MailOnline is able to reveal that Helen Skelton’s spouse Richie Myler started a new relationship, with Richie Myler the daughter of Richie Myler the president of Leeds Rhinos.

Helen Thirkill (Heartbroken Countryfile) feels “bewildered” by Richie’s breakup. She is thought to have moved in with Stephanie Thirkill (32) 

Helen and Richie split just four months after Richie had given birth to their third child.

MailOnline received this from a close source: Helen is completely devastated. While he is moving on with his new partner, she’s now trying to imagine her life without him.

Helen Skelton's husband Richie Myler is dating Stephanie Thirkill (above), 32, the daughter of Leeds Rhinos President Andrew Thirkill, who has been in the Sunday Times Rich List

Richie Myler, Helen Skelton’s spouse, is now dating Stephanie Thirkill (above), 32. Stephanie Thirkill is the daughter of Andrew Thirkill, Leeds Rhinos President, and has appeared in Sunday Times Rich List. 

Helen Skelton (pictured) announced the end of her eight-year marriage to Richie Myler a week ago

Richie (pictured) has left the marital home and is in a new relationship with a younger woman, say friends

Helen, a TV host (left), has ended her eight-year-long marriage to Richie Myler.

Countryfile presenter Helen, 38, and Richie, 31, (pictured together) have three children, with their youngest daughter born just four months ago

Countryfile presenter Helen, 38, and Richie, 31,  (pictured together) have three children, with their youngest daughter born just four months ago

“Richie insists there wasn’t a crossover. He started the relationship with Stephanie after his marriage fell apart, but Helen is disappointed. The couple is still married and the baby is now four months.

She said that she thought her marriage was stable and secure. However, she’s shocked by the events of today.

Ms Thirkill is the daughter of Andrew Thirkill, who is one of the richest businessmen in Leeds and is worth an estimated £175 million. 

Richie plays scrumhalf for Leeds Rhinos, who he joined in 2017 and also represents England

Richie is a scrumhalf for Leeds Rhinos. He joined the team in 2017, and also represents England.

He was elected President of the club in 2019.

Richie is a scrumhalf at the top rugby league club. He joined it in 2017, and also represents England internationally.

Helen, a former Blue Peter star and actress wrote: “Very sorry to report that Richie (and I) are not longer a couple.”

He has moved out of the home of his parents. “We will do our best to support our children.”

To the Monday night post she shared with her 278K fans, she added two broken-heart emojis.

“Helen is holding it together very well. This is admirable considering that she was completely blindsided by the new relationship.

According to the source, ‘Mutual acquaintances think that he has treated her horribly.

Richie’s new girlfriend, Ms Thirkill was listed as director at Advise Wise (Age Partnership) and Advise Wise (which are part of a number of companies he started to grow his wealth.

Her previous studies in Retail Marketing Management were at Leeds Metropolitan University. She currently works at Age Partnership as a Marketing Executive.

Like her father, Ms Thirkill is an ardent Rugby League fan and has been pictured with Leeds Rhinos stars

Ms Thirkill studied Retail Marketing Management at Leeds Metropolitan University and has been married

Ms Thirkill, who studied Retail Marketing Management at Leeds Met University is a big Rugby League fan and attends Leeds Rhinos matches, where she is believed to have met Richie

The couple were married at Bolton Abbey in Yorkshire, where the Duke of Devonshire had a large ceremony. According to reports, the couple has split.

Richie and Helen were married in December 2013. They have had three children.

They appeared perfect until the breaking up announcement. In recent weeks, there were many displays of their love on social media.

Leeds Rhinos President, Andrew Thirkill

Andrew Thirkill, President Leeds Rhinos

The couple bought a £550,000 cottage on the edge of Leeds during lockdown two years ago and have spent hundreds of thousands renovating it with a beautifully appointed kitchen and huge French windows overlooking the idyllic garden.

She is a Rugby League fan like her dad and attends Leeds Rhinos games regularly. Richie is thought to be the one she met.

Thirkill (62), was raised in Leeds’ Meanwood working class area. He has experienced a remarkable rise from rags-to-riches, making him one of Yorkshire’s most prominent figures. Thirkill also features on The Sunday Times Rich List. His philanthropic endeavors are also well-known.

He lives in Harrogate, North Yorkshire on an exclusive estate, where homes easily cost in excess of £1 million, with his wife Jill. 

Helen married Richie in December 2013, and the pair have three young children together

Richie and Helen were married in December 2013. They have now had three children.

Helen posted this picture on Instagram of Richie carrying their newborn out of the hospital

Helen shared this Instagram picture of Richie and their baby leaving the hospital.

Jonathan, 29, a son of the couple is also an entrepreneur and runs his own company providing customer services.

Following graduation from Leeds Central High School in 1976, Mr Thirkill senior began working as an apprentice brick layer.

One time, he said in a media interview that he was not particularly bright. Although I was not particularly tall, I didn’t find school interesting. It was a way to make friends, laugh and have fun while playing football. “I couldn’t understand the purpose of this and wanted to just make some extra money.

Realizing that he was not interested in working on buildings because of the winters, he got a job at the Yorkshire Post as a clerk. He then moved to Yorkshire Post as a trainee representative.

In April 1981, Mr Thirkill left to start up his own advertising agency, which became such a success that he sold it in 1988 for £2.7 million.

Split: Helen announced she and Richie's split via Instagram on Monday - admitting that he has 'left the family home'

Split: Helen posted an Instagram message on Monday declaring she was splitting with Richie – admitting that Richie has “left the family home”

After that, he started a variety of businesses and eventually founded Age Partnership in 2004. This significantly increased his net worth. This company specializes in equity release services for seniors over 55. It is currently the biggest provider of such services in the country.

Thirkill revealed once that the idea was born out of watching his mother fight to get equity from her house due to bureaucracy, high interest rates and bureaucracy.

Apart from his business successes, his charitable work with Leeds Rhinos Foundation which offers programs for the disabled, isolated, and disadvantaged is highly praised.

As a way to maintain contact with the large Jamaican community, he is involved in sponsorship of Jamaica’s rugby league.