It was a quick fix! These hilarious snaps show situations quickly spiraling out of control, including passive aggressive fridge labelling.

  • Unexpected photos have been shared by social media users all over the globe.
  • With My Ladies collected some of the most outrageous images.
  • Snaps include a vending machine that has hundreds of empty drink bottles
  • Another image shows how an ingenious text conversation turned aggressive.  

Even though it can be difficult to see the worst in a day, these photographs show how situations can rapidly escalate.

Users on social media from around the globe shared funny photos and stories of people who seem to have gone from zero to sixty seconds to one second. 

With My Ladies chose the top examples to create an online gallery.

A snap of the TV screen broken after one viewer was frustrated and threw an object at it. Meanwhile, someone labeled every item in their fridge as ‘not Debbie’s’, possibly after they had a dispute about food theft. 

He hid his sister’s school project inside multiple folders and took revenge. 

An over-protective cash machine user shielded the ATM using layers of clothing to prevent her PIN from being stolen.  

With My Ladies has rounded up a selection of images that show how quickly a situation can escalate - including a vending machine in the U.S with hundreds of fallen drink bottles

With My Ladies has collected a collection of photos that illustrate how fast a situation can escalate. This includes a vending machine with hundreds of drink bottles in the U.S. 

A guide to life... and death! One image shows how a simple Google search can lead you to make a lifechanging decision

Guide to Life…and Death! One picture shows you how simple a Google search can help you make life changing decisions 

Sore loser! Another viral image shows how one person was left unable to rewatch a game after breaking their TV screen with a beer can

Sore loser! Another viral picture shows how one individual was unable rewatch the game because they broke their TV screen using a beer can. 

A teen, who lives in the US, frightened their parents with a photograph of a house on fire after being asked if everything is ok

The parents of a teenage American teen were shocked to see a picture of a fire-engulfed house after they asked them if all is okay. 

Who needs dating apps? One woman wrote to a British columnist to ask for advice after her postman was attacked and she became pregnant

Why do we need dating apps? A British columnist was contacted by a woman who needed advice following the attack on her postal worker. She became pregnant. 

Another image shows the passive aggressive notes an employee left in a communal fridge to stop their co-worker from eating their food

Another picture shows passive aggressive notes that an employee placed in a communal refrigerator to prevent their coworker’s from eating their food. 

Virtual therapy! Another image shows how a quick catch-up with an old friend from school became like reading a memoir

You can also do virtual therapy. A second image illustrates how it felt to read a personal memoir after catching up with an old school friend. 

An article printed in a U.S. student newspaper left readers shocked when one person claimed life is the worst gift they've received

Readers were shocked to learn that one American student published an article in their newspaper. 

Another image shows how a man, from America, took revenge on his sister for stealing money by hiding her chemistry project

Another picture shows how a man from America took revenge on his sister, who stole her money, by concealing her chemistry projects 

One image shows how an individual who's worried about identity theft used a coat to hide their card details while withdrawing cash

An image of a person who was worried about identity theft shows how they used a jacket to cover their card details as they withdraw cash. 

A man who gained a large online following with his tweets about coffee stunned fans when he suddenly mentioned the death of his son

Fans were stunned when the father of a man with a lot of followers online suddenly spoke out about his son’s death. 

One photograph shows how an employee who is fed up of their pens going missing took drastic action to discourage their co-workers from taking them

The photograph below shows an example of how one employee, fed up about their pens being lost, took drastic measures to dissuade their coworkers. 

A couple, who were sending adorable text messages, soon saw their conversation become aggressive when one person illustrated a hostile situation

Two couples who had been exchanging cute text messages soon became aggressive after one of them illustrated that they were in a hostile environment. 

A man, who was fed up of being woken by his neighbour vacuuming, took vengeance by waking up at 3am to return the favour

One man was tired of his neighbor vacuuming and decided to take revenge by getting up at 3am to get the favor back. 

Moggy mayhem! A woman attempting to take a photo with her cat for Instagram was left disappointed when the feline bit her face

Moggy chaos! An Instagram photo of a woman trying to photograph her cat with her was ruined when her feline bit her cheeks.