These heartbroken spouses share the reasons they feel the love is gone. From discovering text messages from another woman, to a husband who “no longer does little things”, these are just a few of the many reasons.

  • Couples all over the world have shared reasons why they don’t believe their partner is in love 
  • Whisper users shared their stories of infidelity and how it has affected their relationships. 
  • Tennessee-based man claimed that his wife was distant from him and that both of them are miserable 
  • Another woman claimed that her husband stopped making sentimental gestures. 

Although it can seem difficult to discern what your partner thinks in a relationship with you, these confessions can help to reveal how their feelings are.

Couples around the globe have used Whisper, an anonymous social networking app to share their struggles with believing each other when they say “I love you”. It will help you to examine your relationship.

One of the most heartbreaking confessions was from a California woman who said her husband stopped doing small and sentimental acts while they were still together.  

Tennessee man claims his wife has become distant, and both are miserable. A woman, however, admitted that she believes her husband will stay with her in the best interests of her children.

FEMAIL shares some heartbreaking cases…    

People from around the world have taken to anonymous sharing app Whisper to reveal the reason why they doubt their partner's love - including a woman, who found texts from her husband's affair

Whisper is an anonymous social sharing platform that allows people from all over the globe to share their doubts about their partners. One woman who discovered texts from her husband’s affairs found out why. 

Honeymoon is over! A woman, from California, confessed that she misses all the small things her husband used to do when they were dating

It’s over, Honeymoon! California woman confesses that her husband does not do the little things she used to when they were together. 

One man, from Tennessee, said his girlfriend has become distant and they are both miserable but she accuses him of 'abandoning her' when he suggests ending the relationship

A man from Tennessee said that his girlfriend is distant, and both are miserable. However, she accuses him for ‘abandoning’ her when he proposes ending their relationship. 

Another woman, who lives in New Jersey, admitted that she thinks her husband is only with her for the sake of their children

A woman who lives in New Jersey said that her husband was only there for her children’s sake. 

Who needs love? A man, from Brazil, wrote candidly about the feeling that his wife was staying with him just because he provided for her

What is the use of love? Brazilan man writes candidly about feeling like his wife is staying with him simply because he provides for her 

One woman, from California, claimed that she knows her boyfriend doesn't love her anymore because their intimacy changed

Californian woman claimed her boyfriend has changed their relationship and she doesn’t know if she loves him anymore 

Another woman, from the US, admitted that she struggles to accept compliments from her boyfriend because her grandmother previously critiqued her appearance

A woman from the US admitted to another that she has difficulty accepting compliments from her boyfriend, as her grandmother had previously criticized her appearance. 

Trust issues! A man, from California, said it's difficult to believe that his girlfriend loves him while knowing that she thinks he cheated

Trust problems! Californian man claims it’s hard to believe that his girlfriend is in love with him. However, she says that he has cheated. 

One woman, from California, admitted that she's convinced her husband never loved her because he is disrespectful and rushes sex

California woman confessed that her husband is disrespectful, impulsive, and she believes she never truly loved him. 

Another man, from California, revealed he's been searching for someone to do sexual favours because he doesn't believe that his wife finds him physically attractive

Californian man says he is looking for someone who can perform sexual favours on his behalf because he believes that his wife doesn’t find him physically attractive. 

Competing with the past! Another woman confessed that she feels insecure because her boyfriend still thinks about his ex girlfriend

Do not compete with your past A woman shared that she is insecure about her boyfriend’s thoughts on his ex-girlfriend. 

Another woman, who lives in Illinois, said she constantly worries about losing her boyfriend to someone else because they are in a long distance relationship

One woman from Illinois shared her worries that her boyfriend might leave her because she is in a long-distance relationship.