Holly Branson is the daughter of Sir Richard Branson. Holly revealed that her father took her to London for her 40th birthday surprise, just two weeks after being injured in an ‘colossal bicycle crash’ in British Virgin Islands.

According to the billionaire, the 71 year-old billionaire believed he might have broken his back when he collided with another rider in a endurance event held on Tortola. However, he said it was clear that wearing a helmet saved his life. 

His injuries, which include deep cuts, a large bump on his hip and severe hematomas on his legs and leg, were too much to stop him from seeing his daughter.

Surprise! Sir Richard Branson's daughter Holly has revealed how her father flew to London to surprise her on her 40th birthday, two weeks after he was injured in a 'colossal' bicycle crash in the British Virgin Islands. Pictured, Sir Richard and his wife at dinner with their grandchildren

Surprise! Holly Branson, Sir Richard Branson’s daughter has shared the story of how her father surprised her at London on her 40th Birthday. This was two weeks after his injuries in a bicycle accident in British Virgin Islands. Pictured are Sir Richard Branson’s wife and their children.

Birthday girl: Holly, who turned 40 on Saturday, was thrilled to be able to celebrate with her dad. She documented her celebrations on Instagram, including this 'pre-birthday' cake

Holly turned 40 this Saturday and was delighted to share the occasion with her father. You can see her Instagram celebrations, which include this “pre-birthday” cake

Biggest fans! Holly's children wrapped their arms around Sir Richard when he surprised them on Holly's birthday. The doting father arrived with flowers for his 40-year-old daughter

The biggest fans Holly’s kids wrapped their arms around Richard as he surprised them for Holly’s Birthday. His 40-year old daughter received flowers from her father.

Photographs show Virgin founder, Freddie Virgin, arriving with flowers to her London home with three of their children. They later went out for dinner in London.

Sharing the news on Instagram, Holly wrote: ‘We are a family that love surprises and at 9am on my birthday, I heard a knock at the door… Who was standing there to deliver me flowers but my dad who was supposed to be in the BVI!

‘He’d rearranged everything so that he could make it home for my 40th birthday. Father, I love and respect you.

Sir Richard also shared his own glowing post to mark the occasion: “Happy Birthday @holly_branson.” Time really does fly, but I’ve enjoyed every single moment of watching you grow into the most wonderful woman. I am so proud to call your daughter. 

This comes just two weeks after Sir Richard disclosed details about his serious cycling accident.  

The entrepreneur wrote a blog about the accident and shared photographs of him lying down on his stomach next to Felix Stellmaszek. 

In recovery: British billionaire Sir Richard Branson, 71, suffered a 'colossal' bike crash during a charity event on the British Virgin Islands earlier this month

Recovering: British billionaire Sir Richard Branson was in recovery after he crashed his bike at a charity event held on British Virgin Islands.

The Virgin founder said he had to be treated for severe cuts and bruises on his elbow, an 'extraordinarily big bump' on his hip (pictured) and a 'massive' hematoma on his leg after flying off his bike and crashing onto the hard concrete road on the island of Tortola

Virgin founder Richard Branson stated that he suffered severe injuries to his elbow, a “extraordinarily large bump” on his hip and a massive hematoma in his leg. This was after he crashed onto the concrete island road of Tortola.

The 71-year-old billionaire feared he had broken his back after colliding with another rider during day two of the Strive BVI challenge - which sees fitness fanatics complete a series of gruelling water and land-based courses over several days (Pictured moments after collision)

After colliding with another rider on day two of Strive BVI, the 71-year old billionaire was afraid he would break his back. 

Another shot shows the Tycoon smiling while holding an Ice Pack. He is seen getting in the van that took him to Virgin Gorda Hospital.

Other photos show him with a large, bleeding lump on his left side and an extremely bruised and scratched right arm.  

Sir Richard Branson is an addicted addict to Adrenaline.  

Sir Richard Branson is not the only one to have had an encounter with death this week. The tycoon’s 2017 autobiography Finding My Virginity lists the near-fatal events in an appendix called 75 Close Shaves. Some of them are listed  below…

1972: My first marriage with Kristen was a success. Our decision to leap off the boat and swim toward shore was made together. The others were not able to do so.

1976: I accidentally flew a microlight plane. The first time I sat in one, it was my first experience with flying. It was a desperate moment when I had to pull wires. I managed to cut the engine and crash-land in a field. My instructor also died the following day in an accident.

1980 — As I was walking along Necker Island’s shores, my toe got twisted and I fell in a deep gorge. Steve Barron was able to pull me up and I was rescued before falling to my death below the jagged rocks.

1985 — Sank In the [high-altitude hot-air balloon capsule]Virgin Atlantic Challenger 1 was crossing the Atlantic and had to be pulled from the sea.

1986 — My family and I drove through the Alps when we crashed into a car. The car was thrown onto ice by a small drop and I turned it over.

1986 — My first hot-air balloon solo flight was a disaster. I crashed into the ground and suffered serious injuries. This was just the beginning.

1986 — My first skydiving experience was when I noticed that there were two cords. One opened my parachute, and the other got it out. It was by accident that I had pulled the wrong cord. Before an instructor could yank my spare cord, I was sliding through the air.

1987 — We attempted to cross the Atlantic by hot-air balloon. However, our balloon’s solar heating proved too much and we continued climbing with no apparent way to stop it. Per, my copilot, managed to lower the balloon just as the capsule collapsed. We fell to our deaths.

1987 — The same challenge that I lost my pilot Per when he jumped in the Atlantic. This left me alone as the hot air balloon disappeared from the sky. My worst fear was that I’d die. That memorable flight was quite special. I managed to land the balloon in the North Sea. The helicopter then rescued me.

1989 — Joan and me decided to enter our wedding, hanging from a helicopter dressed in all-white suits. My mistake caused me to fall into the deep end of the swimming pool, breaking my legs and spending the entire wedding limping.

1991 — At 30,000 feet, a hot-air balloon set it alight. Before the balloon burned, we were able to put out the flames. Half of our fuel was lost on the same balloon flight when we dropped full fuel tanks and jettisoned all remaining fuel. The jet stream and strong winds helped us to save our fuel. We had thought we might run out halfway across the Pacific. The Artic was our crash site. We completed the challenge and crashed in sub-50 degrees temperatures, 3,000 miles away from Los Angeles.

2001 — Nearly missed the chance to step on a track that was live and charged with over 25,000 volts while inspecting new tilting trains from England.

2004 — As part of “The Rebel Billionaire”, agreed to jump from Victoria Falls by bungee. My head was clipped on something as I fell and blood poured down my face.

2007 — I jumped off Palms Casino Las Vegas, as Virgin America announced its new route. Although I had initially declined to make the jump, after reconsidering my decision, I plunged down the building with strong winds at high speed. I crashed hard into the walls. It was fortunate that I didn’t spin around so my backside went into the wall and not my head. I was badly bruised by the impact, which tore off my back trousers and my arms.

2016 — As I sped over the handlebars on Virgin Gorda, my entire life seemed to flash before me. My bike fell off the cliff and I was left with a broken cheek, deep cuts, bruises, and a sore shoulder.

Source: Finding My Virginity

Sir Richard said: “I was maneuvering a steep corner with a huge cliff drop to the left. A car came up the hill in front, and Felix Stellmaszek (my fellow Striver) passed the car. 

‘I pulled on both of my brakes, but they didn’t respond. 

“I was moving faster than I thought, and my choices were to either drop from the cliff or hit the car. Or maybe run into Felix.

According to him, he tried pulling on the brakes as hard as possible but it didn’t work.

He added: ‘I cried out to Felix a warning – “brakes not working!” – but he had no chance of getting out of the way. We crashed – hard.

“We fell of our bikes. Our heads and bodies crashed into concrete. 

‘There is no question that wearing helmets saved our lives – not the first time that has been the case. 

“We laid flat on the road, as others gathered around. 

‘I stayed still, hoping I hadn’t broken my back or paralysed myself. I slowly moved my limbs, and felt relieved when they returned. 

Both were taken by ambulance to Virgin Gorda hospital, where they received treatment for their injuries. 

Sir Richard shared a clip to Instagram today that captured the moment they waited for their transport. 

In the clip, Mr Stellmaszek recounts the moment Sir Richard crashed into him. 

Richard said, “Our brakes were failing!””,  next thing I know he jumped on my bike, we both crashed.

“But I’ve never had anyone push me off the street and apologize in advance. He was so gentle and kind, that’s all I can say.” 

Sir Richard claims that while giggling at the vehicle’s front, he attempted to pass him. 

Stellmaszek replied: ‘You are making me laugh so much it hurts.’ Sir Richard responded: ‘I think that you might have saved mine life. I was gathering such speed with no brakes. 

Stellmaszek laughed and said, “Well, I’m a cushion… it hurts.” 

Strive BVI can be described as a multi-discipline fundraising challenge that takes place in the British Virgin Islands, entirely powered by human and sailpower.

This event is held each year to raise funds for Big Change. Big Change was founded by Holly and Sam, Sir Richard’s kids. 

Sir Richard had enjoyed sailing, kayaking and paddleboarding around Anegada during the challenge’s first day. 

The day before the crash, day two saw the victim endure a 60km ride on a bike around Tortola’s rolling hills. He then agreed to go an additional 10 km. 

The crash occurred as he was returning down the steep, winding road. 

There are still swimming, hiking and sailing events scheduled for this week. However, it is not yet known whether Sir Richard will take part. 

Sir Richard said, “Thanks to the medical staff who helped us.” 

‘I’ve got some severe cuts and bruises on my elbow, an extraordinarily big bump on my hip and a massive hematoma on my leg. However, it could have been much worse.

This is not the first accident that the mogul of business has suffered on his bicycle in the Virgin Islands. 

In 2016,  he cracked his cheek and tore several ligaments while riding in the Virgin Strive challenge in Leverick Bay, forcing him to have to drink tea through a straw. 

At the time, he said: “When I was going down a hill toward Leverick Bay it got dark quickly. I managed some “sleeping cop” to get in front of me and continue my journey.

‘The next thing I knew, I was being hurled over the handlebars and my life was literally flashing before my eyes. 

“I thought that I would die.

“I was flying head-first to the concrete road. But luckily my shoulder and cheeks took the brunt. A helmet saved my life.

Sir Richard added that wearing a helmet saved his life, and his bicycle went flying off the cliff’. 

He continued: ‘I really couldn’t believe I was alive, let alone not paralysed.’

In 2016, Sir Richard wrote in his blog, that he’d had many accidents and “many brushes with the death” over the years.

Sir Richard was cycling among the rolling hills of the island of Tortola when the collision occurred

Sir Richard was riding amongst the rolling hills on the island of Tortola at the time of the collision 

Sir Richard shows off his bruised and scraped arm and torn cycling shirt following collision

After a collision, Sir Richard showed off his badly scraped left arm and torn jersey. 

That year, he was attacked by stingrays in February while swimming with hundreds of’sharks” on the Cayman islands.  

On the same trip, he also crashed his head into the glass door as he was shopping. He had already broken two teeth while playing tennis in the past year.

His speedboat capsized on high seas 140 miles away from Sicily in 1985 as he attempted to break the Atlantic cross-country record. 

The tycoon had many close to death experiences and he lists them all in his second autobiography. 

Richard listed in Finding My Virginity all his encounters with death. An appendix was entitled 75 close shaves.  

In 2016, Sir Richard cracked his cheek and tore several ligaments while riding in the Virgin Strive challenge in Leverick Bay, forcing him to have to drink tea through a straw (Pictured following 2016 crash)

In 2016, Sir Richard cracked his cheek and tore several ligaments while riding in the Virgin Strive challenge in Leverick Bay, forcing him to have to drink tea through a straw (Pictured following 2016 crash) 

The tycoon was on a training cycle run with his two children Holly and Sam when he cracked his cheek in 2016

He was in a training session with Holly and Sam while he made a joke about his cheeks.

Sir Richard was cycling on the British Virgin Islands when he last suffered a big bike crash in 2016

Sir Richard was riding on the British Virgin Islands in 2016, when he suffered his last major bike accident.

These include hitting his head in bungee jumping at Victoria Falls 2004; and nearly missing the chance to step on a track charged with 25,000 Vs above while inspecting Virgin’s tilting trains in England 2001. 

A microlight airplane that he had sat on accidentally launched while he was seated in it, took off in 1976. He died the following day.

He tripped on his toe as he was walking along Necker Island’s private Necker Island in 1980. After falling down a deep gorge, a friend helped him get up from the rocks below.