This is one way to make you spend! Shoppers spot funny signs in stores, including one that advertises a Victoria iPad.

  • All over the globe, people have shared shopping signs that crack them up.
  • One supermarket sells a huge bag full of peanuts. It declares it “may contain nuts”. 
  • An employee at a shop made invisible cloaks out of clothes hangers.
  • A supermarket in Elsehwere advertised an assortment of “entertaining fish”  

Shopping can be a mundane task as the best of times when it’s groceries that need doing or tagging along with someone who needs a second opinion on clothes — so a little humour can go a long way. 

PetsReporter’s gallery features the top comical signs shared by people from all corners of the globe.

A photo of a section of fish shows that the product claims to be ‘entertaining,’ and another picture describes honey as being ‘bee vomiting’.

A back-to-school sign advertises wine bottles for parents. 

FEMAIL presents some of the most creative online retail advertising examples. 

Stating the obvious! It's probably fairly safe to assume that this massive container of peanuts does in fact contain nuts

It’s obvious. This huge peanut container is likely to contain nuts.

Chalk it up! This clever play on words in a UK store reminds the younger generations of today that you can have fun without a screen

It’s a great idea! The clever use of words at a UK shop reminds today’s younger generation that having fun doesn’t require a screen. 

Hands off! It seems likely that one sneaky customer in this US store wanted all the doughy warm pretzels for themselves

All hands on deck! This US-based store seems to have been hacked by a sneaky customer, who claimed that they wanted all of the warm and delicious doughy pretzels.

This clever bookstore employee found some empty hangers and jumped at the chance to make an invisibility cloak

The clever employee of a bookstore found empty hangers, and took the opportunity to create an invisible cloak.

Something's a bit fishy! Who knew this American supermarket was in fact more entertaining than going snorkeling in the ocean

Some things are a little fishy. This American supermarket is more fun than snorkeling on the ocean!

Ah yes, lemons, the absolute necessary ingredient for a nice cold tall glass of orange juice... It hurts to be second bested on your own sign

Lemons are the essential ingredient in a tall, cold glass of orange juice. You don’t want to lose your sign.

What do mothers famously want for their day of celebration? Men's shaving equipment apparently, according to this US supermarket

Mothers are known to want the following for their special day: This US supermarket suggests that men need shaving equipment 

This American supermarket took a global crisis that looms every day and made it into a quirky quip to help sell ice

A supermarket in America took the global crisis that is looming every day, and turned it into a funny quip to sell ice.

Who says AI is taking over? This US cafe regrets to inform you that humans may actually react to being treated horribly by customers

AI may be taking over, but who said so? The US Cafe regrets having to tell you that customers may react horribly to humans.

This UK cafe is actually pretty convincing, after all, how do you know there aren't bears ahead? Better choose to stop for a hot drink

The UK cafe looks quite convincing. After all, how can you tell there aren’t bears ahead of you? You should stop by for a cup of hot tea.

Give me some honey! There's nothing quite as enticing on your sweet treats as a lovely warm gooey teaspoon of... bee vomit

I want honey. A warm, gooey spoonful of honey is the best way to get your sweets on track.

Roll up, roll up! Today's offer expires tomorrow, make sure you buy all pizzas at this restaurant fully priced

Roll up, roll up! This offer ends tomorrow so be sure to buy your entire order of pizzas from this place.

This US store made a joke for any software developers out there, a classic 404 bedding not found

The US Store made fun of any software developers by selling 404-bedding not found.

Something to chew over: Upon entering this US ice cream store you'll be contending with these cone choices: wafer, sugar, waffle or inedible

You’ll find these options in this US ice cream shop: Wafer, sugar, waffle, or inedible cones.

These little cheese orphans from a US supermarket are not only a great way to eliminate waste but they're so cute and lonely you have to buy them

This adorable little American cheese orphan is a wonderful way to reduce waste. They’re also so sweet and lonely that you must buy them

In most of the word we use them as a delicious fruit, but who knew, in America bananas are squishy boomerangs

They are delicious fruits in most cases, but bananas can be squishy boomerangs in America. 

Yes, at first look, this phone in a US store seems great. And then you see the real thing and the advert becomes a laughing stock

This phone looks great in the US, and it is indeed at first glance. But then, you actually see the actual thing and it becomes hilarious

This UK supermarket is offering the ultimate deal, not only are these cinnamon swirls £1.09 but they're also extra free

This UK supermarket is offering the ultimate deal, not only are these cinnamon swirls £1.09 but they’re also extra free