4 out of 10 Britons are concerned that pandemics will continue for at LEAST 2 YEARS, or never end. 56% already have given up foreign holiday plans in 2022.

Britons worry that their lives may not be normal after Omicron’s emergence, which threw the country back into chaos once more.

MailOnline poll results showed widespread dismay at the prospect of the pandemic ending anytime soon.

Some 16 per cent thought their existence would go back to its usual state in around a year, according to the research by Redfield & Wilton Strategies.

However, 26% believed it would take more than two years and shockingly, 55% thought that they would never get back to normal.

The survey also revealed that 56% have abandoned the idea of going on a holiday abroad by 2022, which is another indicator of their pessimism.

Only 28% of respondents expect to take a holiday abroad in the next year. 16% said that they didn’t know.  

A poll for MailOnline found widespread gloom about the prospects for the pandemic easing anytime soon

MailOnline’s poll revealed widespread concern about how the pandemic will ease anytime soon.

The survey also revealed that 56 percent of those surveyed have abandoned the idea of going on a holiday abroad in 2022.

Millions of Britons are now living under the shadow of the Omicron strain, which is rapidly spreading.

The Delta-based variant has been quickly replaced by it, causing Boris Johnson to place restrictions on England’s streets for the first time in six years.

Omicron seems to be more mild than Omicron, and he is under intense pressure by scientists to increase curbs.

Only 6 percent felt that their lives are back to normal, according to the polling company.

An additional 5% believed normality would return within a month, while 13% thought it would take six months.

Brits are being rebuffed in their hopes of enjoying foreign vacations.

Numerous European countries demand PCRs, proof of booster jabs, and self-isolation on arrival. 

:: Redfield & Wilton Strategies surveyed 1,500 adults in Great Britain online on December 21. Results were weighted so that they represented the total population.