Amazing moment when baby doesn’t cry mid-tantrum while mum tells him they’re going to Bunnings.

  • Bunnings trip helps mum stop her child from throwing tantrums 
  • On Sunday, TikTok shared this hilarious parenting trick in a TikTok Video 
  • The footage captures the toddler smiling when his mum mentions Bunnings. 

A mother from Australia has shared how Bunnings helps her stop her daughter throwing tantrums.

This hilarious parenting trick was posted in TikTok. It showed the little one sulking at a bedroom door, before jumping for joy when Bunnings was mentioned. 

The clip was captioned by the mother, “When Bunnings can soothe the one-year old’s mid tantrum,” 

A TikTok user has shared their hilarious parenting hack to stop their wailiing toddler (pictured)

One TikTok user shared his hilarious parenting tip to end their screaming toddler’s whining (pictured).

Footage captures the little girl, Saskia (or Saskia), wailing in her room before her mother asks her whether she’d like to go to Bunnings. 

Saskia’s sobs immediately turn into a smile at the mention of the hardware store, before she gleefully bounds towards the front door.

The mum said that “Bunnings is the answer to everything.”

TikTok’s video left users on social media in awe, with many describing it the “most Aussie thing” ever. 

A parent shared that she had experienced the same reaction after a Bunnings visit.

“There’s no question that this girl is Australian, because it is the most Aussie thing,” added one more. 

The mother says she uses trips to Bunnings to stop her child mid tantrum

According to the mother, she takes her baby to Bunnings for a stop to tantrums.

“My two year old does the same thing. Every time we drive by she screams bunnings,” said another.  

Bunnings theme birthday parties made it clear that the hardware store is not just popular with adults, but also children. 

This trend is popular in both the home and hardware stores. It sees boys and girls celebrate their birthdays by making tool cakes, miniature uniforms, sausage sizzles, and other red and green decorations.