After buying a ticket for a young couple and placing it on their vehicle when the warden arrived, Kind Samaritans saved them from paying a parking penalty

  • Matthew and Katie were both South Lincolnshire students who visited family in Pickering North Yorkshire. They forgot to pay a parking fine. 
  • Pair was expecting a fine on their return but they were shocked by the kindness of strangers 
  • Heartwarming note, £2 parking ticket valid for an hour were left on windshield 

After kind Samaritans saved a young couple from an aggressive parking enforcement officer, they narrowly avoided paying a heavy parking penalty.

Matthew and Katie were students who went to Thornton-le-Dale, North Yorkshire to see family. Katie drove up to Pickering Sunday, November 7, to enjoy a day of fun. 

Matthew, second-year student at Southampton University forgot to pay for his parking ticket. He expected to be fined a lot when he returned back to the car.

He instead found a note written by a stranger, which read, “Parking warden arrived so that we could buy you a ticket and save you from a fine.”

Attached to the piece of paper was a £2 parking ticket that was valid for an hour.

Students Matthew and Katie were stunned to find a stranger's random act of kindness saved them from a hefty parking fine in Pickering, North Yorkshire

Katie and Matthew, students from Pickering North Yorkshire were shocked to discover that a stranger had done a random act of kindness and saved them from paying a heavy parking ticket.

YorkshireLive was told by his mother that Matt had only just received the vehicle back after a crash in the rear of it in August. He almost lost the car.

“He probably didn’t have to be fined for parking so we were very grateful to that person.”

Matt and Katie, a University of York student, are both from rural South Lincolnshire. They visit North Yorkshire frequently.

Both were very kind to the locals. They said that they’re ‘always so friendly, helpful, and kind.