A car suddenly veers off-road and collides with a woman, smoking on the bench. It then slams into her as it continues to spin.

  • Amazing video of a Havant woman smoking from a bench on the street in Hampshire
  • A vehicle is heading toward her, but she’s not able to stop it before it hits her.
  • This Honda hatchback is able to reverse in four seconds. It stops right next to the road.
  • She is capable of moving one of her legs, and shocked onlookers rush to assist her
  • After an accident last week, paramedics report that a 50-year-old woman was rushed to hospital. 

The shocking moment when a woman is forced to stop smoking and is suddenly held against a curb by an out-of control hatchback.

Surprising CCTV footage shows her horror when the vehicle suddenly turns toward her.

In a matter of seconds, the vehicle explodes in her legs and leaves her trapped between the bench, the car, and the wall at the church.

Driver quickly reverses, squeezing into a space in the bollards just a little wider than a car’s width.

The stunned onlookers rush to the aid of the woman who can be seen at the end moving one of her legs. 

A paramedic says a woman aged 50 has been taken to hospital. 

This is the shocking moment a woman smoking a cigarette is suddenly pinned against a street bench by an out-of-control hatchback

The shocking moment when a woman who is smoking a cigarette suddenly finds herself pinned to a bench on the street by an out of control hatchback.

The driver quickly manages to reverse - squeezing through a gap in the bollards barely wider than a car width

Driver quickly reverses, squeezing into a space in the bollards just wider than car width.

The horrifying video was taken from Havant in Hants on November 15th.

This footage shows a woman lighting up a cigar while she chats to another smoker who is sitting right next to her.

The woman spots the Honda hatchback in maroon colour and turns towards it.

Without any time to react she reaches out for her hands and the car crashes into her legs. 

You can see her sitting on the right-hand side of the car, with her legs resting against the benches. 

After 4 seconds of agony, the car reverses and squeezes back through the hole in the bollards.

The woman is then rescued by a crowd of onlookers, who rush to her aid. A person can also be seen exiting the car’s passenger side door.   

The footage begins with the woman puffing on a cigarette as she talks to another smoker sitting beside her

This footage starts with the woman lighting up a cigarette and talking to another man who is sitting near her.

Seconds later the woman appears to spot the maroon coloured Honda hatchback headings towards her

A second later, the woman sees the Honda hatchback maroon-coloured Honda heading towards her

To help, officers and paramedics were summoned along with a team of personnel from the Isle of Wight Air Ambulance Service.

Another person was also treated on the scene and the victim was quickly taken to hospital.

South Central Ambulance Service spokesperson stated that the ambulance was called to West Street, Havant at 2:38pm in response to a collision.

“We dispatched two ambulance teams, one ambulance officer and two air ambulances from the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulances to assess and treat two patients.

With no time to react, she puts out her hands as the car slams into her legs. The footage shows the front right of the car on top of her legs, leaving her trapped between the vehicle and the bench

Without much time for reaction, she reaches out to her hands and the car crashes into her legs. This footage captures the car in front of her legs. She’s trapped between the bench & the car.

After four seconds of agony the car then reverses, squeezing back through the gap in the bollards. Onlookers then rush in to help the woman, while a person is seen getting out of the passenger door of the vehicle

The car reverses after four seconds of pain, and squeezes through the gaps in the bollards. The woman is then rescued by a group of onlookers who rush to her aid. A person can also be seen exiting the car’s passenger side.

“One patient was treated for severe injuries by our crews and taken by ambulance with aircrew to University Hospital Southampton.

“One more patient was taken on-scene by our ambulance team, but they weren’t taken to the hospital.”

Hampshire Police was contacted for comment.