Two-year-old terminally ill father of his children was wrestled to the floor and taken into custody for inappropriate exposure. He had been mooning at speed cameras for entertainment. This week, he was honored with a Banksy mural.

Darrell Meekcom (55) from Kidderminster was shocked to hear that an anonymous individual represented an international street artist’ Wednesday morning.

On Saturday, stenciled black graffiti featuring two officers and a colorful Bart Simpson bare-bottomed appeared near Kidderminster Pub, Worcester.

A suspected Banksy has appeared in Kidderminster and is allegedly inspired by a terminally ill man who mooned a speed camera and was then arrested by police for indecent exposure

Kidderminster: A Banksy suspect has been seen. The man is believed to have been inspired by a terminally-ill man, who mooned speed cameras and was then taken into police custody for inappropriate exposure

Darrell Meekcom, 55, posed next to the 'Banksy' mural in Worcester by bending over as the painted character of Bart Simpson is

Darrell Meekcom, 55, posed next to the ‘Banksy’ mural in Worcester by bending over as the painted character of Bart Simpson is

Three police cars pulled up outside Mr Meekcom's home in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, and he was later wrestled to the ground by six officers during the arrest in his back garden

Troops pulled up in front of Mr Meekcom’s house in Kidderminster in Worcestershire. He was then wrestled to the ground later by six officers as he was being held in the back yard.

Besides MSA, Mr Meekcom suffers from heart disease, kidney failure and Parkinson's Disease. He said: 'I'm a threat to nobody. I use a wheelchair and need a Zimmer frame to get out of bed'

Meekcom has MSA and also suffers from kidney disease, heart disease, Parkinson’s Disease, and renal failure. “I am a threat to everyone,” he said. He said, ‘I use a wheelchair. I need a Zimmer frame in order to get out.

The dad of two posed for pictures in front of the stencil artwork. He was diagnosed with MSA last month

Father of two took photos in front the stencil artwork. Last month, he was diagnosed as having MSA.

Mr Meekcom said the life expectancy following a diagnosis of MSA is around six years, although this varies from person to person

Meekcom stated that the median life expectancy for MSA patients is approximately six years. This varies depending on who they are.

Inspired by his original story, the artist told Mr Meekcom that the police were purposely painted in black to represent the 'disproportionate use of force' and the 'dark and oppressive nature of the police', while Bart Simpson was depicted as 'cheeky, comical and playful'

The artist was inspired by the original story and told Mr Meekcom the police had been painted black in order to show the disproportionate use of force and the oppressive nature police. Bart Simpson, on the other hand, was described as being ‘cheeky and comical’.

This cartoon depicts two officers wearing guard gear and holding batons over a cartoon character.

After being diagnosed with terminal multiple systems atrophy, Mr Meekcom created a bucketlist that included mooning a speedcam, parachuting, and jumping a bungee.

While Mr Meekcom was shopping at a Tesco Express nearby, his pants were dropped by the speed van’s mobile speed camera.

After cops stopped by the home of the father-of-two, who has Parkinson’s Disease as well as heart and kidney problems, and demanded that they be allowed in, this viral video went viral.

Officers entered the house and kicked down the gate. They then wrestled him outside, where they put him in cuffs.

Banksy was a suspect. The Banksy family enjoyed the amusement and they praised Banksy for his ‘tongue in cheek’ mural.

Meekcom claimed that they had received a message from an email account last week claiming to represent an unknown international street artist.

“We talked about what had happened to the police, and they agreed that they would do an article on it.

“I was stunned and did not believe it to be real. It was all a dream.

“Then on Wednesday, I got a message asking if my interest was still there – I answered yes.

Police officers were photographed outside Mr Meekcom's address as they came to arrest him for indecent exposure after he mooned at a passing mobile speed van

Officers from the police were taken outside Mr Meekcom’s home as they attempted to arrest him. He had mooned at an approaching mobile speed van and was caught on camera.

Police officers outside Mr Meekcom's address after he was reported for making an 'indecent exposure' at a police camera

After Mr Meekcom was accused of making an “indecent exposure” at a camera, police officers stood outside his address.

“Then, to my surprise, I received another anonymous message [on Saturday]To say that the piece was done, I received a postcode.

“We got some photographs taken and passed them on to them. It’s amazing.

Inspirated by the story of his father, Mr Meekcom was told that black police officers were painted to symbolize the ‘disproportionate Use of Force’ and the “dark and oppressive Nature of Police”. Bart Simpson is depicted as playful, funny, and cute.

Meekcom stated that “The Bart Simpson” is him. It’s amazing. This is an entertaining story.

The driver (pictured) of the mobile police speeding van who reported Mr Meekcom for making an 'indecent exposure' after he bared his behind

Photograph of Mr Meekcom’s driver in the speeding police mobile van. He made an ‘indecent expose’ and reported him to Meekcom.

“Many people can see it now.

“It is very cleverly done.

«When I reached there, it smelled like fresh paint.

“It’s the big repressive men picking on the small preacher.

It is really a David and Goliath tale.

“All I wanted was for MSA Trust to be acknowledged.”

Meekcom has multiple system atrophy (MSA), a terminal condition that affects the nervous and central systems.

According to him, the average life expectancy after a MSA diagnosis is approximately six years. However, this can vary from one person to another.

He also had two seizures after he was released.

The patient was admitted to Kidderminster Hospital. He was then referred to Worcestershire Royal Hospital because he had concerns about a brain injury.

Meekcom used to teach medical students at Birmingham City University. He said that he felt like he had been abused.

“It was outlandish bullying.

“I was shocked that I was arrested for mooning speed cameras.

“It was something that I wanted to do. I had been stopped by police for speeding in excess of 35 mph within a 30-zone, and it bugged me.

“When I received the diagnosis last month, my wife suggested that we make a bucket-list. That was one item on the list that I have now completed at some cost.

Mr Meekcom shows the damage to his back door after police allegedly forced their way into his garden to arrest him

After police entered his backyard to arrest him, Mr Meekcom can see the damage done to his backdoor

“They saw me a large fellow. They might have seen me as a threat, but my illness at the five-year old child could cause me to fall over.

I have MSA and heart disease. I can be a menace to anyone.

I use a wheelchair, and need a Zimmerframe to help me get out of bed.

“They could have easily killed me, and even though I tried to calmly explain the situation, they continued to restrain me and handcuff me from behind.

They did not provide any care to me in my custody despite all the conditions I was under and even the blows that were dealt to my head.

“I didn’t resist arresting once, and the reaction was totally disproportionate given the circumstances.

They were all officers in their twenties, and there weren’t senior officers. It would have been much easier if they had.

“At one point, I took a photograph of one officer pushing me through the glass. It looked like they had a good laugh at me and were anticipating what was coming.

“I felt it was an abuse police power and privilege.”

Meekcom reports the incident to Independent Office for Police Conduct.

According to a West Mercia Police spokesperson, Tuesday’s arrest of Kidderminster man 55 years old was made under suspicion for public order offenses and he was released on bail.

“Enquiries are ongoing.”

Multiple system atrophy: The facts 

Multiple system atrophy is an uncommon condition that affects the nervous system and causes damage to the nerve cells.

The result is a loss of balance, movement, and fundamental functions of the nervous systems, such as digestion, bladder control, and breathing.  

MSA is most common in those between the ages of 50 and 60, though symptoms can appear at any point after this age. These symptoms look similar to Parkinson’s disease.  

Erectile dysfunction may be a problem for men, but experts agree that it is quite common.

It is not uncommon to have low blood pressure while standing.

MSA is incurable. There are no treatments available.

Patients with this condition live six to nine years from the time they are diagnosed. However, symptoms can get worse very quickly. Some patients may live more than 10 year after they are diagnosed.

Multiple System Atrophy Trust is available to provide support for people living with MSA. 

Source: NHS