Their hospice-carers allowed a couple who were in their 90s to finally have the wedding of their dreams. 

Frankie King and Royce, a devoted couple of 98 years, did not have any wedding photos taken on the day they tied the knot. This was because they were unable to fit in their nuptials in time for Royce to go to war.

Frankie wore a black dress that she owned while Royce wore a military uniform.

The hospice staff found that the couple didn’t have any photos of their wedding day. They arranged for them to recreate the event in the backyard of their home, which they’ve lived in for 68+ years.

Frankie wore a 1940s gown from St Croix Hospice in Iowa. Royce donned his military uniform, while Frankie wore a wedding dress made in 1940 by St Croix Hospice. This hospice provides home care to patients. 

A couple in their 90s - who weren't able to celebrate when they first got married 77 years ago - were finally able to have the wedding they always dreamed of, thanks to their hospice-carers

Their hospice-careers allowed a couple who was in their 90s to finally have the wedding of their dreams.

Royce and Frankie King, both 98, weren't able to have the big day they dreamed of when they first wed on September 16, 1944

Frankie King (both 98) and Royce King were unable to enjoy the special day that they had hoped for on their first wedding anniversary, September 16, 1944.

They had to squeeze in their nuptials before Royce went off to fight in the war, so they tied the knot in a local church - without a photographer or wedding gown

Their nuptials had to be done before Royce was sent off to war. They tied the knot at a local church – and not with a photographer.

After workers from St Croix Hospice in Iowa discovered they didn't have any photos from their wedding, they arranged for the couple to re-create it 77 years later

St Croix Hospice Iowa in Iowa found that they had no photos from the wedding. They arranged for the couple’s re-creation 77 years later.

Frankie, a florist, walked down St Croix’s aisle while Brandon, St Croix’s music therapist, sang classic songs from the 1940s.

Sue Bilodeau (1968), their daughter and a retired Chico dental hygienist said that it was a truly magical moment. Their love is as strong today as it was the day they first met.

“Dad” was proud of his uniform and loved to be pampered. Their smiles were infectious all the time.

“They are committed, devoted, and passionate about each other. They love to make other people happy.

“It’s amazing for them finally to have wedding pictures – after all the time.”

Frankie was 14 when Royce first met her in school. After a while, they fell in love and became a couple.

Their relationship began at 17 and they still love each other 80 years later. 

They provided a 1940s dress, live music, a cake, and flowers for the couple, and they even had one of their staff take professional photos

The couple received a 1940s gown, live music and cake. One of their employees even took professional photographs.

Their daughter, Sue Bilodeau, 68, said it 'was the most magical moment' and that her parents are 'just as in love as the day they met'

Sue Bilodeau (68), their daughter said that it was a’magical moment’, and that they are still in love.

Royce and Frankie met in school when they were just 14 and eventually, their friendship blossomed to romance. They were pictured together when they were younger

They started dating at age 17, and now, more than 80 years later - they are still madly in love with one another. They are pictured now

Frankie and Royce met at school as 14-year-olds. Their friendship blossomed into romance. Their relationship began at 17 and they still love each other 80 years later. The two of them are shown together as they were when younger.

The pair got engaged in early 1944 and decided to tie the knot before Royce was deployed overseas with the US army Air Corps in 1944 during the Second World war. They were pictured together when they were younger

With little time to spare, the couple rushed a wedding in their local church in Oelwein, Iowa. They are pictured now

In early 1944, the couple got engaged and they tied the knot just before Royce left for war. They rushed to their wedding at the local church. The couple are shown together as they were when younger.

In early 1944, the couple got engaged and they decided to get married before Royce left for the Second World war.

They had very little time so the couple ran to their wedding at Oelwein in Iowa.

Sue stated that her mom had no time for a wedding gown.

Her parents moved to Oelwein after the war and raised their two children Sue (71) and Jim (71). 

Sue stated, “They were and remain wonderful parents.” It was an extremely happy family life. Their house is the one they still call home.

Back in 1944 when they first got married, Frankie, who didn't have time to get a wedding gown, wore a white dress she already owned. She is pictured when she was younger

They also didn't have time to hire a wedding photographer, so they had no photos of their magical day. Frankie is pictured when she was younger

Frankie wore the white gown she had already worn when she was younger, back in 1944, their first marriage. When she was young, this is her. 

St Croix carers started looking after the couple just eight months ago, and when they realized they

Eight months ago St Croix staff began looking after the couple. A shocked employee asked for photos of their wedding, but was told that there were none.

Their daughter, Sue, explained: 'It's amazing to have such lovely photos for my parents. They finally have a wedding album they can show people'

Sue, the daughter of Sue said that her parents are incredibly grateful for such wonderful photos. Finally, they have a wedding album that they can share with others.

The couple’s St Croix carer started eight months ago and have been shining ever since.

Sue explained that one of their staff members discovered the anniversary was approaching and wanted to view some photographs.

“That was where the idea originated. It was all done by the hospice.

St Croix employees arranged for a gown, music and cake for the happy couple. One of their staff also took professional photographs.

Sue said, “It was such an amazing moment.” “It was amazing to have so many beautiful photos of my parents.

They finally have an album of their wedding that they can show the world.