Amazing video captures moment white van man smashes police into wall at 80mph. In dramatic M1 chase, two suspect thieves are taken into custody for attempted murder.

  • Amazingly, the police officers managed to escape with only minor injuries.
  • Video footage shows the van striking the car while the driver shouts, “See you later.”
  • For attempted murder, theft and dangerous driving, two were held.

Here’s the moment when a white van driver rams a car in front of a police vehicle at 80 mph. It is a stunning M1 chase.

After the accident in the early hours Thursday morning, police arrested two suspect thieves for attempted murder. The brave officers miraculously managed to flee without being seriously injured.  

Video footage of the squad car being moved in front of van. The driver then slams into his back and says: “See you later.”  

The dramatic aftermath of the accident is also shown in this image. It shows the dismembered wreckage and front ends of the police van.

Another photo shows the van in white after being boxed by police following the chase at high speed. 

Dramatic images show the scene after the accident, with the wreckage of the police car and its front end severely damaged.

Other photos show the white van after it was boxed in by police at 2.30am following the high speed chase

Additional photos of the white van are shown in the boxed-in state by police after the high speed chase. 

Two people were arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, theft, dangerous driving and failing to stop for police after they were brought to to a halt in South Yorkshire

After being stopped in South Yorkshire, two people were taken into custody on suspicion of theft, attempted murder and dangerous driving.

Leicestershire Police claimed that the van drove into the wall of a police vehicle as it tried to flee on the motorway.

After being stopped in South Yorkshire, two people were taken into custody on suspicion of theft, attempted murder and dangerous driving. 

The force tweeted: ‘Occupants of this van had been out stealing tonight, they failed to stop & deliberately rammed police cars!

“Blessedly, the officers weren’t seriously injured!” Amazing.

‘Van stopped. Two arrested, attempt murder, theft, dangerous drive & fail to stop! Result.’

A commenter on the police’s tweet stated that he was surprised by the amount of damage to the van, considering the condition of his motor.

“He drove them behind a wall at around 80 mph,” the force responded.

Another added: “Glad officers aren’t seriously hurt after they look at the vehicle that’s still left!” God Bless and thank you for all those who wear this uniform.

An additional web user wrote: “Glad everyone’s OK!” It must have been a terrible experience.