A shocking moment when Just Eat delivery bicycle rides on the hard shoulder at M5 while the cars speed past at 70mph

  • A Dashcam video appears to show Just Eat delivery biker on hard shoulder
  • This video was recorded at 3.22pm, on the M5 motorway between M6 J8 & M5 J1.
  • This clip features a cyclist riding along the tough shoulder wearing a Just Eat courier backpack. 
  • The Highway Code prohibits cyclists from riding on motorways. 

An unidentified delivery bike from Just Eat was observed travelling on the shoulders of the M5 motorway.

Driver Paul Elliot said the cyclist was riding down the hard shoulder of the motorway between the M6 junction 8, the Ray hall Interchange, in Birmingham, and M5 southbound junction 1.

It was caught on a dashcam on Tuesday afternoon at 3.22pm. The cyclist is seen riding his electric bicycle down the shoulder of the motorway which runs from South West to Midlands.

Driver Paul Elliot said a cyclist (pictured) was riding down the hard shoulder of the M5 motorway, between the M6 junction 8, Ray hall Interchange, and M5 southbound junction 1

Paul Elliot, driver, said that a cyclist was going down the M5’s hard shoulder between Ray Hall Interchange and the M6 Junction 8.

As the cyclist took a bike along the shoulder, the cars passed at 70 mph. He was carrying an orange Just Eat courier backpack.

It’s not clear how long the cyclist who delivered food was traveling along the motorway. 

Highway Code rule 253 states that a bicycle is a prohibited motor vehicle.

Cyclists who are caught riding along the motorway risk being handed a £50 on-the-spot fine by police.

The section prohibits vehicles reads as follows:What pedestrians are not allowed to use motorways?  

The shocking scene, which was captured by a dashcam at 3.22pm on Tuesday, appears to show the Just Eat cyclist riding an electric bike down the hard shoulder of the motorway

This shocking video, captured on Tuesday at 3.22pm by a dashcam, shows the Just Eat cyclist riding an e-bike down the shoulder of the motorway.

A Just Eat spokesperson told MailOnline: ‘We’ve had no reports of anyone from Just Eat down the motorway.

‘We cannot confirm it’s a Just Eat worker without seeing their face.’  

MailOnline spoke with Dave Harford from National Highways Traffic, an officer who responds to incidents on M5. He said that the M5 is very busy and that this kind of activity was not only reckless but also illegal. 

“We would always encourage people to read the law before they set off. 

MailOnline reached West Midlands Police to request comment. 

This isn’t the first time a bicycle has been seen riding down motorways. In May, a man was also seen traveling along the M25 without helmet.

He was photographed along the M25 close to Junction 25, Enfield. The man was wearing no helmet and he drove by cars traveling at 70 mph. 

It is not the first time that a cyclist has been spotted riding down a motorway, as a man travelled along the hard shoulder of the busy M25 in May last year (pictured) without a helmet

This isn’t the first time a bicycle has been seen riding down motorways. In May 2013, a man was seen traveling along the M25 on the left shoulder (pictured below) without helmet. 

Images show the man in a red short-sleeved top, blue sleeves, and red pants, riding along the shoulder of the motorway, his bag strapped to his back.

Speaking about last year’s incident, a Highways England spokesperson said: ‘Cycling on a motorway, even if traffic levels are lower than normal, is dangerous and illegal. It is dangerous to cycle on motorways, which are extremely fast roads that carry many thousands of vehicles per day.

‘Highways England has delivered 160 cycle upgrades in the last five years, worth £89m, to improve cycling options near motorways and major A roads.

“The Waltham Cross area is served by National Cycle Routes 1 & 12. The M25 is a great place to bike.