White poppies displayed in protest at Remembrance Sunday are condemned by senior military officers who claim that the ‘hard-left symbol’ of politics is an insult to Britain’s war deceased

  • Leicester University planted 50 wreaths that included red and white poppies.
  • According to the university, white poppies were included as a sign of peace commitment. 
  • According to military personnel, the red poppy’s meaning was devalued by white poppies 

Veterans are concerned that white poppies will be included in Remembrance wreaths at a university because it could devalue the symbol of the fallen, which has been criticized by the University.

Leicester University students and staff laid 50 poppy wreaths throughout Leicestershire, Leicestershire and Rutland as a tribute to the First World War heroes.

Red and white poppies were used in the wreaths that were placed as part of a “poppy pilgrimage”.

According to the university, wreaths containing white poppies were meant to symbolize a “commitment to peace and non-violent resolutions to conflict”

Leicester University has come under fire for including white poppies in Remembrance wreaths because veterans fear it will devalue the red poppy as a symbol of the fallen (stock picture)

Leicester University is being criticized for using white poppies as Remembrance wreaths. Veterans are concerned that it may devalue the symbol of the fallen, the red poppy (stock photo).

According to the university, the statement read: “The red poppies, which are symbolic of the horrors at the Western Front during the First World War, were a familiar and established symbol of support and Remembrance for all the lives that have been lost in any conflict.

“Some of the wreaths in the region contained white poppies. These flowers represent peace and the ability to find peaceful solutions to conflicts.

However, military leaders have condemned the inclusion of white poppies. They also said that it was an insult to all those who died in conflict.

Former commander of British Forces Afghanistan Colonel Richard Kemp stated to the Sunday Telegraph, ‘The red poppy is meant to undercut the sacrifices it seeks to honor.

The use of the red poppies is a way to express gratitude for British and Allied soldiers who sacrificed their lives serving their country. An anti-war campaigner uses the white poppie as a political symbol.

It’s sold solely to finance their propaganda campaigns. This item is meant to be a memorial to all those who died in war, and it applies equally to Nazi stormtroopers as well to Islamic State murderers/rapists.

Critics say the white poppy is a political symbol of the left and that it devalues the sacrifice made by soldiers who gave their lives and who are commemorated by the use of red poppies

Critics claim that the white poppy, a symbol of political leftism, devalues soldiers’ sacrifices and is why red poppies are used to commemorate them. 

“Intertwining the political symbol of hard Left white poppies with wreaths made of red poppies in a symbolic representation of the Left is insulting to our war dead.”

Former chief of the General Staff Lord Richard Dannatt told the newspaper that there is room for recognition of civilians’ sacrifice during wartime, but that the use of the white poppies would distract from the memory of those soldiers who died fighting for their country.

With wreaths placed outside of the Fielding Johnson Building, university Poppy Pilgrimage took place.

Fielding Johnson is named after Thomas Fielding Johnson who was a founding donor to the University. It was built in 1921 and used for the University’s initial use. It also served as a hospital for soldiers during World War I. 

Kerry Law, Chief Marketing & Engagement Officer at the University of Leicester, said: ‘Our Poppy Pilgrimage serves as a fitting tribute to the founding legacy of our University, and has allowed us to once again recognise the sacrifices made in our region.

“At each wreath-laying, our community recited Dr. Astley Clarke’s words: “Let us therefore offer higher education as our war monument.”

For its support of Armed Forces, the Ministry of Defence gave the University Gold Award status for 2020. It includes partnerships and permanent membership of East Midlands Universities Combined Military Education Committee.

Through programs like the Armed Forces into Allied Health Project, the University supports former military personnel as they transition into civilian life. This project makes it easier for veterans to obtain their military qualification to be able to study in health fields.