Tributes have poured in for the trailblazing radio presenter Janice Long who died on Christmas Day from pneumonia at the age of 66 as her final radio link was revealed today.

Long, who was the first regular female presenter on Top Of The Pops, enjoyed a 40-year career in broadcasting, hosting shows on television and radio. 

Nigel Forsyth, the agent for Nigel Forsyth, confirmed that the presenter died on Christmas Day from complications from multiple organ failure.

Family and friends paid respect to the inspirational and loving BBC radio host.  

BBC reporter Tom Hourigan has revealed that today’s final broadcast link by BBC Radio Wales’ legendary radio host was made.

Hourigan stated that only few people were interested in meeting you or making you part the radio show at the beginning of his career. Janice Long was also one of those. It was her final link, a couple of weeks ago.

The Long says, “That’s it. Take care of yourself. Please take care. I will see you next week, hopefully. Much love.  

Friends and family have been tribute to the trailblazing radio presenter Janice Long who died on Christmas Day at the age of 66

Janice Long was a trailblazer radio personality who tragically died at the tender age of 66. Family and friends have paid tribute. 

The 66-year-old (pictured in 1985) enjoyed a 40-year career in broadcasting, hosting shows on television and radio

 The 66-year-old (pictured in 1985) enjoyed a 40-year career in broadcasting, hosting shows on television and radio

The final radio link delivered by the iconic radio presenter on BBC Radio Wales was revealed by BBC reporter Tom Hourigan

BBC Radio Wales reporter Tom Hourigan revealed the final radio link of legendary radio presenter, BBC Radio Wales.

Social media users paid tribute to the pioneering radio presenter after her last link was revealed

After her death, social media users paid tribute.

Paul Berry, her radio host husband described his loss of the ‘love of his life’ in Paul Berry’s last broadcast.

He said: ‘I’ve lost the love of my life and I’m going to spend the rest of it half a person.

“She held my hand from the first day she met. I couldn’t have asked for more loyalty and love from a wife.” 

Blue, her child, praised her mother and said that she loved her for creating a pathway for women in media. I am so grateful to you for allowing me to live an extraordinary life.

“You are a pioneer for many women who have gone on to conquer the world and become successful.”

She was the first female host of Top of the Pops, and the first woman to own her own radio show every day.

“You’ve shown me the possibility of anything and that you will never give up on your dreams.

Fred, her son, referred to her mother as an “absolute G”, adding that: “She was not only a mom to me but also a bunch of my friends she cared for. I will never forget all she did for me.

She inspired me and taught me not to settle for less.   

The BBC Radio DJs Greg James (BBC radio) and Adele Roberts (BBC broadcasting) were among those who shared their tributes.

James described Long to be a “truly brilliant radio personality”.

He also said that he was touched by the kindness and sweetness of his mother when she was with him on R1 nights and R1 earlies.

“She chose the best and had them set up before any other DJs even knew about them. Her laugh was infectious.

Roberts praised Long for her role in paving the way for women presenters, saying: RIP Janice Long.

Long pictured with her brother Keith Chegwin, who was also involved in radio as well as television presenting and acting

Long picture of her with Keith Chegwin (who was involved in both radio and television presenting, as well as acting).

Long grew up in Liverpool, and was the older sister of late entertainer Keith Chegwin (right)

Long, who was raised in Liverpool, was the older sibling of Keith Chegwin (right).

Long (pictured in 1986) was the first woman to have her own daily radio show and was also the first woman to present Top of the Pops, which she did for five years

Long (pictured 1986) was the original woman to start her own radio program and the first woman ever to host Top of the Pops. She did this for five consecutive years.

During a 40-year career, Long hosted shows across flagship BBC stations including Radio 1, as well as the breakfast show on Greater London Radio and XFM. Pictured appearing on Lorraine in 2018

Long held host to shows at flagship BBC stations, including Radio 1 as well the Breakfast Show on Greater London Radio (XFM) over a forty-year period. Pictured on Lorraine, 2018

“Thanks for inspiring others, and opening doors to radio broadcasters and women to succeed.”

TV personality Carol Vorderman wrote: ‘Rest In Music lovely vibrant trailblazer Janice Long, Janice is a huge star in our @BBCRadioWales tight knit family. 

“As a woman working in radio, I admired the fact that she was the first female to host a Radio One daily program. It’s hard to believe that we are even being honest.

Jo Whiley was Radio DJ. She wrote, “Janice was a trailblazer and role-model for all women radio broadcasters. Her passion and dedication to music were unrivalled. She was an inspiration to me. My condolences go out to her entire family.    

Midge Ure, a musician said via Twitter that it was ‘dreadful news. Janice stood beside us as Live Aid was announced at Wembley Stadium. Janice is a broadcast legend, and a true music lover.

Tim Davie, director general of BBC said that the “stellar” presenter was respected and loved by all in the industry. He said, “Her death is a great loss for music broadcasting and BBC. 

Ian McCulloch of Echo and the Bunnymen in Liverpool described Ms Long a “Liverpool legend and dear buddy”. “It is so devastating to learn of her passing,” he said.

Les Dennis stated that he was going to miss the chats, but added that Ms Long was an “innovative and shining talent”.

Friends paid tribute to the  trailblazing radio presenter who died after suffering from pneumonia that led to multiple organ failure

Friends paid tribute to the  trailblazing radio presenter who died after suffering from pneumonia that led to multiple organ failure

Tony Blackburn, an eminent radio DJ, paid tribute to Janice Long via Twitter.

“She was my sister, Keith Chegwin’s great friend who died a while back. Her company was great the few times that I had the pleasure of meeting her. Janice, RIP.

Tim Burgess of The Charlatans thanked Ms Long for supporting fledgling bands. He described her as an’mentor’. 

He added: ‘To hear our records on her show was always the biggest thrill – her enthusiasm and love shone through. Unique. Please be safe and we will miss you. 

The Coral from Merseyside said, “She was great to our and like the greatest broadcasters. Talking to her was always effortless, almost like catching up to a friend.” Janice, RIP.

Peter Hook of Joy Division, New Order and New Order also paid tribute to her, saying that she was “always a wonderful friend and a huge supporter of our musical… she was an adorable lady and it was a joy to be around”.

Long He was raised in Liverpool as the younger sister of Keith Chegwin, an entertainer who died recently.

After working in cabin crew, telesales and in sales, she began her broadcasting career at BBC Radio Merseyside in Liverpool as a station assistant in 1979.

Her fame grew after she joined Radio 1 in 1982, and became the first female host of a daily radio program.

Long was the first woman presenter on Top Of The Pops for five years. She also hosted the 1985 Live Aid concert.  

The radio presenter was an early supporter of future stars such as The Smiths, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Primal Scream, Adele, Amy Macdonald and Winehouse, and was awarded a Basca gold badge of merit for her outstanding contribution to music, a forerunner of The Ivors Academy.

She hosted BBC Radio Wales’ evening program since 2017 and also appeared on Greatest Hits Radio on Saturday afternoons.

Nigel Forsyth was her agent and stated in a statement that Janice was a remarkable, warm individual as well as an outstanding broadcaster.

“She had a wonderful story to tell and you would laugh out loud with her sharp wit.

She will also be without her husband Paul and the two children she loved.

“Janice was a huge fan of the BBC. She began her career in station assistance at BBC Radio Merseyside, and continued it at BBC Radio Wales.

“Janice wanted everyone to know she was grateful to the NHS for looking after her there.