Earlier this year, it was revealed Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos was backing a start-up that aims to reverse the anti-ageing process – and, judging by photos of the executive looking buff in St. Barts this week, it’s clearly a mantra the 57-year-old applies to his own life.

He looked much more tanned than his ex-wife MacKenzie Scott, and was far from the tech-savvy geek he used to be as he shopped on the Caribbean island with Lauren Sanchez. 

Estimated to be worth £156.8billion ($210billion), Bezos is the second richest man in the world after Elon Musk – and he’s undergone a spectacular image transformation since finding his fortune in online shopping.

FEMAIL shows you how Bezos transformed from being a budding entrepreneur with geeky looks to become a millionaire with serious brains. 

Fresh-faced: Bezos pictured in 1997; the young tech entrepreneur looked like his image was the last thing on his mind as he sported high-waisted chinos, a monobrow and a receding hairline

New-faced: Bezos in 1997. He looked fresh as ever, sporting high-waisted pants and an elongated chino.

Bezos, 57, pictured on holiday in St Barts showing off his toned body

Amazon founder Alexa, now 57, was seen on Christmas vacation in St Barts. He was wearing red-and-pink Hawaiian-inspired shorts and showed off his toned body.

The billionaire was seen packing on the PDA with his lover Lauren Sanchez during a boat day - and showing off the muscular physique he spends hours honing in the gym

The billionaire, Lauren Sanchez was seen with him during a boat ride.


Jeff Bezos’s early photos show him with books around his neck and wearing classic 90s business clothing, such as a shirt or chino pants. 

The billionaire’s light brown hair has receded and the eyebrows are pressed together in the middle. This is far from his action-heroic look, which he is sporting aboard his Caribbean superyacht. 

The key to Bezos’ image improvement was his decision to cut off all of his hair. 

His hair had long since fallen out by the time Amazon Chairman was successful. Millions of dollars quickly turned into billions. This is a look that he has maintained throughout the heights of his professional career. 

Pictured at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in 2017, Bezos and Mackenzie Scott were married for 25 years before their divorce in 2019

New squeeze Lauren Sanchez, 51, pictured with Bezos at the Baby2Baby 10-Year Gala this year

Bezos prefers a shaved-headed look. Pictured here at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party 2017, Mackenzie Scott and Bezos were married for 25+ years, before getting divorced in 2019. Right: Lauren Sanchez (51), Bezos’ new squeeze, was pictured together at this year’s Baby2Baby 10 Year Gala


A far cry from Vin Diesel: Bezos may now look like an action hero but in his earlier career, he preferred reading to the gym...and his look was more librarian geek chic

Vin Diesel may be far from Bezos: Although he looks like an action hero now, Bezos used to prefer reading at the gym in his previous career. His look was much more librarian geek chic

Amazon founder Amazon still maintains striking eyebrows. Despite his approaching 60th year, there is little to no greying. However, the important difference between now and then is that they have two. 

An attentive grooming regimen has helped keep the monobrow, which was visible in many photos taken by Bezos when he was younger, under control.  


The online shopping mogul sported a new look in 2017 after beefing up at the gym - he also credited lots of sleep and a healthy diet for his increased physique

Online shopping mogul, he wore a fresh look for 2017, after he had worked out more. He also said that he was grateful for his better physique thanks to a good diet and lots of sleep.

Inspiration? Dwayne Johnson and Jeff Bezos pose onstage during the 2021 People's Choice Awards on December 7th

Inspiration? Dwayne and Jeff Johnson pose together onstage for the 2021 People’s Choice Awards, which were held on December 7th.

The biggest shift in Bezos’ image over the past few years has been that he seems to be getting back to the gym.His frame is being strengthened by lly. 

Although the younger Bezos had a round face, he was slimmer by the time that he had amassed his wealth. 

Bezos is now a much more muscular man than he used to be, thanks to Lauren Sanchez (as early as 2017, when he was still married Mackenzie), and has taken on sculpted physiques normally reserved for action heros. 

The 57 year old puts it down to a lot of sleeping, eight hours per night, good nutrition and plenty of exercising.  

Even so, Bezos has largely kept his body under wraps until now…but the hot weather in St Barts has clearly left him keen to let loose and showcase the hard work he has put in on making himself more toned. 

On his vacation with Sanchez, the star radiate confidence in a simple pair of shorts.  


Brave: The tech entrepreneur, pictured with Lauren Sanchez in 2020, isn't afraid to make statement fashion choices

Brave: Lauren Sanchez, tech entrepreneur in 2020 is seen with her. She’s not afraid to wear bold fashion choices

Cool cowboy: The Blue Origin space founder donned a stetson to address the press following a post launch briefing in July

Blue Origin Space founder, Cool Cowboy: He donned a stetson for a press conference following the July launch briefing.

Bezos’s success was accompanied by an extravagant wardrobe. 

But, his look has changed. He now wears trendy, Hawaiian-inspired flip flops, slimming black T-shirts and swim shorts. 

Blue Origin founder, Blue Origin, has worn his space suit with either a stetson (or a baseball cap) regularly.