Nick was asked if he was concerned the situation could escalate and become 'something really serious.' He said: 'Yes, I think I am. Pictured: Sir Nick in a past appearance on the Andrew Marr Show (file photo)

Sir Nick, who appeared on BBC’s Andrew Marr show, was asked whether he is concerned that the situation might escalate into’something very serious’. Sir Nick replied, “Yes, I believe I am.” Pictured: Sir Nick during an appearance on The Andrew Marr Show (file photograph)

The Ministry of Defence announced Friday that it will send a small group of British soldiers into Poland for ‘engineering support’. 

According to the British Armed Forces, the British chief of Staff stated that the troops being sent will build fencing along the border and not fight.

He stated that it showed Poland’s unity and its willingness to stand with Poland in the face of these threats.

This comes just a few days after Liz Truss, Foreign Secretary of Liz Truss, urged Vladimir Putin for intervention in the “shameful manufactured migration crisis” that was unfolding in Eastern Europe. 

In a Sunday Telegraph piece, Ms Truss stated that Moscow has a clear responsibility to resolve the standoff. She also said that the UK “will not look away” from the situation.

Belarus and Russia signed a Union Agreement that envisages closer political and military relations.

Several thousand migrants have set up a tent camp on the Belarusian-Polish border. Pictured: Migrants in a tent camp on the border of Belarus with Poland

A tent camp has been set up by several thousand migrants at the border of Belarus and Poland. Photographed: A tent camp for migrants at the Belarus-Polish border 

The EU has accused Alexander Lukashenko of encouraging illegal border crossings.

They interpreted it as an attempt to strike back at the sanctions imposed by the bloc on their government following its crackdown domestically protests against his 2020 election.  

Belarus denied the allegations, but said it would not stop migrants and refugees from entering the EU.

Belarusian forces were said to have deployed near the Kuznica border crossing, in footage released by the Polish Defence Ministry (pictured)

According to footage from the Polish Defence Ministry, Belarusian troops were seen near Kuznica’s border crossing.

This is an attempt to get through the border, and has led to migrants from Libya and Syria fleeing to this region.   

Truss stated that the Lukashenko regime’s latest attempt to weaken regional security was the current standoff.

She said: ‘He is using desperate migrants as pawns in his bid to create instability and cling on to power, regardless of the human cost.

“The United Kingdom won’t look away” Our allies in the region will be supported by us. They are at the frontier of freedom.

Hundreds of migrants have tried to slip through the Belarusian border to get to the EU. Pictured: Migrants in a make-shift border camp

Many migrants tried to cross the Belarusian border in an attempt to reach the EU. Photo: A makeshift camp for migrants at the border

Sir Nick stated that he couldn’t foresee the outcome of the situation turning into a “shooting war”, but added that both the UK and NATO should remain ‘on guard’. 

Sir Nick described tension in Belarus as well as the trouble surrounding Ukraine, calling it ‘an example classic of a little distraction’  

“If you take a look at Russian plays over the years, Maskirovka, or as they refer to it, is a very typical example of stuff that has been around for many years.

Pictured: Polish police officers stand in front of the border fence in Belarus near the Polish-Belarusian border in Kuznica, eastern Poland on 11 November

Pictured: Polish officers pose in front of the Belarus border fence near Kuznica (East Poland), 11/11/11