After being in the family for over 450 years, a historic house is up for sale to ensure its “longer-term future”.

The Jacobean grade-II mansion is finally available to new owners after being put on the market for £2.5million.

Flintshire’s historic Gwysaney Hall estate is documented in the Domesday Book. It has links that date back to the 9th Century.

Although the hall’s construction was completed in 1603, it was captured by Oliver Cromwell’s Roundheads on 1645.

The family has owned the property for more than 400 years. After having been passed through generations, Richard Davies Cook now says it is time to move on.

He shared his feelings, “I feel extremely privileged to have inherited Gwysaney From my Father, it is a really beautiful house, very friendly and each generation has tried to do their part to keep things on track throughout the years.

The Davies family were devout royalists, and big supporters of King Charles I & II. However, it was the period of civil war and Oliver Cromwell appointed Sir William Brereton by Gwysaney as his military commander to take his army over to Gwysaney for the removal of troublemakers like my ancestor Robert Davies.

The historic mansion in Flintshire is now being sold after being owned by the same family for more than 450 years in total

Following more than 450+ years of ownership by the same family, Flintshire’s historic Flintshire mansion is up for sale 

The property has got many impressive rooms including this games area which has a snooker table for players to unwind on

There are many rooms in the property, such as this game area that has a table of snooker for those who want to unwind.

The mansion looks like something out of a period drama with its ornate decor and impressive wood paneled wallled rooms

Its ornate decor, impressive wood-paneled walls and stunning rooms make the house look like a stage set.

From the sky the incredible property's delightful gardens can be viewed in all their splendour and coiffured greenery

You can see the stunning property’s gardens from above in all of their glory and sweetened greenery

This twin bedroom has many oil paintings on the wall and a charming huge rug over the wooden varnished floorboards

A twin bedroom with oil paintings, a huge rug and wooden floorboards varnished in wood has this charming twin room.

Brereton ended up going to Gwysaney with a cannon and placing it on his front lawn. The cannon struck the door and had to be fixed.

‘The house was breached and my ancestor Robert was taken off to Chester jail where he spent time until he paid the fine of £645 – today’s money it’s probably in excess of £1.25m!’

Richard claimed that there have been significant changes to the property over time.

He explained that subsidence caused a crack to appear in the western part of the hall.

A fabulously ornate grandfather clock is the centrepiece of this room, which is just off from the games room in the back

The centerpiece of the room is a magnificently decorated grandfather clock, located just beyond the games area in the back.

The historic estate at Gwysaney Hall, Flintshire, is recorded in the Domesday Book and has links dating back to the 9th century.

Flintshire’s historic Gwysaney Hall estate is documented in the Domesday Book. It has links that date back to the 9th Century.

The present hall was built in 1603 but in 1645 was besieged and taken by Oliver Cromwell's Roundheads - and its cannon ball damaged front door is still in place.

Although the hall’s construction was completed in 1603, it was captured by Oliver Cromwell’s Roundheads on 1645.

A mammoth sized bath sits in the floor of the bathroom and offers a spectacular view of the mansion's lovely gardens

The bathroom’s floor is home to a large, enormous bath that offers spectacular views of the beautiful gardens and mansion.

“Gwysaney” was constructed on top of a hill. It was too close to the edge. We lost the top floor, as well as a wing. That wing also included the family chapel. 

 ‘So at the time there was a major reconfiguration of the hall. But now, looking at the floorplan of the hall, you can see that there isn’t much left. Walls have been added to areas where one wasn’t needed.

“So, like most houses at that time, there was a Great Hall to entertain guests. However that room has been divided into several other rooms.”

Richard said that despite selling his estate, he plans to continue living in another part of the large family estate.

The mansion has been kept in period designs and offers privacy should it be wanted away from the hustle bustle of life

This mansion was kept in period styles and has privacy for those who wish to be away from the daily hustle and bustle.

One of the doors of the property is reinforced with metal, probably to repel enemies at one time trying to besiege its walls

A door on the property has been reinforced with metal to protect it from enemies trying to attack its walls.

A pea green carpet in the living room effortlessly joins sofas and armchairs to create an impression of timeless comfort

The living room is furnished with a pea green carpet that seamlessly joins armchairs and sofas, creating ambiance of comfort.

The woods and greenery outside the castle offers some perfect spots for quiet contemplation or brisk walks to clear one's head

There are many places to sit and contemplate or take short walks in the woods.

He expressed his gratitude, saying, “I feel very honored and privileged to have been here. However, it is on my watch that this decision has to be made. We need to be shrewd and think about the future for my grandson and my son.”

“The estate has a long history and the new owners will inherit it. But I believe they will feel at home here.

Gwysaney Hall, cottages and 26 acres of grounds are for sale for £2.5m with estate agent Strutt and Parker.