During the pandemic, we probably spent more time on them than ever before. So you might be wondering about the condition of your carpets.

Even if they’re clean and well cared for they might be worn out and need to be replaced with something newer.

How do you choose the right carpet? What are the differences between different styles and textures?

Below our expert recommends some alternative carpet colours to the most popular grey - including emerald green (pictured)

Below is a list of alternative carpet colours to the most common grey, which includes emerald green (pictured).

An expert in flooring explains the differences between a twist, loop and saxony pile and the colours you should choose if your preference is not the same as the greys that have been so popular over the past decade.

Jessica Fox from Flooring Superstore said that when choosing the right carpet for you home, lifestyle, and trends, there are many factors to consider. These include the style and feel of the carpet, the space where it will be placed, practical requirements, colour, and the underlay option. 

It may seem overwhelming at first because there are so many things to think about. However, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

1. Are you looking for something elegant and low-maintenance or luxurious and textured?

There are three types of carpets. There are three types of carpet: twist, loop and saxony pile. The one that suits you best will depend on the overall look and feel you desire.

Mrs Fox explained, “A loop pile carpet means that the material is threaded starting underneath the carpet and going up and under again. This gives it an illusion of a loop effect, and gives it a tighter look.

Its small pile height is ideal for high traffic areas. Loop pile carpets have a uniform look and require little maintenance.

A twist pile carpet offers a more texture look. It is made of twisted fibres which are threaded through a backing and stay in place. Then another one is started. These carpets may have different pile heights.

Mrs Fox explained, “Choose a shorter pile height to achieve a neater look or a taller pile height to create a luxurious finish.”

A saxony pilce is the best choice for a soft texture and two-tone look. This is because it is manufactured in a similar way to a twist pile, with the fibres twisted to stand up straight but the end of the pile is cut at an angle to create a soft-to-touch finish.

A saxony pile carpet can have a slightly different colour depending on the direction of its pile.

2. Living in space and style  

Alexander James Interiors’ Rachel Clark agrees that loop pile carpets work well in high traffic areas like the hallway or stairs of busy family homes. 

She said that Saxony and Twist pile carpets are a great choice for homeowners who want something soft and comfortable underfoot, especially in bedrooms.

If you have furry friends, loop pile carpets may not be suitable. Pet claws can catch the thread and pull it. However, regular grooming can help to avoid any mishaps.

Ms Clark stated that there is no better feeling than a soft, plush Saxony Saxony carpet between you toes as soon as you get into your bedroom after a long and tiring day. They are perfect for soundproofing between floors and bedrooms, as they have a thicker, softer pile.

“Carpets on stairs not only look better but are also safer because they are non-slip.

3. Comfortable underlay

It is important to consider which underlay you should use when choosing the right carpet.

Mrs Fox explained how underlay can prolong the life of carpets by as much as 50%. It reduces noise levels and heat loss while providing greater comfort.

She said that the underlay is made up millions of tiny fibres which act as natural insulation and trap cold air traveling up through the floor. This helps to keep it from getting into the home.

“The home becomes naturally warmer and less dependent on energy-intensive heat resources.

There are many thickness options for underlay, such as 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm. The insulation level, comfort, and noise reduction of underlay that is thicker than the rest will be higher.

Along with the right carpet, you will need to make sure you consider which underlay to go with

In addition to the right carpet, it is important to choose the right underlay

4. Trends and colour

Mrs Fox explained to us that almost 25% of flooring sold by Flooring Superstore is grey. This is reflective on the changes that have taken place in the last ten years.

She also said that if you are looking for something different or insight into future trends, there are many other options, such as ivy or white, neutrals, such as beige, sand, rich chocolate hues or bold blues, jewel tones, and especially emerald.

5. Sustainability

“There are many new innovations on the market to make sustainable flooring more readily available.

Serene, for instance, is a new line of eco-friendly carpets made with recycled products from the ocean.

The two lines – Neptune and Poseidon – are manufactured using ECONYL®, a unique yarn made from recycled nylon fishing nets.

Serene carpets are made from other materials, including abandoned fishing nets.

Its eco-textile backing, Eco FusionBac, is made from recycled PET plastic bottles.

Mrs Fox stated: “The range’s purpose is to give waste products new uses after they are removed from the ocean, while making water cleaner and safer.”

6. Try before you buy

Finally, Mrs Fox recommends that you visit a showroom to feel the carpet in person.

Carpet is a tactile product that can look different under different lighting conditions. 

She concluded that you could also order samples to test the quality, texture, and appearance in your own home. 

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