We need your help to lock down Insulate Britain: Police appeal to force to reach out to all those who have missed their appointments, worked, or attended other events because of eco-zealots

  • Insulate Britain caused many roadblocks through their militant antics 
  • Essex Police now want to know how they can collect the most evidence.
  • Anybody who suffered severe impacts due to the roadblocks is wanted 

Detectives want motorists whose lives were disrupted by Insulate Britain to come forward and help them build a criminal case against members of the eco-mob.

Essex Police are looking for people who were unable to attend appointments or plan work due to motorway chaos.

The Crown Prosecution Service will be able to use the evidence from the trial to demonstrate the effects of activists on the daily lives of people.

Investigative work into the five chaos mornings on M25 and M11 in Essex is ‘progressing.

Protests of September 13, 17, 29, 30 and Oct 13 have seen 94 arrests.

Given the abundance of documentation in photographs and videos showing disruptions, this request seems unusual.

The prosecution wants to have as many charges against suspects as possible in order to obtain the greatest number of convictions.

Sherrilyn Speid, 34, was seen remonstrating with the protesters during one of their stunts

Sherrilyn Spid, aged 34, could be seen fighting with protesters during one their stunts

Sherrilyn told MailOnline 'I was just standing up for my son. I'm passionate about that'

Sherrilyn said to MailOnline, “I was standing up for my boy.” It’s something I care passionately about.

Angry motorists snatch banners from protestors as activists from Insulate Britain block a junction near the Dartford Crossing on October 13

Insulate Britain activists block the Dartford Crossing junction on October 13, as angry motorists grab banners from protestors.

One person who may contact detectives is Sherrilyn Speid, 34, from Purfleet, Essex.

It was captured as she drove her car to Insulate Britain protesters, who had blocked the road at junction 31 on the M25 near Thurrock. The Dartford Crossing connects Essex with Kent.

They were among a group more than 40 protestors who ran off onto the streets by the traffic lights of October 13.

Another person also filmed the footage of Ms Speid stepping out from her Range Rover in order to face the protestors.

They refused to move so she drove her Range Rover at the pair, causing panic and one of them to run screaming.

Sherrilyn stated to MailOnline in that moment: “I was standing up for my boy. That is something that I care deeply about.

Activists from Insulate Britain are detained by police on the hard shoulder of the motorway as they attempt to block the M25 south of the junction with the A12 near Harold Park, east of London on October 29

Insulate Britain activist are being held by police at the side of the road as they try to block the M25 South of Harold Park’s junction with A12.

Exasperated drivers gesture at the activists as they disrupt their jobs and travel plans

Drivers frustrated with the protestors gesture at them as they interrupt their work and travel plans

Activists from Insulate Britain block a junction near the Dartford Crossing on October 13

Insulate Britain activists blockade a junction close to the Dartford Crossing, October 13, 2013.

“I wanted him to go to school. “We are going through a pandemic, they have had enough time off.”

In a statement, a spokesperson from Essex Police said that the police wanted to hear from people who have experienced serious delays.

He added: Our investigations are progressing and we have spoken to a number of people affected by the disruption and we are now asking for anyone who was inconvenienced during these incidents who we have not yet spoken to, to please come forward and do so.

“This includes people who were unable to attend appointments or planned work, and who have missed any significant events due to the disruption.

“This doesn’t include motorists that were caught in traffic jams caused by disruption.

Christopher Arnold is Detective Sergeant at the Essex Police. He said, “We are conscious these incidents have caused significant disruption to motorists, and many people were significantly inconvenienced.”

“Our complicated investigations are moving forward and we’d like to speak to anyone who believes that they were inconvenienced by this disruption.

“I am aware that a significant number of people were delayed due to the disruption, but I specifically want to hear from those who couldn’t attend their medical appointments or planned work, and thus missed payment, missed payments, or were seriously delayed in attending important life events.

“We must move forward to help us continue our investigations and make sure that the county roads are maintained free of obstructions in the future.”