Mail fail! Customers share their frustrations with the infuriating ways that delivery drivers left parcels at their doorsteps – including one left behind by a BRANCH

  • These images show proof of delivery. 
  • One man from the Philippines posed outside his house with his parcel
  • Another photo shows a dog gazing through a window at the driver of the delivery truck.  

There is nothing more frustrating that missing a delivery… except maybe coming home to one of these sad sights. 

Photos from customers and delivery drivers all over the globe show the bizarre and wonderful ways parcels were left. The best photos are collected in a gallery by Why These. 

One photo shows how a package was hidden behind a branch while another was buried under gravel on the driveway. 

A third revealed how one driver thought a doormat sufficed to conceal a large parcel.  

Who's going to spot that? One woman was left baffled when her parcel was tucked behind a branch outside her home when she asked for it to be left in a safe space

Who’s going find that? One woman was baffled when her parcel was found hidden behind a tree outside her home. She asked for it to go in a safe place.

Didn't get the message! This couple asked the UPS delivery driver to make sure they answered the door... but were left with a notice instead

The message didn’t reach the intended recipient! The UPS driver left a note instead.

A stone throw away! A delivery driver's poor attempt at disguising a parcel with a handful of pebbles went viral on social media

It’s only a stone throw away! Social media went viral after a delivery driver made a poor attempt to disguise a parcel using a few pebbles. 

Carefully hidden: Another viral photo shows a parcel positioned underneath a doormat, despite being too big to be discreet to people passing by

Another viral photo shows a parcel placed underneath a doormat. It is too big to be visible to passersby. 

Welcome home! A delivery driver, believed to be in the U.S, carefully positioned parcels to create the visual illusion that of smiling

Welcome home! The delivery driver, who is believed to be from the U.S., carefully placed parcels in order to create the illusion that he was smiling. 

One image shows a card left by a delivery driver who was unable to leave a parcel because of raccoons on the porch

One image shows a card that a delivery driver left behind after being unable to leave a parcel due to raccoons living on the porch. 

Hidden in plain sight: This British customer received a note to say the package was 'behind bush' - as if there was any way he could miss it

Hidden in plain sight: A note was sent to a British customer to inform him that the package was ‘behind Bush’.

Time to go exploring: This customer had to forage for his parcel after it was left in a bush

Time to explore: This customer had time to forage for his parcel, which was left in a bush.

Why These has rounded up a selection of viral images that were taken as proof of delivery - including a note, from the UK, about a parcel left under a prickle tree

Why These has gathered a collection of viral images taken as proof of delivery. It also includes a note from the UK regarding a parcel that was left under a prickle-tree. 

The owner of a dog in Canada, was left amused by a snap showing their dog attempting to open the door to a delivery driver

A snap of their dog trying to open the door for a driver was hilarious to the Canadian dog owner 

Another photo captured the glowing eyes of a cat that seems to be monitoring their owner's parcels until they return home

Another photo captures the bright eyes of a cat who seems to be keeping an eye on their owner’s parcels till they return home. 

One photo, believed to have been taken in the UK, shows that a parcel was hidden above the door frame of one house

One photo, which is believed to have been taken in Britain, shows that a parcel was hidden over the door frame of a house. 

Another amusing image shows a dog monitoring a delivery driver from the window of their owner's house

Another amusing image shows a dog watching a delivery driver through the window of their home.