Penelope Jackson’s sister, Penelope Jackson, described Penelope Jackson as an “evil monster” and a controlling bully yesterday.

Jackson, 66 stabbed her husband David 78 times with a filleting knives. Jackson then told a 911 operator: ‘I thought that I’d got him into the heart, but it hasn’t.’

Jurors rejected her claim of decades of abuse.

Jennifer Jackson, Mr Jackson’s heartbroken sister, said last night to The Mail that her older brother had been the subject of ridiculing put-downs for many years.

She stated that Penny was the only bully in her relationship. She’s an evil monster. 

Penelope Jackson, 66 with her husband David. She repeatedly stabbed him with a filleting knife then told a 999 operator: 'I thought I'd got him in the heart, but he hasn't got one'

Penelope Jackson, 66, with her husband David. She repeatedly stabbed him with a filleting knife then told a 999 operator: ‘I thought I’d got him in the heart, but he hasn’t got one’

She spoke from her Birmingham house, saying: “She drank lots and would just start on me.”

“She would bully and humiliate him, putting him down and making all the decisions.

“She wasn’t a victim of domestic abuse; he was the victim.” My brother was too proud of her to admit that she bullied him and walk off.

Judge Martin Picton jailed Jackson for 18 years, telling Jackson that he was certain her husband wasn’t like the person she claimed. 

He continued, “I have no doubt you intended to murder your husband.” 

Jackson killed her husband after the pair rowed over a dish of bubble and squeak in February

Jackson murdered her husband after the couple rowed over a dish with bubble and squeak.

Bristol Crown Court heard she murdered him in February after they rowed about a dish of bubbles and squeak she served at an online dinner with Isabelle Potterton, her daughter, and her husband Tom.

When Jackson was arrested in her M&S pyjamas, she told police her husband ‘got everything he deserved’. After the three-week trial, Jackson was found guilty. Her sister-in law, a retired secretary, wept with Brian.

Jackson, an ex-ministerial of defence accountant, did not show emotion when she was convicted. 

Jennifer Jackson stated, “She was always cold and callous.” “I didn’t like her the first time I saw her, and neither did my mother.” David was always the blue-eyed boy. His murder would have killed him.

The mother of three said the family had reservations about the relationship between the couple, which began with an affair on an Army base. Soon after Jackson was exposed to her infidelity Alan Warrender became Jackson’s third husband.

She said, “They had a one night stand and it went from here.” ‘She became pregnant and he wanted to do the right thing – even though the baby wasn’t his. That’s why he got married to her.

He divorced his second wife Sheila Jackson and adopted Mrs Potterton. Jackson’s daughter was with Mr Warrander. The couple spent 28 years together at their second home in Dordogne, took world cruises, and enjoyed holidays in Spain. However, tension developed from the pressure of lockdown.

Officers were called to the Jacksons's Berrow home in Somerset after paramedics reported a man had been seriously injured

After paramedics reported that a man had been seriously hurt, officers were called to the Jacksons Berrow in Somerset.

Jackson’s version of events was bitterly rejected by the victim’s family throughout the trial. Jackson claimed that Jackson had treated the victim with ‘utter contempt’, violence for many years.

Jennifer Jackson said: ‘She was so sure of herself, she was planning her life for when she got out of prison, saying she was going to sell the £300,000 bungalow they lived in.’

The only instances of domestic abuse that anyone witnessed were in 1998 when Mr Jackson’s son Gavin, who had an affair while his second wife was pregnant with their first child, committed suicide. 

Jane Calverley, Jane Jackson’s first wife, said that her father was not perfect but that he tried to help others through the pain he was feeling.

Mrs Calverley claimed that Jackson had been ‘belittling and torturing’ her father at the beginning of their relationship. She was also a woman that no one in her family liked or trusted. 

Patricia Jackson, Mr Jackson’s first wife is said to have never stopped loving him, and is currently struggling with his death.

Mary Warrender (62), Mr Warrender’s sister in law, dismissed the allegations and told The Mail on Saturday: ‘Penny would never have tolerated abuse by any man. She would get rid people when it was convenient for her.

David had what she wanted, which is money and security.

Jackson’s attorneys are expected to appeal her conviction. But Jennifer Jackson said: ‘Justice has been done for my brother – a lovely man. She got what was due to her. I hope she never walks away from me.