One life coach shared her secret tips for determining if someone loves you. She also revealed the body language that men and women use to indicate if they’re having an affair.

Coach Francesca, who studied psychology at City University in London, has racked up 885,000 followers with her body language and relationship tips on Tik Tok.

This week, she shared her feelings on social media.

Coach Francesca, who studied psychology at City University in London, has racked up a staggering 885,000 followers by sharing her body language and relationship tips to her Tik Tok account

Francesca studied psychology at City University, London. She has amassed a remarkable 885,000 fans by posting her body language and tips on her Tik Tok page.

She said that you must cry in a video entitled “Dark psychological trick for seeing if someone likes you”. Although it’s not the most pleasant thing, they do like you. They will like you if they are feeling bad about you and start comforting you.

“But they do not get annoyed or distant if they are upset.”

Francesca posted a clip of her new video, and said: “Sneaky psychological trick to make people immediately like you”

She stated, “Instead trying to impress others with your talents and skills, try to make it fun for yourself.” 

This week she took to her social media account to reveal how watching a person's reaction to you crying could help you figure out their feelings towards you

She took to social media to show how you can see the emotions of others when they cry.

“Now imagine you are talking to your best friend or brother. This will let you be you. When you’re comfortable with your own feelings, others will be too.

Francesca’s top tips: How can you make anyone instantly feel like yourself

Make yourself laugh

Don’t try to please others by doing things that aren’t fun. Have some fun!

Think of your brother as you are talking to him.

..Or your best friend. You will feel free to express yourself and take away the pressure. When you feel at home, others will too. 

Make sure you are congruent

If you feel sad or shy, don’t pretend to be happy. Accept your emotions and people will be open to you.

Then she concluded, “Lastly be congruent.” If you feel sad or shy, don’t pretend to be happy. Accept your emotions and people will be open to you.

Francesca also teased her viewers with an ad that said, ‘Darkest manipulations to make someone fall in love with you.

The video received 40,000 views but she soon  revealed that manipulation was, in fact, the worst way to attract a suitable match. 

She said, “Playing games won’t give you love but power.”

“Power and Love are Not Compatible – You can’t have one at the same moment in a Relationship.

“In essence, all of us want the same thing. That is authentic love and connection.”

To get to the bottom of the reason her fans might be playing games, she said: “Maybe you have been hurt in your past and are scared to share again.”

“It is possible that you are playing games in order to control your emotions so you don’t feel like you’re suffering.”

“But, you will still suffer,” I assure you.

“Love, on the contrary, is what you really desire. It requires vulnerability.”

She explained: ‘It requires you to take that risk of getting  hurt in order to have a healthy, authentic relationship.

“If you continue to attract emotionally unavailable people it is because your emotional inability” 

The life coach has revealed her sneaky tips to tell if someone likes you, and the body language men and women display if they have a secret crush.

This life coach shares her secrets to identifying if someone is interested in you and what body language women should use when they are with someone.

Natasha finished by revealing the four signs that someone is secretly having a crush on them.

Then she added, “They may do a drag touch, sliding their arm down on your arm. It is more friendly than a touch and release.

“Often, they can make themselves appear better unconsciously – men will be straighter than women whereas women might play with their hair and jewellery.”  

A life coach explained that they can ‘eliminate’ their competition by saying: “If they perceive interest towards you, from another person they may speak poorly about them.”

The video racked up over 440,000 views and hundreds of comments, with one follower exclaiming: ‘Wow so smart… not even Google knows this,’ while another added: ‘Thanks for the info.’