As Britons race to make sure they’re Covid-free before New Year’s Eve, lateral flow testing kits have been made unavailable once again.

It was no longer possible to purchase lateral flow test kits for home delivery on Monday afternoon. 

One message says: “Sorry! There are not any home delivery slots available for rapid lateral flow test right now.”

You may be able still to get rapid lateral flow testing from your local pharmacy. You should not pick up any tests if symptoms are absent.

Instead, people were encouraged to go to their local pharmacy and pick up test results. The message also reminds them that tests cannot be ordered from NHS111 or NHS999.

Website also suggests that you could use tests you already have at home (including ones your children brought home from school) instead. 

Lateral flow test kits are unavailable for home delivery again today as Britons scramble to ensure they know they are Covid-free ahead of New Year's Eve celebrations this weekend

As Britons rush to be sure that they’re Covid-free, lateral flow testing kits won’t be available today for home delivery.

As well as limited lateral flow test availability, PCR walk-in test sites were also in high demand today meaning appointments were temporarily unavailable for about two hours this morning

PCR walk in test sites are also highly sought after today. This meant that appointments were unavailable temporarily for approximately two hours due to limited availability of lateral flow tests.

Britons can pick up lateral flow tests for free from a pharmacy listed on the NHS website

Britons are eligible to receive lateral flow testing at no cost from any pharmacy on the NHS site

The 119 service also stated that it ‘doesn’t have access to any more home delivery slots at the moment’.

Boris Johnson will review the data to show the effect Christmas celebrations have on the number Covid cases.

To determine whether further measures are required to prevent the spread Omicron variant, the Prime Minister should use the data.

A public health specialist advised people last week to use tests responsibly amid the current shortage.

Azeem Majeed (head of primary care at Imperial College London) said via Twitter, ‘I hear about people performing multiple lateral flow test in one day.

“The test are not in sufficient supply in many areas of England. This practice will only exacerbate the supply problem, even for important workers like NHS staff. Use the tests with care.

This comes just four weeks after the Government stopped home delivery of lateral flow testing slots during Christmas week. 

In the meantime, it announced that it would be launching a campaign to ship 900,000.00 test kits every day.

The Government, in accordance with Royal Mail, hoped to increase its home-testing kit delivery capacity by 900,000.

There were fears that Covid-sufferers’ family members would lose contact due to the test shortages. New rules allow them to take daily tests, instead of being isolated.

It is believed that more appointments have been opened for PCR testing at walk-in locations. 

According to inews, however, there was no shortage of slots in England after Christmas, which led to the closure of all remaining spots.

There have been more openings since then. The PCR test facility online reports widespread availability at many walk-in sites all across the country.

According to UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), the problems were caused by “high demand” but had been solved by mid-afternoon.

According to a spokesperson, PCR testing appointments are possible but may be more difficult than usual due to high demand. People can book more appointments every afternoon.

The experts stated that testing is a key component in keeping people safe and urged them to encourage people to order PCR tests.

Boris Johnson, along with Professor Chris Whitty (his top advisor) and Sir Patrick Vallance (his top adviser), will see if Christmas infected will affect him. The meeting will determine if new legal safeguards will be necessary to prevent the next social hurrah which will take place in 2021.

New rules were announced in advance of Christmas in Scotland and Wales. They include Hogmanay festivities being cancelled in Edinburgh for the second consecutive year.

Downing Street, which described the meeting between the PM and his advisers as routine, is understood to be leaning towards new guidance urging people in England to be careful and limit contacts – rather than imposing new legally binding restrictions such as table service in pubs or limits on household mixing. 

However, this may change if there is a rising tide of coronavirus infection in the NHS. 

To remove all legal restrictions, Parliament would need to be recalled within 48 hours. This can happen quickly and could cause severe problems in the industry.

For information on lateral flow testing, the UKHSA was contacted. 

What is the best way to get a lateral flow testing? 

How do I get a lateral flow tester?

A pharmacy, or another collection point can give you free tests. It is usually the fastest way for most people to obtain one.

Click here to visit the NHS site. There you will find information about your nearest location. Click on “Get a Collect Code” to receive a code that you can give to the centre.

Where can I get a lateral flow analysis?

Although you can purchase a kit for lateral flow testing online, please click here if you cannot visit the test center. 

What time should I conduct a lateral flow testing?

You should do lateral flow tests before you meet people or go to someone with a higher chance of contracting or spreading Covid-19.

Adults who have been double jabbed are now required to undergo a lateral flow testing every day for 7 days, if they meet someone with Covid-19. 

Where can I get a test for PCR?

By clicking here, you can request a free PCR testing kit for your home. You may also book an appointment to visit a test center. 

One should be obtained if there are any of the three main Covid-19 symptoms: a high fever, continuous coughing or loss of senses of taste and smell.

If you don’t have any symptoms, the government says you can get a kit for PCR testing if:

  • If you have been in touch with someone who has tested positive, you will need to isolate yourself
  • You’ve been requested to take a test at a local authority or by someone from NHS Test and Trace
  • A doctor or another health professional asks you for a test
  • You’re participating in a pilot government project
  • You’ve been requested to take a test in order to verify a positive result.
  • A second test was ordered for you if your initial result is unclear.
  • It is important to test your partner if you have symptoms.
  • You’re a member of the National Tactical Response Group

What is the best time to isolate? 

This month’s new guidance states that anyone who has been in contact with confirmed Covid-19 cases should be fully vaccinated and take a quick lateral flow test for one week. It will help to slow down the spread of this virus. 

Individuals who develop symptoms or test positive for the disease are required to be isolated.