Please meow! A heartwarming scene when an imprisoned kitten is pulled out from under a car bonnet to be reunited with her mother

  • An abandoned black-and-white kitten in distress was rescued from a car near Erbil, Kurdistan.
  • The cat was stuck under the bonnet of an unattended black Chevrolet.
  • The kitten was released by the men and brought back to its mother. They filmed this moment. 

It is the moment when a kitten squeals out from a car bonnet.

Two men struggle to rescue the cat from the bonnet.

The men try to pull out the cat by gently pulling it away. Another man tries to get the cat to come along with him using a spanner to open the hole.

Finally, rescuers released the kitten from Erbil’s black Chevrolet. This is Erbil on November 25, Kurdistan’s capital.

Two men were needed to free it from the Chevrolet’s bonnet.

When the men attempted to release it, the kitten became loudly upset and started making screeching noises.

A black and white kitten was rescued from a Chevrolet car in Erbil city in Kurdistan yesterday

An albino and white kitten were rescued yesterday from an abandoned Chevrolet in Erbil, Kurdistan.

The men finally manage to rescue the kitten from its peculiar hiding spot in the car's bonnet

They finally managed to save the kitten from its hideout in the car bonnet.

The terrified young animal stares up at the bearded man that rescued it from the car bonnet

The young, terrified animal gazes at the bearded man who rescued him from his car bonnet

Two men work at the bonnet with a spanner in an attempt to free the little cat

One of the men manages to start teasing out the kitten with his fingers

To rescue their little cat, they have to get two men together and use a spanner. The one man manages to get the kitten out of his mouth by teasing him with his fingers

The kitten was driven home and reunited with its mother in a heartwarming moment captured on video

A kitten was brought home to be reunited and loved by his mother. This heartwarming moment was recorded on video

The black cat had white paws with a cream underbelly.

The rescuers finally got it out of its hole and drove it home.

The kitten ran back with glee to his mother, and it was a heartwarming sight.

The kitten isn’t the only one who has suffered from car problems. 

Just last month a stray kitten was rescued from a car engine by a Thai driver who heard the tiny cat meowing while he was on his way to work.

Settachet Guedchai was nearing the end of his 18-mile commute when he heard the cat's faint cries coming from his car during the morning rush hour traffic in Bangkok on October 21

The baffled driver pulled over and followed the sound that he was surprised to discovered a male orange kitten inside his car engine

Settachet Guedchai was driving in Bangkok’s morning rush hour on October 21, when he heard the cries of a cat. He found a kitten inside his engine and was shocked to hear them.

Settachet Guedchai He heard faint cat cries from his car as he sat in Bangkok’s morning rush hour traffic on his 18-mile commute to work on October 21.

The driver was puzzled, so he pulled over to check inside the car. We couldn’t find any. 

He was shocked to discover a male kitten in his engine only after he had followed the sound.

Settachet coaxes the ginger cat, which is scared and trapped inside of the engine’s engine compartment, to come running.