Creativity gets top marks! Hilarious pictures reveal the witty (and VERY cheeky) wrong answers found in children’s schoolwork

  • All over the globe, people have shared funny answers from children.  
  • Parents, It’s Not Easy has compiled hilarious photos of answers from school exams
  • A child told me that Jesus was always the solution to a hard algebraic equation. 

These mischievous youngsters had bundles of fun winding up their teachers when answering questions for their homework and exams. 

Even though their answers weren’t correct, the children all over the globe were praised for their creativity and had their parents laughing.

Some of the best responses to these hilarious questions were posted by an online blog It’s not easy to parent, with some answers so ridiculous, even the teachers probably struggled to suppress a smile. 

One child answered a complex algebraic equation by writing: “Jesus is always an answer.” The teacher responded in red pen, “Not on that question.”

The question “How is your brain like a grape?” was also answered in a bizarre way. To put it another way, list seven possibilities using the similar-shaped diagrams above.

People from around the world have been sharing the humorous answers from children on schoolwork (pictured: One teacher was unimpressed after 'Jackie'  got rid of a question altogether when not wanting to answer it)

People from around the world have been sharing the humorous answers from children on schoolwork (pictured: One teacher was unimpressed after ‘Jackie’  got rid of a question altogether when not wanting to answer it)

This answer might pull at the heartstrings if it was written in innocence - or make you laugh if it was a British student pulling the teacher's leg

The answer could tug at the heartstrings, if written in innocence. Or make you giggle if it’s an English student who pulled the teacher’s leg. 

Honesty is the best policy: One primary school pupil, believed to be from the UK, was very realistic about his artistic talents

Honesty is the best thing: A primary school student, who was believed to have been from the UK, was quite realistic about his artistic abilities.

'I am a rebel': One youngster refused to stick to the rules and wrote more than what was required

“I am a rebel: This young man refused to adhere to the rules, and wrote much more than required

One British child sweetly answered that the strongest force on earth was 'love' - however his teacher wasn't impressed by the sentiment!

The sweet answer of a British child was that love is the strongest force, but his teacher wasn’t too impressed!  

Clever answers can also be seen in the photos, with this student smartly writing '1895' when asked what ended in 1896

Also, the photos show some clever responses. One student wrote “1895” when asked to explain what 1896 meant.

Another American student bizarrely answered the question, 'How is the brain like a cantaloupe? List seven ways' with the two similarly shaped diagrams shown above, to say: 'It is delicious'.

One student in America confusedly replied, “How is your brain like a grape?” It is tasty if you can list seven possible ways to use the diagrams that are similar in shape.

One child, in an answer to a tricky-looking algebraic equation, wrote on his sheet: 'Jesus is always the answer', to which the teacher replied in red pen, 'Not on this question.'

A child answered a difficult-looking equation by writing on his paper: Jesus is always the Answer. To this, the teacher wrote in red pen, “Not on that question.”

One American youngster appeared unenthusiastic about revealing how they had come to an earlier answer on a quiz

Unenthusiastically, one American teenager did not reveal how they came to the earlier answer in a quiz. 

'None of them have McDonald's': While this American student wasn't wrong, it's likely not the answer their teacher was hoping for

“None of them has McDonald’s”: Although this American student was right, it is unlikely that they got the solution their teacher wanted.

'Because ghosts are not real', replied one youngster when asked 'how many ghosts are left' in a a maths equation

One youngster replied, “Because ghosts don’t exist” when asked how many ghosts were left in the maths equation.

When asked to name more words starting with F, not only did this child write a shocking answer, but he added a drawing to it too

This child was shocked to be asked for more F words. He also added a drawing.