His proposal is all the rage! A man surprises his girlfriend by inviting RNLI buddies to assist with the proposal

  • An RNLI volunteer celebrated his birthday together with his partner, Looe in Cornwall
  • A sign was held by the crew that could be seen through the window of the restaurant.
  • His partner saw this sign and turned around to find him on one knee.

A RNLI volunteer asked his fellow colleagues for help to make his proposal a big deal.

Aaron Rix celebrated his 30th Birthday with Katie Fisher in Looe (Cornwall).

On Wednesday, the RNLI crew from the town sailed by in an inshore lifeboat. 

AN RNLI volunteer called upon the help of his colleagues to ensure his wedding proposal made a decent splash. A stock image is used above [File photo]

A RNLI volunteer enlisted the assistance of colleagues to help him make his marriage proposal a success. The above image was taken from a stock photograph. [File photo]

Mr Rix explained that Katie looked out from the restaurant’s window and saw his friends from the lifeboat. The banner said “Katie will you marry me?”

“When she turned around, I fell on my knees asking her for her hand in marriage.”

According to the Looe spokesperson, Katie Fisher was unaware that he had made arrangements for his crewmates, to carry his proposal to marry him by lifeboat.

After proposing on the knee, Katie and Aaron walked down to the quay and were greeted with cheers by their family and crew. This was one birthday not to be forgotten.

“Happy Birthday Aaron, and Congratulations to You Both from All at Looe Lifeboat Station”

Aaron Rix was celebrating his 30th birthday with partner Katie Fisher at a restaurant in Looe, Cornwall. The town is seen above

Aaron Rix celebrated his 30th Birthday with Katie Fisher in Looe (Cornwall). Above: The town.