You thought commuting boring was? People reveal the oddest experiences they have had on public transportation, from a dog riding his rocking horse to a woman with a DUCK in her rucksack to a man carrying a DUCK.

  • All over the globe, people have shared their most bizarre train rides sightings 
  • On the London Underground, a boy balances on rails and balancing on a scooter 
  • One woman misunderstood “wear a mask” and wore a pig nose on her face
  • Elsewhere, a man dressed as a cockerel eats a roast chicken in a New York train

It can be difficult to commute from one place to another. Humour is a great way of keeping your day interesting.

People from all over the globe have shared their most hilarious experiences on public transport. Bored Panda has compiled the best in one gallery..

A photo of a woman that looked exactly like Mona Lisa is one, while another picture shows a commuter dressed as a Christmas tree. Elsewhere, a dog enjoys a fanciful time on its very own rocking horse, and a woman was seen with a pineapple on a leash. 

FEMAIL has some funniest examples…

Could it be the actual Mona Lisa? A passenger on this New York train spotted a woman with an uncanny resemblance

It could be the Mona Lisa. Passenger on a New York train noticed a woman who looked very much like her.

Among all the many crazy things people see in New York while travelling, a duck in a see-through bag probably couldn't be guessed

A duck inside a transparent bag is one of the most bizarre things you’ll see while traveling in New York.

While this lady on the London underground could be commended for wearing a mask, there might be a slight misunderstanding

The lady who wore a mask on the London Underground subway could be commended, but there may have been a misinterpretation

Once you've seen this on the NYC subway, you've truly seen it all - what could be more out there than a dog on a rocking horse

This is the NYC subway. You’ve been there.

What's more shocking in New York City, a man dressed up as a Christmas tree or someone looking up to acknowledge them?

New York City is shocking for a man dressing up as a Christmas Tree or looking up at them to say hello.

Well, you know what they say, when you're hungry, you're hungry. And this New Yorker certainly couldn't wait to eat his meaty dish - despite being in a chicken costume

You know the saying, “When you are hungry, you will eat.” This New Yorker couldn’t wait for his meal, despite wearing a chicken costume

That's what you call sweet dreams! This UK train passenger just needed a nap, and when in doubt, use a Twix for a pillow

You can call these sweet dreams. The UK train passenger needed to take a break. If in doubt, you can use Twix as a pillow. 

The New York businessman doesn't miss a trick... for anyone who claims they're too busy for a meeting, he comes prepared with his own table

New York’s businessman isn’t a fool… anyone who says they are too busy to attend a meeting will be surprised that he has his own table

Well that's one way to avoid reality... get into the virtual world completely by bringing your very own headset to the NYC subway

This is one way you can escape reality. Bring your headset with you to NYC’s subway station to immerse yourself in virtual reality

When the conductor said 'wear a mask' this isn't quite the protective gear they had in mind, but at least she looks happy

The conductor stated that “wearing a mask” is not the right protective gear, but she does look happy.

This New Yorker is wearing the most tempting hat known to man... it will be a wonder if she made it off the train without anyone popping it

The New Yorker wearing this hat is so tempting, it’s hard to believe she even made it onto the train.

This free thinker travelling on the London Underground conjured a completely new way to travel... let's just hope the driver doesn't hit the brakes quickly

The London Underground’s free-thinker traveler conjured an entirely new method of traveling… Let’s hope the driver does not hit the brakes too quickly

Are you lost sir? Try hard not to stare but there's a Victorian gentleman on the London Underground in this snap

Are you lost sir? It’s hard to not stare, but this is a snap of a Victorian gentleman riding on the London Underground.

This Russian knight is attracting a lot of attention for his armour, but how else are knights supposed to get around these days?

His armour is what draws a lot of attention, but how are knights to navigate these times?

Taking a pineapple for a walk on the NYC subway? This is exactly the activity one woman, pictured, wanted to enjoy

Take a banana for a stroll on the NYC subway. This was exactly what one woman, shown here, wanted to do.