A New York student from Italy was stabbed to death by a New Yorker. He screamed, “Help! I have been stabbed!” A court was called moments after the victim died.

Davide Giri spoke his last words at Sunday’s hearing about Vincent Pinkey, the gang member accused of murdering him. Pinkey was also on parole at that time and is also being charged with the stabbing of an Italian PhD student who survived.  

Judge Neil Ross presided over New York Criminal Court lower Manhattan. Pinkney was arrested on 11 occasions since 2012. She was currently free on parole when Pinkney attacked.

Davide Giri was a 30 year-old PhD candidate for computer science. He died at 11pm Thursday. Police say Pinkney stabbed him in the stomach before proceeding to stab Robert Malastina (27), outside Central Park. The victim then’menacing 29-year old Robert Malastina with a large knife while he walked through the park with his girlfriend. 

Pinkney was 25 years old and charged with attempted murder of murder, assault, assault, and attempted attack. Court told Pinkney that the surveillance video footage had captured the knife attack. 

Giri died after the attack at St. Luke’s Medical Center. Giri’s doctors said that he had suffered a “stab wound” which punctured his veins and left him with a permanent disability.

Pinkney was a member in Bloods’ offshoot Everybody Killas. He had been sentenced for an assault on a gang member, police stated.

Vincent Pinkney, 25, is seen in court on Sunday in lower Manhattan, where he was held without bail

Vincent Pinkney (25), is seen at court in Lower Manhattan on Sunday, where he was not released from jail.

Pinkney is seen being escorted into Manhattan Criminal Court on Sunday, after spending the night in an area hospital for psychiatric evaluation

Pinkney was seen getting escorted to Manhattan Criminal Court after she had spent the night at an area hospital for her psychiatric evaluation.

Pinkney was wearing a white Tyvek jumpsuit - similar to the one he was seen wearing on Friday, when he was transferred from the 26 Precinct to Central Booking

Pinkney was wearing a white Tyvek jumpsuit – similar to the one he was seen wearing on Friday, when he was transferred from the 26 Precinct to Central Booking

Pinkney is pictured in court, seen through perspex barriers on Sunday

Pinkney seen in court through the perspex barrier on Sunday

In June 2018, he was released from prison after being sentenced to a period of four years for an attack on a woman. He and three others punched and kicked the victim, which was recorded by the New York Post.

Pinkney attacked Giri and Malastina as surveillance footage shows.

According to the complaint: The video “depicts Davide Giri wearing a red hoodie and dark jacket approaching Giri from the back, making a stabbing motion. Giri then runs off” before falling on the ground.

The document states that the jacketed man wearing the red hoodie and jacket attacked the Italian scholar “multiple times” within minutes. 

Malastina had’several stabbing wounds to his back and toros, including one that punctured the internal organs of his body’. 

Pinkney received a transfer from Central Booking at the 26 Precinct Friday night in a Tyvek Tyvek jumpsuit. 

On Sunday, he was still wearing his jumpsuit. 

Two burly NYPD detectives escorted the suspect, who was 140 pounds and five feet-five tall, in handcuffs.

Columbian students were shocked to gather on the school’s quad Friday night for a candlelight vigil in memory of Giri, a sixth year doctoral student at the School of Engineering and Applied Science. 

Pinkney, 25, was escorted into NPYD Central Booking on Friday night after he was arrested and charged

Pinkney, 25, was escorted into NPYD Central Booking on Friday night after he was arrested and charged

Pinkney is a member of Bloods gang off-shoot, Everybody Killas, who has at least 11 prior arrests dating back to 2012 and was out on parole for a 2015 gang assault, police said

Pinkney, a member the Bloods offshoot, Everybody Killas has had at least 11 previous arrests back in 2012, and is currently on parole after a 2015 gang attack, according to police.

On Friday night, Pinkney was transferred from the 26 Precinct to Central Booking, wearing a white Tyvek jumpsuit. The five-foot-five, 140-pound suspect was escorted in handcuffs by two burly NYPD detectives

Pinkney, who was wearing a Tyvek white jumpsuit, was transported from 26 Precinct into Central Booking on Friday evening. Two NYPD detectives were quick to handcuff the 140-pound, five-foot-five suspect.

Hundreds attended a candlelight vigil held for Columbia University graduate student Davide Giri on Friday in New York City

On Friday, hundreds of people attended the candlelight vigil in New York City for Davide Giri, a Columbia University graduate student.

Police arrested known gang member Vincent Pickney, 25, for the fatal stabbing and the other two knifings that followed

Davide Giri, 30, a PhD candidate in computer science at Columbia University, died after being stabbed in the stomach

Vincent Pickney (left), stabbing Davide Giri (right), who was a Columbia University PhD candidate in computer sciences, killed him.

Pinkney reportedly moved south on his stabbing spree, moving from Morningside Heights to Central Park

Pinkney, who was rumored to have moved from Morningside Heights into Central Park as a result of his stabbing sprees, reportedly moved south.

Giri was fatally stabbing just blocks away from Tessa Majors (18, Bernard College) who was brutally attacked to death in New York City in December 2019. Violent crimes are on the rise in New York City. 

Columbia University President Lee Bollinger shared the following email with students: ‘I send you this message because of my deep sorrow that Davide Giri was the victim of a violent attack on campus last Thursday.

Davide Giri, a man from Italy was brought to St. Luke’s Hospital. He was declared dead there.

“This is a deeply saddening news that occurred just a few steps away from my campus. From the Columbia Community, my condolences go out to Davide and his family.  

Pinkney is accused of robberies, assaults, and other criminal acts according to police. 

He had been convicted of gang attack in 2015, and was sentenced to two-years in prison for a total of four years before being paroled. 

Police stated that Giri was the victim in the initial stabbing spree. She was attacked at 11:01 p.m. Thursday on Amsterdam Avenue and 123rd Street, Morningside Heights. 

According to the New York Post, Giri was an Italian-born Brooklyn resident who was on his way home from playing soccer with NY International FC.  

He was transported to St. Luke’s Hospital and declared dead. 

According to one Columbia student, Pinkney was humming in joy when he stabbed Giri. Then he moved onto the next victim. 

The student stated, “He was thrilled.”  

Giri has traveled all over the globe, having studied in Torino (Italy), Shanghai, China, and Chicago, before finally settling down in New York City to complete his doctorate at Columbia. 

Mattias Mengoni, Giri’s friend told the Post that he loved New York. He found New York welcoming and multi-cultural. New York offered him this opportunity to be open-minded and accepting of everyone, regardless of their backgrounds. 

Bollinger stated that the university was working closely with the NYPD in order to get more information about the attack. 

“These are times when belonging to a community is truly important.” Bollinger advised students that they should seek out others and share their needs with them. 

Hundreds attend a candlelight vigil held for Columbia University graduate student Davide Giri. Giri was traveling home from soccer practice when police say he was stabbed in the abdomen by a gang member

A candlelight vigil was held in honor of Davide Giri, Columbia University graduate student. Giri, who was returning from soccer practice, was being accosted by an unknown gang member and stabbed in his abdomen.

Giri was murdered a few blocks away from where 18-year-old, Barnard College student, Tessa Majors was fatally stabbed in December of 2019

Giri was stabbed to death just blocks from Tessa Majors (18-year-old Barnard College student) in December 2019

Vincent Pinkney is seen leaving the 26 Precinct in Manhattanville and headed for Central Booking on Friday

Vincent Pinkney seen departing the 26 Precinct, Manhattanville. He is heading for Central Booking.

Detectives escort Pinkney out of the 26 after questioning him there in the murder and stabbing spree

Pinkney is taken out by detectives after being questioned about his murder and stabbing.

Police said Pinkney has a lengthy rap sheet that includes robberies and assaults and other alleged crimes

Pinkney is accused of committing robberies, assaults, and other crimes according to police.

Investigators said Giri was attacked at 11pm on Thursday just outside the university's historic NYC campus

According to investigators, Giri was attacked on Thursday at 11pm just outside of the historic NYC campus. 

Police continue to investigate the fatal stabbing, which occurred a block from where Tessa Majors was killed in 2019

The fatal stabbing occurred just blocks from the spot where Tessa Majors died in 2019. Police are still investigating.

On Twitter, NY International FC’s soccer team said that there are no words to express how they feel. Davide Giri (our teammate and club pillar) was fatally knifed last night while returning home from practice. Davide Giri was one of the brightest and most kind people on the team.   

A Columbia student witnessed the second stabbing and told The Daily News that Pinkney ran to Malastina, stabbing him in the chest. As the tourist gasped for air, Pinkney shouted “Why? Why? I need your help! 

Pinkney allegedly attacked the third victim while he was out walking with his girlfriend in Central Park when a gang member threatened them with a large knife. They fled and called the police.  

Officials from the police said that they believed the attacks were random and unprovoked.  

Overall, homicides rose by 42% since 2019, despite murders falling by 0.7% in Big Apple compared with last year (436 to 433) 

The number of felonies for assault has also increased in 2021 by 9 percentage points, going from 19,046 this year to 20,776. Also, 12,318 robberies were reported as an increase of 3.7%. 

Rapes increased by more than 2 percentage points, from 1,329 in 2001 to 1,357. The shooting victim count also rose, from 1,724 up to 1,725.

 Overall crime in New York City has gone up by 3.14 per cent so far this year. 

The attacked took place near the Columbia University campus on Amsterdam Avenue, in Morningside Heights

An attack took place in Morningside Heights near Columbia University’s campus at Amsterdam Avenue.

Columbia University tweeted out a message about Giri's death as they continue to work with police investigators

Columbia University sent a tweet about Giri’s passing to police officers, as they continued their work with them

David (seen in white) played for the NY International FC soccer team. He was on his way home from a game when he was killed

David (seen wearing white) was an ex-player for NY International FC. When he was returning from a match, he was about to get home when he was attacked and killed.

Giri (left) was an academic who studied in Italy, China and Chicago before deciding to work on his PhD at Columbia

Giri (left) is an academic who was educated in Italy, China, and Chicago before coming to Columbia for his PhD.

Rising crime: NYC has seen an explosion in the incidences of violent assaults, murders, robberies and muggings in the past two years. Overall crime this year has gone up by more than 3 per cent

Rising crime: NYC saw an increase in violent assaults and murders over the last two years. The overall level of crime in NYC has risen by 3 percentage points this year.

Giri’s murder was similar to the brutal stabbing of Tessa Majors on December 11, 2019, by a group of teens in Morningside Park.  

Prosecutors claimed that Rashaun Weaver (16), Luchiano Lewis (16), and Zyairr Davis (14) were trying to mug someone. They went to Morningside park where they spotted Majors.  

Lewis, who was 14 years old at the time of the crime, was charged with adulthood and sentenced to nine years in prison. Justice Robert Mandelbaum observed that Lewis lacked any remorse. 

Lewis was also sentenced for the robbery charge to 40- 12 years. However, it is not clear if these sentences will be administered simultaneously or in consecutive order. 

Lewis claimed Weaver is a knifeman that stabbed Majors. Weaver has pleaded guilty to the charges and was charged as an adult. 

Davis was sentenced at 18 months juvenile prison for his role in the homicide.  

Tessa Majors, 18, a Bernard College student, was stabbed to death as teens mugged her at Morningside Park in 2019

Tessa Majors was an 18-year-old Bernard College student who was stabbed and then mugged by teenagers at Morningside Park.

The park lies in Morningside Heights between the Bernard College campus and Columbia University Campus

Park located in Morningside Heights, between Columbia University Campus and Bernard College Campus