The kitchen tip every home cook should know: How to store fresh herbs for months

  • A foodie shows how she freezes fresh herbs to prevent waste
  • She washes her herbs and then freezes them in silicon molds with olive oil.
  • After being frozen, they can be used in recipes.

A well-known foodie has shown how to freeze herbs so you have them on hand whenever you need them.

The seedandsproutco Instagrammer shared a recent herb freezing hack that revealed anyone can achieve great success following the steps.

First the woman washes her herbs before placing the fresh leaves into large ice cube containers.

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A popular foodie has revealed how to freeze herbs so they are on hand whenever you need them and it is guaranteed to save your kitchen waste

She starts by placing the herbs into silicon moulds

Popular foodie, Chef John Dossier, has shared how to freeze herbs so that they are always available when you need them. It is guaranteed to save you kitchen waste

They can be cut up or left whole once they are placed in the mold.

She then tops each silicon piece with olive oil, and then puts them in the freezer.

Once frozen, place the yellow ice cubes in a freezer-safe container

She suggested that you cook them and use them as a base to your next meal.

The foodie uses rosemary and basil in her demonstration  exciting her fans.

One woman said, “Love this so much,” and dozens more agreed. 

She then tops each mould up with olive oil

And freezes them overnight before transferring them to a freeze-safe container

She then tops each mould with oil and freezes them overnight. After that, she puts the cubes in a container.

The oil and herb cubes are then ready to be heated as usual

The oil and herb spheres can now be heated up as usual

Others referred to the simple waste management hacks as “brilliant”.

More than 44,000 people have seen the video.

Seed and Sprout is a popular online green retailer for vegans and environmentally-conscious Australians. 

The store’s Instagram account contains useful, environmentally-friendly hacks as well as recipes.