A luxury hotel manager shares his tips on how to create a five-star hotel feel in your bedroom. And why you should DITCH your fitted sheet.

  • The top 5 tips a manager of a hotel shared with us to transform your bedroom into opulence.
  • Kate Henderson, Daffodil Hotel manager in the UK, shared her secrets about hotels
  • She suggests that you ditch your fitted sheets and use enveloping pillowscases instead.
  • You can also spray your bedding with water and add a throw or towel to it.
  • Ms Henderson stated that clean windows and mirrors give a room an hotel feel.

Here are six tips from a hotel manager to make your bedroom feel five-star luxurious. 

Kate Henderson from the Daffodil Hotel is England’s Lake District duty manager and shared her secrets for getting a good night’s rest.

She suggests getting rid of the fitted sheet and wrinkles from your bed, changing your towel and pajamas, and even adding chocolate to your pillow. 

Kate Henderson, duty manager at the Daffodil Hotel in England's stunning Lake District, shared her top six tips and tricks to give your bedroom a five-star hotel feel

Kate Henderson (duty manager, Daffodil Hotel) shared her six best tips for giving your bedroom that five-star hotel feeling.

1. Don’t buy a fitted sheet

Fitted sheets are not common in hotels. 

Ms Henderson proposes to ditch the fitted sheet in favour of flat sheets, and instead use the ‘hospital folded’. 

Ms Henderson advised that you lift the edges of the sheets to create a fold in the hospital. Once the angle is 45 degrees with your mattress, pull on the fabric and then tuck it underneath.  

2. Relieve any unwelcome wrinkles 

Ms Henderson advises that you spray some perfumed water onto your bedding in order to soften your sheets. 

After you have made your bed, apply some perfumed water or regular tap water to the sheets and duvet. Then shake the sheets until they are smooth and wrinkle-free. 

3. Your pillowcases can be encased

Ms Henderson suggests ditching your fitted sheet for flat sheets, relaxing unwanted wrinkles with a spritz of water, enveloping your pillowcases and adding a throw

Ms Henderson advises that you swap your fitted sheets for flat sheets. She also suggests using water to relax any wrinkles, wrapping your pillows in blankets, and then adding a throw.

Ms Henderson mentioned that pillows are essential when you make your bed.

The majority of pillowcases too large for pillows are recommended by the hotel manager to be encased in order to ensure that they fit snugly. 

To form an envelope-like shape, push the extra material into the pillowcase through the opening. 

For extra bulk, you can add 2 pillows to a single case if it is possible.  

4. Toss in a throw 

Ms Henderson suggests that you put a folded throw on the foot of your bed to finish it off. Give everything another spritz of water. 

You can treat yourself to a chocolaty pillow as a pre-snooze indulgence.  

DIY fragranced linen spray 

Here’s what you need 

 30 drops of essential oil

1.5 cups of distilled waters

 90ml of vodka

Spray bottle 


1. Add vodka to water, then shake the jar.

2. Mix the oil with the flour and stir.

3. Mix the ingredients in a spray bottle 

What to Use 

Apply a spray of perfume to a newly made bed.

Towels should be rubbed with the spray, dried and stored away 

Freshen up your linen closet or wardrobe!

Spray the couch and pillows

You can use it in your home for an air freshener

To get rid of food odors that linger after you have cooked, spray the area with a sprayer.   

Source: Home to love  

5. Set up your linen 

You can add a luxury touch to your bedroom by laying out personal linens such as towels and pyjamas on the bed.

Ms Henderson stated that this is the best way to ensure everything is ready when you get in your shower or bath.  

For added luxury, she said to lay out pyjamas and towels before a bath or shower and focus on keeping your windows, mirrors and floors clean

You can add luxury by laying out towels and pyjamas prior to a bath, or shower, and then focusing on maintaining the cleanliness of your windows, mirrors, and floors.

6. Make sure your windows, mirrors and floors sparkle

In order to have five-star housekeeping Ms Henderson stated that clean mirrors and windows can make all the difference. 

Ms Henderson says that your vacuum will be your best friend for cleaning your bedroom. 

To keep your space dust-free, vacuum all sofas, cushions, blinds and cushions.   

Use watered-down vinegar or lemon spray to cover mirrors, windows and tiles. Then wash off with water. 

To ensure streak-free results, Ms Henderson buffs in circular motions with a microfibre or cotton cloth.