This is the heartwarming moment that a grandfather in a wheelchair received a surprise visit by his granddaughter’s horse, to help him celebrate his 95th birthday.

Footage shows William Bailey from Doncaster greeting the unexpected visitor when Faye, a 45-year-old girl, showed up at his birthday bash with a horse.

William, who turned 96 in October, was raised alongside Gypsy cobs. He travelled the country in his father’s wagon and helped to run the Bailey’s Funfair. 

William Bailey, Doncaster, was stunned when Faye, his 45-year-old daughter, arrived at his 96th birthday celebration with a horse in tow.

His daughter, Faye Bailey, 45, said she started crying as she watched her father's reaction to meeting Chance, a Gypsy cob horse

Faye Bailey, Faye’s daughter, 45, stated that she began crying after watching her father’s reaction when she met Chance, a Gypsy horse.

In the clip, Bill's face lights up as he can hear the horse quietly neighing in the background, and he breaks out into a huge smile once he first sees the horse

The clip shows Bill’s face lightening as he hears the horse neigh in the background. He then smiles hugely when he first sees him.

William is a diabetic, with prostate cancer, and has dementia. However, he often speaks glowingly about the horses that he remembers from his youth.

William is now housebound because of his declining health and increasing age. He has carers who help him with day to day living. 

Bill’s face lights-up when he hears the horse neighing in the background. It is easy to see his beaming smile once it enters the space.

Faye Bailey, his daughter, stated that she wanted to do “something really special” to make her father’s birthday memorable. 

MailOnline was informed by her: “Earlier this year, we were told that he…” [Bill]He had only a few more weeks to live but he continues to work hard.

‘I thought as this could be his last birthday I wanted to do something really special.

‘He has dementia but my mum always says he talks about the horses he had as a boy, he used to ride gypsy cobs. 

‘My daughter, Shania, 21, got Chance [a Gypsy cob horse]I was surprised by my dad’s 21st birthday and wanted to bring Chance to him. 

The family surprise: Bill Bailey (centre) smiles on his 96th birthday with wife Gwen Bailey (right), Faye Bailey (top left), granddaughter Shania Bailey (left) and grandson Oliver Bailey, 18, (top right)

The surprise family: Bill Bailey (centre), smiles on his 95th birthday with Gwen Bailey (right), Faye Bailey, Shania Bailey (left), Oliver Bailey (right), and Oliver Bailey (18).

Due to his ill health and ever-increasing age, William is now house-bound and has carers who come in to help him with day-day living. Above: Bill gives away daughter Faye at her wedding

William is now housebound due to his declining health and growing age. He has carers who help him with daily living. Above: Bill gives Faye away at her wedding

She admits that getting Chance into her home was a logistical challenge, but she was determined to make this a memorable birthday celebration.

Bill is unable to see out of his window so the family decided to bring the well-behaved pet horse to him. 

The family even set up tarpaulins within Bill’s living area in case of “accidents”, but Chance kept it clean. 

William (pictured) who turned 96 on October 30, grew up alongside Gypsy cobs and travelled around the country in his father's wagon helping run the travelling Bailey's Funfair

William (pictured), who was 96 years old on October 30th, grew-up alongside Gypsy cobs. He drove his father’s wagon around the country and helped run Bailey’s Funfair, which traveled the country.

Although he suffers with dementia, Bill speaks glowingly of the Gypsy cob horses he grew up with as a boy. He is pictured above in India during WW2

Bill, despite his dementia, speaks glowingly about the Gypsy cob horses that he grew to love as a boy. Above, he is seen in India during WW2.

Faye explained that her mum kept telling Faye, “I don’t know how you’re going to get Chance in. But you’re going to have the courage to do it.”

His reaction to it was priceless. His face lit up. It made me weep.

“The fact that I got to do it for him on his 96th Birthday means so much to us, his reaction was absolutely incredible. 

‘He went back to sleep after, and when he woke up he kept asking where his horse was!’