As Kent is overwhelmed by a record number of migrants crossing the border this month, councils will have to accept migrant children in their care.

An earlier voluntary scheme was implemented to decrease the effects of migrants crossing the English Channel onto Kent County Council.

But, more than 200 councils might now be required to adopt migrant children if they don’t have any good reasons.

It comes as Home Secretary Priti Patel confirmed talks over possible joint British-French sea patrols in the Channel that would aim to stop and return migrants were ongoing.  

Roger Gough of the Tory leadership in Kent’s county council, where 247 children were taken this year, said on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme, “it’s right to do it.” 

Nick Forbes, Labour Leader of Newcastle County Council called the plan “a blunt tool” that wouldn’t suit all councils.  

Unaccompanied migrant children were previously moved around the UK based on a voluntary scheme to lessen the impact of migrants crossing the English Channel on Kent County Council. Pictured, a young boy is helped by a Border Office worker

The voluntary arrangement to decrease the effects of migrants crossing the English Channel onto Kent County Council helped unaccompanied children from migrant families move around the UK. The Border Office worker assists a small boy.

It comes as Home Secretary Priti Patel (pictured) has confirmed talks over possible joint British-French sea patrols in the Channel that would aim to stop and return migrants were ongoing

The announcement comes at a time when Priti Patel (pictured), Home Secretary, has acknowledged that discussions over potential joint British-French maritime patrols in Channel which would target to stop and then return migrants are ongoing

Mr Gough added: ‘247 young people came into our care and we transferred 150 into other councils. 

“We had to say no on two occasions, last year, and in January of this year. We were unable to provide safe and effective care for young children at the time.

Newcastle County Council Labour Leader, Mr Forbes revealed that the council has recently taken in around 27 migrants children.

He stated that he had originally planned to take six. Then, we took another ten. From Kent, we have taken 16. Seven more arrived from Kent as adults. However, they were found out to have been children.  

Nick Forbes, Labour leader of Newcastle county council, revealed the local authority has taken around 27 migrant children recently. Pictured, the Home Office

Nick Forbes (Labour leader for Newcastle county council) revealed that 27 children from migrant families have been taken into the local authority in recent months. The Home Office

“We have taken 27 of the top positions in the past year. That’s something we are proud of and very happy about. This is our responsibility. This burden should not fall on some councils.

Forbes claimed that the problem with forcing children into taking migrant kids is that they are a ‘blunt instrument’.

He said, “Some councils had high levels of children being looked after in their communities.” Some councils are having real problems finding social workers. 

“I believe that what actually has happened is the reverse. Councils with a few kids in the system have made offers for more. It all comes down to political will.

France has rejected a British offer to patrol their beaches for them to stop migrants trying to cross the Channel over concerns it would breach their sovereignty

France rejected the British proposal to monitor their beaches to prevent migrants crossing the Channel, citing concerns that it could violate their sovereignty.

Home Secretary Priti Patel (pictured) has confirmed talks over possible joint British-French sea patrols in the Channel were ongoing

Priti Patel, the Home Secretary of India (pictured), has said that discussions regarding joint British-French maritime patrols in Channel waters were continuing 

According to him, 15 local councils have yet not accepted any migrants. “I accept the Kent situation, however it doesn’t make sense to penalize councils which have taken on a significant amount of migrant children. For example, there are many good reasons. It is important to have a long-term plan. 

There were 4,019 migrants who crossed the Channel this month. This is more than the 3,879 that September. The record total for this year stands at 23,761. 

Ms. Patel answered a question about potential joint patrols within the House of Commons. She said that they discuss all options including naval patrols and alternative patrols.

“It is not my place to speak on the responsibilities of other Government departments, but work has been done with counterparts as well as with other Government departments.   

Ms. Patel also mentioned that the UK offered France. Border Force and Police officers were to support ‘overwhelmed gendarmes’ on Europe’s coast, but they were told that such a plan would be a breach of French sovereignty. 

The new arrivals bring the total number to have made it to the UK this month to 4,019, exceeding the previous record of 3,879 in September. This year's total is now a record-breaking 23,761

These new arrivals increase the number of people who have reached the UK in this month’s total to 4,019, surpassing the September record of 3,879. Record-breaking 23761 people have arrived in the UK this year.

It comes after migrants were yesterday bussed 500 miles to Scotland for processing after arriving on beaches in Kent as the system struggles under a record number of crossings.

According to a pressure group, dozens of people have made the eight-hour trip to Dungavel, South Lanarkshire immigration detention center in Strathaven in the past few weeks.

Although migrants were previously processed at Home Office temporary holding facilities located an hour to two minutes from Dover by the Home Office, record numbers have forced officials into using facilities farther away.

Yesterday, senior Tories also warned that failing to deal with the massive influx of migrants across the English Channel could encourage the rise of an alternative UKIP-style party.

Some Conservatives are becoming more concerned about the possibility that inaction could cause the birth of a new right-wing force. This could potentially cost the Tories their majority at this year’s general elections.  

Labour Shadow Home Secretary Nick Thomas-Symonds has accused Ms Patel of ’empty rhetoric’ over her failure to tackle the problem

Migrants huddle together on the beach at Dungeness on Saturday after three crammed boats arrived on the shoreline

On Saturday, after three overcrowded boats arrived at Dungeness’ shoreline, migrants gather on Dungeness Beach to be together

He was rebuffed by the Home Secretary, who insisted that there is a long-term strategy for dealing with immigration. 

“This is a problem that will be difficult to solve and cannot be solved overnight. MPs need to see a complete overhaul of the asylum system.  

Johnson ordered a Whitehall investigation into Channel crossings. He is said to be frustrated by the failure of his government to decrease the numbers of migrants traveling in small boats.

Stephen Barclay, an ex-Brexit Secretary, is now the Chancellor of Lancaster.

It will seek to find solutions to the crisis and make sure all departments – not only the Home Office – are contributing.

This review comes after a record week of migrant Channel crossings. On Tuesday, 1,000 reached Britain and 24,000 made the trip this year. This figure almost doubles the 2020 arrivals. 

Last week, the PM faced questions from the 1922 Committee of Tory Members.

Sir Iain Duncan Smith, a former Cabinet minister, is reported to have confronted Mr Johnson during the meeting. He said that he had challenged him and told the PM, “Migration was written in our manifesto. It was part of our DNA.” They won’t be forgiving us if we fail to do it.

According to reports, his remarks were met with banging desks as a gesture of support by backbench colleagues.