Gen Z TikTok users share rave reviews and are “discovering” electrolysis – 150 years since the first hair removal method was invented

  • Permanent hair removal is possible with electrolysis, which uses an electric current.
  • A trained electrologist places a thin wire in hair follicles and the current damages root 
  • Gen Z TikTok users discovered it 150 years after its inception. 

After ‘discovering’ electrolysis on video-sharing platform Gen Z TikTok, Gen Z TikTok customers are in love with the method of hair removal that has been used for 150 years.

The technique of electrolysis was developed 1875 to treat ingrown hairs. It involves the application of an electrical current directly to the hair’s follicles using a thin wire.

Although used for decades, it has been enjoying a steady increase in popularity on TikTok, Refinery29 reported, with users in the US and UK praising the permanent and relatively fuss-free results.  

Electrolysis technicians have also been dispensing advice online

The professionals have been documenting their practice online

According to this image, electrolysis technicians also provide advice online and keep track of the process.

This treatment has been particularly well received by transgender individuals who want to reduce their hair loss and those with PCOS (which also leads to excessive hair growth). 

One user wrote: “I really want electrolysis.”

“This is very helpful. I suffer from PCOS. Every week, my hair grows. One wrote, “I wish there were more videos about PCOS.” 

“Omg, electrolysis is what I want!” Another person asked, “How much hair can you do on your face in one session?”  

In this before picture, a woman shows the hair that has developed on her chin

After the first electrolysis treatment, the woman's chest was smooth

Many people have posted amazing photos of the before and after electrolysis treatments on Tiktok. 

Electrolysis requires a needle to penetrate the skin in order to 'zap' the hair with electricity, pictured

In order to “zap” the hair with electricity, electrolysis involves the use of a needle that penetrates the skin. 

‘Hell yeah!! “Hell yeah!” 

The FDA approved electrolysis as the permanent method of removing hair permanently. It uses light rather than electricity. 

Laser treatment works by using light to damage the hair pigment.  

But laser hair removal may not be permanent. 

Excited TikTok users have been raving about electrolysis after people shared videos of their treatments online

After people posted videos online of electrolysis treatments, TikTok users were thrilled to hear about it. 

Instead, electrolysis targets the root and causes hair to fall off. 

Electrolysis can be a tedious process as it involves targeting each hair. Lasers work better on larger areas, such as the legs, which makes electrolysis more difficult. 

Although it is considered to be more painful than laser surgery, local anesthetics may still be administered if necessary.