The dramatic Peak District country home of a D-Day veteran and adventurer for sale for the first time in 50 years, with a £1.75m price tag

  • The £1.75m country house in the Peak District was home to a D-Day veteran
  • Robert Stoodley, one of 10 men who landed in France the day after D-Day, was one among them
  • Bob and Joyce shared the seven-bedroom home with their three children.
  • Otterbeck Hall was the last property to be put up for sale. 

The country home of a late D-Day veteran is being sold for the first time in more than 50 years with a price tag of £1.75million.

Otterbeck Hall is the name of the country home in Peak District. It was listed for the first time on the open market in 1967.

This was the home of Robert Stoodley, a D-Day veteran, who is also known as Bob. He was among 10 first men to land on D-Day in France.

Joyce and her children lived in the seven-bedroom home. Their son Christopher Stoodley is selling the property. 

This country house in the Peak District is currently for sale via estate agents Jackson-Stops for £1.75m

This country house in the Peak District is currently for sale via estate agents Jackson-Stops for £1.75m

The property was home to D-Day veteran Robert Stoodley and his wife Joyce (pictured), and their children

Robert Stoodley, a D-Day veteran (pictured), Joyce Stoodley (pictured) and their three children lived on the property.

Otterbeck Hall provided Bob with access to Peak District National Park for his loved ones and close friends. Bob, his family and friends were there to comfort him as he passed peacefully in August.

His role in D-Day’s success was crucial as he was one of 22nd Independent Pathfinders that parachuted to Normandy to direct the main airborne attack on their targets.

Bob was injured in an accident and captured. He remained a Prisoner of War up to VE Day on May 8, 1945.

He attended the D-Day Memorial Services in France, as many as possible, and gave several interviews to the BBC after the war ended. 

Bob kept his passion for adventure alive and participated in the 1972 and 1975 Everest South West Face Expeditions along with Chris Bonington as well as on the International Karakoram Project.

The property is called Otterbeck Hall and was last on the open market more than 50 years ago in 1967 (pictured: the house in 1919)

Otterbeck Hall, the property’s name is, was put up for sale in 1967. The house (pictured in 1919) has been on the open market since then.

Otterbeck Hall is near the picturesque village of Chinley, in Derbyshire, and has the Peak District National Park as a backdrop

Otterbeck Hall, located in Derbyshire near Chinley is surrounded by the Peak District National Park.

The property has a large dining room with wooden flooring and beams across the ceiling

Large dining area with wood flooring and beams to the ceiling is part of this property’s main living space.

The large kitchen has plenty of storage and space for a table for friends and family to gather around

There is plenty of storage in the large kitchen and ample space to set up a dining table so that friends and relatives can gather.

A spacious games room with a large fireplace is currently home to a beautiful snooker table

The beautiful snooker tables are currently located in the spacious, fireplace-heated games room.

Son Christopher stated that Christopher’s witness and unwavering sense of adventure were important in how the Second World War was remembered and honored.

He added: ‘We moved to Otterbeck Hall when I was 15, and since then it has been the family home for 50 years, with lots of memories. The views across the Peak District from my house and the sounds of the sheep on the Derbyshire hills will remain in my memory forever.  

Otterbeck Hall, located near Chinley in the charming village, has stunning views to the south with Peak District National Park at its back.

The property is situated on 15.7 acres. It has seven bedrooms and an annexe. The property also includes a double garage, two outbuildings, and a lake. 

Nick Leeming of Jackson-Stops, the agent who handled the sale said that homeowners were reminded recently of the special qualities of the English countryside. We’ve also seen an increase in the love for country homes by buyers. 

“This holds true especially for properties that have a rich history. Otterbeck Hall shows the kind of country home with lasting appeal that can still be enjoyed. 

“As homeowners continue to change their lifestyles and seek to have a balance access to nature and towns, Otterbeck Hall is the ideal family home because of its easy access to Peak District National Park as well as being within reach of Manchester.

The property is now being sold by son Christopher Stoodley after his father Bob passed away in August

After Bob’s death in August, his son Christopher Stoodley is selling the property.

The property has seven bedrooms, including one in the annexe that is also on the property

It has seven bedrooms. One of them is in an adjoining room.

The house which is likely to be updated by new owners could once again be a vibrant family home

New owners are likely to make the house a family-friendly home.

Otterbeck Hall sits in an impressive 15.7 acres, which includes some landscaped gardens

Otterbeck Hall is situated on 15.7 acres. This includes landscaped gardens.