Moment hero cyclist breaks windscreen after China crash to free driver stuck in truck in flames

  • Chen Yiyong, after a China-China crash, threw rocks at windscreens to help a man. 
  • After seeing the collision of a small truck with a car, he saw a cyclist and ran to assist him.
  • Instantly, the truck caught fire and left the driver trapped in it.
  • There are no causalities and bystanders and nearby merchants rushed to help

A cyclist passing by hurled rock after rock at a truck in order to free a trapped driver from a car accident in east China.

Chen Yiyong (who was riding along on an electric bike) uses a rock found near him to rescue the man from knocking on the windows because he couldn’t get out.

This incident occurred in Anji County Huzhou Zhejiang on November 26th.

Chen Yiyong runs up to the burning truck and throws a rock he picked up nearby to free a trapped driver following the crash in Anji County, Huzhou, Zhejiang in eastern China

Bystanders and nearby merchants rush over to help. There are no casualties in the accident

Merchants nearby and bystanders rush to aid. The accident does not result in any injuries. 

Firefighters later attend the scene of the accident which took place last month on November 26

The accident, which occurred on November 26th last year, was attended by firefighters.

Witnesses rushed to put out the flames, and the truck was engulfed within minutes.

The video captures the small truck going left, before another white car quickly comes in and strikes it on its side. 

Yiyong stated that the driver was knocking on the glass and trying to get inside.

The small truck immediately catches fire after a white car smashes into its side

A white car crashes into the truck’s side and immediately sets fire to it.

Video footage of the incident shows the truck turning left as the fast-moving car slams into it

The truck is seen turning to the left while the car in front rams into it.

Those who witnessed the scene rush to help put out the fire, which engulfed the small truck immediately after the crash

Witnesses raced to extinguish the flames that quickly engulfed the truck shortly after the accident.

“At that time my goal was to save the people, so I ran towards the side, found a rock, and broke the window.

According to the brave cyclist, he hit the window multiple times before the trapped driver could escape.   

Other people who were stuck in traffic could be seen jumping off their bikes to assist. Merchants nearby also rushed towards the fire with fire extinguishers. 

The accident scene was attended to by firefighters, and the traffic police continues its investigation.