Wales wants to become the first country in 2035 to achieve net zero emission targets by eliminating all greenhouse gas pollution

  • Wales targets net zero greenhouse gas emissions in 10 years, 10 more than Scotland
  • Also, the ambitious 2035 target will be 15 years more than the UK-wide target of 2050
  • Welsh government will seek the advice of Climate Change Committee. 

Following a compromise reached in Wales’ parliament, Wales will adopt the first net zero emission target.

The principality aims to cut greenhouse gas pollution to zero by 2035 – ten years earlier than Scotland’s goal and 15 years ahead of the UK-wide 2050 target.

Plaid Cymru was able to strike a bargain with Labour in the Senedd. The paper states that the Welsh government will “commission independent advice” to study potential routes to zero net by 2035. 

The Climate Change Committee (CCC) will provide advice to the Welsh government. 

Caterina brandmayr from the Green Alliance said to environment journal the ENDS Report, “Setting targets and objectives is crucial.” 

“But long-term objectives should not be sacrificed for early action to lower emissions.

A deal cut between Labour and Plaid Cymru in the Senedd launched a paper which states the Welsh government will 'commission independent advice to examine potential pathways to net zero by 2035' (Pictured: Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford, of the Labour Party)

Plaid Cymru and Labour reached an agreement in the Senedd, and a paper was published stating that the Welsh government will “commission independent advice” to study potential paths to zero net by 2035 (Photo: Mark Drakeford, Labour Party’s First Minister).

Wales is also unique in its endorsement of stopping oil and gas production.

Whitehall officials may push the deadline for net zero forward to 2045.

Wales is also a member of the Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance which was founded in Denmark and Costa Ria.

Nicola Sturgeon is the Scottish First Minister. She has stated that she has considered joining the group. The group has ten countries and regions onboard, with the UK government excluding California.